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  1. There's this pony personality test and I did it, and apparently I'm like Rainbow Dash. You can try it out yourself though . Click here
  2. ZaniteEagle


    HELLO MY NAME IS PINKIE PIE I LIKE PARTIES DO YOU? IF YOU DO I HAVE ONE NEXT WEEK ITS GOING TO BE SUPER AWESOME AND THERES GOING TO BE TONS OF FUN AND BALLOONS AND CUPCAKES! I'm joking. Anyways hi and I'm new here so if you guys can help me around mlpforums it will be nice thanks
  3. Aaannd... I can't understand a word you're trying to say
  4. Read My Little Dashie it's so sad :(

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    2. Dsanders


      When is My Little Dashie not sad? :1

    3. ActFast231


      Like bittersweet sad, or like cry sad, or slightly sad...?

    4. Yamato


      Or not sad at all...?

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