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  1. Those commenters are literally idiots. They're impersonating horses in human form from a cartoon. Pinkie isn't pink skinned, Rainbow doesn't have blue skin,Twilight isn't purple...they're really just picking out Rarity not being white? If they weren't racist then it shouldn't bother them at all because the colour of her skin in this ad literally means nothing.
  2. I'm pretty good at music...my friends say so and I've taught myself how to play 3 instruments, which I guess is quite impressive. I've been told I'm good at cheering people up as well which is a good thing. Also I think I'm quite good at drawing. :3 (Sorry if I'm sounding pompous or something)
  3. The new Gravity Falls episode was amazing.

  4. Glasgow Comic Con was amazing!

  5. Happy birthday, Swirly! :)

    1. Swirl


      Haha, thanks! :D

  6. Which one is "considered" worst? Well, I've seen much more brony hate online than furry hate, so I'd say MLP fandom is considered worse from a "popularity" point of view. Personally I don't see fandoms as being better or worse than each other since all that would do is make people angry and cause hate, which really doesn't serve any purpose at all.
  7. Winter Wrap up or This Day Aria are my favourites, and for least favourite is probably You'll Play Your Part. If Equestria Girls counts then This Is Our Big Night is definitely my least favourite.
  8. When boys wear their trousers so low you can see their underwear. I mean...is it so hard to wear a belt?
  9. I'd have to say Rarity. That certainly doesn't mean I hate her, but out of all of the Mane 6 I just find her to be the least interesting.
  10. Computer art. I'm quite good at normal drawing but since I don't have a (working) scanner I can't really post it online with good quality. I can sort of use computer software but I need to redraw tons of times before I'm at least satisfied with it, which ends up taking so much time. :\
  11. The furry fandom is still depicted as being perverted and is looked down upon, and that's a much older fandom...as much as I hate to say it I doubt the brony fandom will be fully accepted. :/
  12. Not everyone has the same opinions, just because you may personally not like something doesn't mean it's impossible for others to like it. Everyone has a different taste in what they like watching and it's important to respect that (like when people hate on bronies for liking MLP). Plus I think I have to disagree with a lot of the things you said about it...then again, I'm pretty biased because I'm a fan of the show myself. Just remember that because it's not to your personal tastes you don't have a right to insult the fans.
  13. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and it is freaking AMAZING. I don't tend to like Marvel that much but when they did sci-fi rather than super heroes it worked brilliantly. Definitely going to see the sequel if/when it comes out.
  14. I voted gender equality because there are people who feel gender identity is important. I'd like to get rid of stereotypes (like what defines something as masculine or effeminate) so everyone can like whatever they want.
  15. P!nk...I love her songs so much. Especially "so what". I wouldn't say MLP is a "guilty" pleasure but Equestria Girls definitely is. Also FlashLight shipping...I like it but I feel like I shouldn't, gaaaahh