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  1. Back again after some time. At least I can feel myself reconnecting to the magic that was apart of this series.

  2. How does one play PC controls?

  3. November 11th 2018 was the last time I've visited this site. A lot sure has happened since then. My 24th birthday, I graduated with my Associates and currently pursuing my Bachelors, and the unfortunate end of Friendship is Magic (I'll make a separate post about how I feel about that). Can't say if my activity here will be what it was when I first joined, or will I be gone for pretty much another year, but I can only say that I'll be around.
  4. Is there anyone here interested in competitive Splatoon and wants to play on a team?

  5. Hey, this past Saturday made 5 years since I been here. Totally forgot.

    1. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      Congrats on being with us this far! :D

  6. I really don't think I'm in any position to say so or not, as I have yet to finish Season 7.With that being a factor though, I'm gonna say it has a bit, since it's not catching me as it once did.
  7. Birthday was yesterday. Still hard to believe I'm 23. 

  8. Today is best girl’s Birthday!!

    “Tsuyu Asui”

  9. I'm back for the third time? I lost count...

  10. Yeah, after about six months, I'm back. The reason why I left this place probably still exists, but I'm going to stop it there instead of reopening that can of worms. So, why am I back? I seriously have no idea. At the time I left, I felt like I got everything out of this site, but yet here I am. What good is there for me coming back, even with me completely losing interest in everything related to the show (maybe that could change)? It could be just me reminiscing on my early Brony days after 5 five years (February 2nd, 2013) or I just want something to look at during the day.
  11. Well today marks my fourth year here. The first two years were exciting, the last two, not so much. Not only have I become busy from school and other endeavors, I just grew bored of this place mainly because it feels like I get ignored here, which I already get enough of that from my family at home. It's not that I no longer love the show (I still do), but when your sense of escape no longer works, what are you supposed to do? I mean, I've been inactive for awhile already, so maybe I'll keep it that way. If anyone wants to keep in touch with me, as if anyone actually would, here ar
  12. So I have a US code for a "battle ready" Lycanroc for Pokemon Sun/Moon. It expires this Friday, so if anyone wants it, message me.

  13. Does the fandom not do music anymore? Haven't heard any new stuff in a while.

    1. Lunar Echo
    2. ImDaMisterL


      I see quite a bit on Equestria Daily

    3. Vertigo_95


      Ok. Haven't been looking at Equestria Daily as often as I have been.

  14. Once or twice a month max. It doesn't grow very fast.
  15. JRex is a name I would still use, but Vertigo is what I'll primarily use from now on.

  16. When Icyhot gets hot, it gets HOT!!

  17. I am very unhappy with the way Kirby and the Amazing Mirror ended. I just started to warm up to it after so many years too...

  18. I believe that this is the best reaction ever to Metroid Prime 4. Actually being there made it better.


  19. METROID F***ING PRIME 4!!!

  20. The Xbox One X is what it's first two iterations should have been. The PS4 Pro is not excluded. 

  21. Rest easy Batman.

  22. Put those brooms away. No sweeping on Cleveland's floor.Now at least force a Game 6. 

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