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  1. JRex is a name I would still use, but Vertigo is what I'll primarily use from now on.

  2. When Icyhot gets hot, it gets HOT!!

  3. I will never have enough money to go to LA by myself for E3 anytime soon, nor will I go with my family since everyone in the family is busy. So I remained home here in New York. I believe there was E3 related stuff at the Microsoft and Sony stores in Manhattan, but I'm not 100% sure. Nintendo on the other hand, had events for the entire week going on at their flagship store: NintendoNYC. Starting with their presentation, a large crowd of us watched it on their big screen, and we had some pretty big reactions which could be seen here: After the presentation, we got to demo several games, one of them being Super Mario Odyssey, and of what I played, "This gon be a good game," in the words of JonTron. Nintendo also had a sponsor apparently with Pepsi and they were promoting the new Pepsi drink: Pepsi Fire and had other various Pepsi drinks (Pepsi Fire is not all that bad, but it made be different for someone else because I love cinnamon.) To end off E3, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and every other colored cap, came from LA to New York for a meet and greet this past Friday (cross country like that may have been hell, with some serious jetlag, but he remained positive through it all doing every single character he voices.). Got an autograph and a picture with him which is amazing since he voiced the characters my entire life (since 1995). It may have been one-sided with only Nintendo , but my non-E3 experience is another highlight of this year.
  4. I am very unhappy with the way Kirby and the Amazing Mirror ended. I just started to warm up to it after so many years too...

  5. I believe that this is the best reaction ever to Metroid Prime 4. Actually being there made it better.



  7. The Xbox One X is what it's first two iterations should have been. The PS4 Pro is not excluded. 

  8. Rest easy Batman.

  9. Put those brooms away. No sweeping on Cleveland's floor.Now at least force a Game 6. 

  10. "I've been away, searching for a reason."

  11. Pretty stoked about that new Castlevania show. With the reputation of video game TV shows/movies, I hope that it exceeds all of them. 

  12. Celebratory beer for the last day of classes, or until after finals?

  13. Is it worth rewatching the original Yu-Gi-Oh in Japanese?

  14. Always pay attention to your subscriptions and auto renewals so you could avoid getting overdrafts like me. This is the second time this happened with Amazon.