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  1. Most of Southern California and the Central Valley doesn't get particularly cold during the winter, and hot as hell during the summer. Winter is wildfire season, spring is flooding season, summer is heat-wave season, and autumn is the only portion of paradise that you get throughout the year.
  2. I've always struggled to walk anywhere in San Jose or my time in Orange County. It's always such a slog to get anywhere – even in my current neighborhood, the nearest grocery store and shopping center is about 1.2 miles away...and public transportation sucks here. There's only one bus line that goes near my neighborhood, and it's never convenient enough to justify using. All of that usually means that my family and I'm forced to drive to get anywhere. Meanwhile, in Santa Barbara, walking and taking the bus are significantly easier – it's not comparable to other cities in Asia that I've been to, but it's not too bad compared to OC and San Jose. How are your neighborhoods? Is it easy to walk around to get to where you want to go?