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  1. Here is once again, another OC that I made named Sonic Blast (yes it's very related to Sonic Rainboom and she is the daughter of Rainbow Dash, but it's just an idea I made up and hope to improve on the idea later.) Tell me what you think :3 Base by
  2. This is Summer Sun. She is a basic pony, not meant to have much of a story. I made her to be more like a simple background pony, not as a pony with a supported story. Basically she is a pony who likes the beach, and enjoys, of course, Summer.
  3. This is Shimmer. She's a unicorn pony who can make magic but when she uses it in only messes things up, in other words her magic does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. She always practices fixing her magic but it never works well, it can only do things that are dangerous and she at times is unable to control her magic, it will do things on it's own. If I write the story about her I'll make a part where she's banished from Ponyville and Canterlot due to an unfortunate accident caused by her magic. When banished she is banished to the Everfree Forest, and searches for Zecora to help her in any way, during this time an enemy comes to rule Equestria and enslave the ponies who live in it, and she finds that her magic is the only one unique enough to defeat this enemy. I plan for her to gain a cutie mark after defeating the enemy but it's kind of a rushed design, I'd like to re-do it.
  4. Thank you and welcome as well I originally made Eclipse for a fan fiction but I didn't have any more ideas on how much more I could write in it, and it was my first fanfic so it really wasn't too good. I might re-do the story of her but I'm currently re-writing Mini Wing's story with the help of another member, not sure if I will even have time for that one :_
  5. This will be the re-write in a few hours. Hahaha. But really, it's hard to re-write sometimes. Once upon a time is too cliche and fairytale style like for this type of story. Question - If a filly is a young female pony, what would a baby female pony be considered?
  6. I would like to but unfortunately I am still confused on what RPing is, it's where you play as a certain character while creating a story, right? Sort of a like a play?
  7. Unfortunately this was one of the big problems out of what I wrote, this is only my second fanfic and I agree, it isn't that good. I'm considering re-writing. I just didn't want it to be boring with too little dialogue (so it was probably a bad idea to pick characters with just that, though at the time I chose them I didn't really think I was going to write a fanfic, I just thought it was going to be a simple OC). Thank you for the correction, I'll add this in if I re-write (if I still use that line). This was also a big problem for me when I wrote it, I knew that was going to look really dumb but I had no idea for what I could do. Since I'm re-writing probably (if I have the time) I have two ideas to fix that - either I can make them name her something else and they can change it when she's older (though there are two problems with that, there isn't an extreme reason to change it, and, throughout the fanfic readers will develop a bond with the character and a name change, much like Twi getting wings, will effect their view or likeness of the character or otherwise it will just make them sad/angry about the sudden change), or I can just have them not name her till fillyhood, but that doesn't really work either.
  8. Here is the fanfic of my OC Mini Wing (I made another topic about her). The topic is a little off but none really had the correct topic for this story. One day, a very special pony was born. Proud parents Fluttershy and Macintosh were very excited to see their new daughter, but had not decided a name yet. The nurse brings in the adorable newborn filly. "Here she is! Such an adorable little one." exclaims the nurse. "Oh my, what a sweetheart she is." happily says Fluttershy, unwrapping the filly from her blanket. "What happened to her wing??" Big Mac questions, noticing her very small wing. "Don't worry, some newborn pegasi have wings that still need time to develop. You should see the wing at a more normal size within a month or two." assures the nurse. Fluttershy and Mac, less worried, go back home with their beautiful newborn. When they arrive to the cottage, Fluttershy lays on her sofa with her filly. "What should we name her?" asks Fluttershy. "Her wing is a feature that makes her stand out. How about Mini Wing?" recommends Mac. "It's very sweet. But what about when she outgrows her wing?" "Then she'll always be known for her small wing she was born." "I like it." says Fluttershy, with agreement for the name. The family takes a rest for the day, all cuddled together. Two months later, Mini's wing is still abnormally small, and has barely grown at all. Fluttershy has grown a bit concerned. She is even considering taking her to the doctor. "Mac, her wing hasn't grown very much, and I'm starting to think something is wrong with it." says Fluttershy, with great concern. "Maybe it's best to take her to the hospital and get her checked up." I wrote more but I was tired when I did and apparently I didn't save it ;_; Expect more soon!
  9. Good question One of my good friends got me into the show. Oddly enough I used to have a dislike for the show as I knew the other generations and watched them (never had an interest in G3.5, though, and now I realize it's a bit creepy in my opinion). Then when my friend got me into it I started to really like it. I am happy to be part of such an awesome fandom as well, most bronies and pegasisters are kind and talented, I've learned a few things from this fandom vector/graphic wise as well.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if I would be allowed to share my deviantart with this community or if it would be considered advertisement. Is it okay? Would it be okay to make a new topic about it or would it be better to merge it with something else, such as my welcome post?
  11. MiniWing22


    Hello, I'm new here. I guess I can tell you a little about me. I have two OCs, Mini Wing (who my username is named after) and Eclipse (who was made for one of my fanfics). I make OCs and write fanfics sometimes, I'm hoping I can start to animate ponies as well. My Deviantart: I am also interested in getting Paint Tool Sai, though it's a bit expensive I've heard it's quite worth it!
  12. Yes, I can entirely understand that some ponies might reject it for the time reason, but I just thought they went together well :3 I don't think I know how to RP (it's where you pretend to be that character in a fanfiction, right?), so it probably won't be too much of a problem, and I have other OCs so I suppose I can just use those. As for the sock thing, I just did it for fun and thought the base was really cute, I don't think they need socks but they're still quite adorable with them c: Thank you! I thought purple worked nicely for her eyes as well.
  13. Here is an OC I created, Mini Wing. She is a pony who, obviously by her name, was born with an abnormally small wing. I have a fanfic tied to her but I need to finish it. She has no cutie mark yet. Her best friends are Derpy and Snowdrop (I know the timeline of these pony's lives doesn't make sense but it's not canon, so yeah). She is the daughter of Big Mac and Fluttershy. Her right wing is the small one. Sometimes I accidentally don't make the color consistent but it's actually a bit complicated as the hue is a hard shade to find, it's sort of a blueish/greenish grey. I drew the hair myself but I used bases for the bodies.