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  1. Hey everyone! I plan to be hanging out on the server friday, maybe getting to hang out with some old MLPforums folks, just like old times
  2. Apparently Makusu is popular now? All faith in humanity is gone.

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    2. hariyaMakusu2
    3. Obsolete


      These notifs are going to annoy someone when they get back. xD

    4. AppleGearRising


      Truly? I think Makusu could do with a different kind of conditioner, his current one clearly isn't doing much for him XP

  3. XCOM:Enemy Within stream! Join and say something in chat to get a soldier named after you! Will most likely be murdered brutally <3
  4. Would anyone be interested in doing an art commission for me? Send me a note.

  5. [MAJOR UPDATE] We're having a reunion! For new people and the oldies together! We're not reviving, by any means. It's not that time yet. But! We are having a meet up sometime soon and we'll be starting with It's free, it's in a browser, and it's quite fun! So that's a good starter at the very least. We may or may nor be playing more, but at the very least it'll be fun to meet with all the good old friends of the old times! I'll be updating this thread soon with dates once i consult the veterans of WGE. But anyone may join us! It'll be nice to have old and new faces to be playing together. COntact me on this site via private message or skype or steam! Anything!
  6. Alien Swarm time! Two slots open if you're interested! :D