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  1. Well today marks my fourth year here. The first two years were exciting, the last two, not so much. Not only have I become busy from school and other endeavors, I just grew bored of this place mainly because it feels like I get ignored here, which I already get enough of that from my family at home. It's not that I no longer love the show (I still do), but when your sense of escape no longer works, what are you supposed to do? I mean, I've been inactive for awhile already, so maybe I'll keep it that way. If anyone wants to keep in touch with me, as if anyone actually would, here are some contact information Twitter: @Vertigo_95 Discord: Vertigo PSN: Jamthenice1 NNID( WiiU): JRex95 3DS: 0748-3682-3144 Switch: SW-3028-4629-7889 I really convinced myself to stay, but why should I continue if it's not working?
  2. So I have a US code for a "battle ready" Lycanroc for Pokemon Sun/Moon. It expires this Friday, so if anyone wants it, message me.

  3. Does the fandom not do music anymore? Haven't heard any new stuff in a while.

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I dunno.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      I see quite a bit on Equestria Daily

    3. Vertigo_95


      Ok. Haven't been looking at Equestria Daily as often as I have been.

  4. Once or twice a month max. It doesn't grow very fast.
  5. JRex is a name I would still use, but Vertigo is what I'll primarily use from now on.

  6. Can we no longer change our names?

  7. When Icyhot gets hot, it gets HOT!!

  8. I am very unhappy with the way Kirby and the Amazing Mirror ended. I just started to warm up to it after so many years too...

  9. I believe that this is the best reaction ever to Metroid Prime 4. Actually being there made it better.


  10. METROID F***ING PRIME 4!!!

  11. The Xbox One X is what it's first two iterations should have been. The PS4 Pro is not excluded. 

  12. Rest easy Batman.

  13. Put those brooms away. No sweeping on Cleveland's floor.Now at least force a Game 6. 

  14. "I've been away, searching for a reason."

  15. Pretty stoked about that new Castlevania show. With the reputation of video game TV shows/movies, I hope that it exceeds all of them.