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  1. All the moves like Jabber, I've got the moves like Jabber, I've got the mooooooooves like Jabber!

  2. "I am sorry, but I do not have time for this foolishness. Goodbye." -Skybound

  3. Because it was worth it. We need a thread about everyone's favorite Texan racist hambone. #tubguy4prez2016
  4. Love me.

    1. Moost


      I love you, no homo. Ah fuck it, yes homo.

  5. Look at my skype avatar, milkylicker.

    1. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      Unicorn AJ being badass, nice. xD

  6. CDi emulator acquired.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Rockymoo


      Keep in mind that the Zelda CDi games are infamous for being bullshit hard.

    3. Skinny Shadowy

      Skinny Shadowy

      I watched an angry video game nerd video on it. The quality of the animation is both stunning and breathtaking. It makes the best Disney movies look like they were drawn by a 3 year old.

    4. Geek0zoid


      They're also increasingly rare as well.

  7. Ghost, I just filled up my tub with gravy. Let's swim around in it like a couple of hambones. It will be totally legit. Oh my!

  8. Spike at Your Service wasn't too shabby of an episode. I don't know why people vent about it like it stole their car and ran over their dog with it. Of course, that may be influenced by the fact that I got to see this badass: Anyway... Fluttershy is NOT great. I actually liked Equestria Girls. In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to Equestria Girls 2. Flash Sentry is neat-o. I have a soft spot for Snips and Snails. I gave zero fucks when Twilight got wings and a silly hat. Winter Wrap-up wasn't really that catchy. Fin.
  9. What, you doubted it? I knew she'd be in it as soon as I heard they were making a sequel. It's kind of implied.
  10. What's your favorite aquatic mammal?

    1. )O( Scarlet )O(
    2. Rockymoo




      Dude. Go orca or go home. Those things are 10/10 pretty great.

  11. The Ghostbusters theme is just one of those songs that never gets old, even after hearing it a million times.

    1. baltoist
    2. Moonlight Magician

      Moonlight Magician

      Who are you gonna call?

  12. I love you.

    1. Felix


      I love you more.

    2. Rockymoo


      Pssssh. Lies.

    3. Felix


      I'd never lie hun.

  13. Like, dude, have a totally tubular birthday, brah.

  14. Wow, that Sugar Cube sure is a weirdo.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rockymoo


      I hope someone just steals her lunch money or something. Pleb.

    3. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      But what about that Rockymoo guy? xD

    4. Rockymoo


      He's hot.