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  1. Name:Vincent Stormwalker Age:26 Race:Griffon Backstory: (Profile in sig) Personality: (Profile in sig) Why would Page know you: Hmmm... perhaps he`s delivered some of her more exotic purchases? Could also simply be a big fan, as he`s quite well read.
  2. Vincent's house was located near the end of the culdesac, in a house that was considerably shabbier, and smaller, than the others. Vincent`s eyes fluttered open as he felt the sun gleam through the window, landing squarely on his eyes. He groaned as he practically rolled off of the side of his bed, landing on his talons and back paws. He swore, some days it felt like Celestia had purposefully moved the sun just to blind him every morning... He rose up, taking a moment to stretch himself- wincing as he over extended his left wing. Damn. He should have known better by now... He`d injured it year
  3. @@Skullbuster, I just checked, actually. Cloudsdayle was the location of the very first megaspell strike. You can check yourself. Its not a big deal, I realize, just something I thought i`d point out. I mean, you could have it be one of the sites mentioned getting hit by Ron Perlman the newscaster.
  4. @@Skullbuster, Alright than! I`ll be using Vincent Stormwalker, he's in my sig. He`ll be a courier of local packages. Also, are you sure Pegasi are all above the sky-layer at this point? If I`m recalling correctly, they only sealed up the sky after the first mega-spell hit Cloudsdale...
  5. @@Shadow Dancer, Oh, my apologizes. I didn't realize she was part bat-pony. Allow me to concede my previous comment.
  6. Would you be willing to accept a griffon OC, or is that off the table like pegisi? @@Shadow Dancer, Also, kind of a side note, but would your character be eating steak? In the Fallout Equestria universe, its implied that eating meat before the bombs fell was rather are in ponies, if it was prevalent at all. Sorry, I know i`m not even part of the RP at this point, but I thought i`d point it out.
  7. @, Sorry, some of us actually give half a shit. If it doesn't make atleast some semblance of sense, I can't get into the RP.
  8. @@Commander Tangent, While I agree it would make sense for the ONI spook to be acting commander, we do still need an official squad leader, or who would be in charge if your character wasn't there.
  9. @, Typically, that person is the spotter working with the sniper, and also... kind of negating the point of a scout, to have them hanging back with the sniper.
  10. @, Don't... think Snake would be classified as a scout.
  11. @, And the scout, who would literally be going into enemy territory alone, to make sure it was safe?
  12. @, Still, having a squad of only snipers and one scout would be a little off, even with the fact we`re saying our squad has suffered causalities at this point.
  13. @, Hey, i`m a scout not a sniper. Besides, you`re the OP. Maybe we should have a few people switch from sniper...?@, Welcome aboard, by the way. Vincent is still the shortest in the group, it seems `
  14. @, Eh, if they don't ever post we can just cut them out and make a new one.
  15. @@Derplight Sperkle, @, Speaking of which, can we get an ETA on that?
  16. @, I just enjoy playing shorter characters!
  17. @@Derplight Sperkle, Sooo, taller than Vincent, who's 5,1
  18. @@Derplight Sperkle, Define short for me? I need to know if Vincent is still shorter than her
  19. @, I can work with that. Like I said, just @ me whenever I can join and i`ll just try and keep up with the RP in the mean time.
  20. @, Yeaaaaah.... I have absolutely no one I can think of for that, actually.
  21. @, That`s cool. That`s on me for not joining sooner after all. Just @ me when I can join, alright?
  22. Well, lets see if I can still join this, eh? Full Name[service Name]: Vincent Walker Age:22 Gender:M Speciality: Scout Physical Description: Almost incredibly short for a male his age, something Vincent is very frequently reminded of. Standing only 5,1. Short, brown hair, cleanly shaven. Green eyes. A very lean frame. In rather good shape, possibly in an attempt to compensate for his height. Mental Description: Not the most firm of will among the ODSTs, but it takes a lot of will simply to be willing to hop into what could amount to a metal coffin. Frequently doubts his abilities on
  23. Man, i`d love to join this RP... Sadly, i`m going into the navy in 8 days so that's not really much of an option. Best of luck to all of you though!
  24. Is this Dragon Age RP or a ponified Dragon Age RP?
  25. TheLineTrotter

    Searching War Torn

    Hey, sorry I dissapeared there. I`m visiting family and time is a little stretched. I`ll reply ASAP.
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