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  1. Well in the red. California is highly urbanized, so there isn't many dark sites in the state. My hometown is San Jose but I live in Santa Barbara to go to college. I used to live in LA as well and the high light pollution and poor air quality makes it near impossible to see anything in the sky. It doesn't have to be this way, though. City policies can do a lot to reduce light pollution; a lot of the small cities in Arizona such as Flagstaff actually use LED lampposts that face downward and some homes there have exterior shades to prevent interior light from going out. Flagstaff is one of the few cities that is considered a dark sky location, and the effects can be pretty dramatic; for comparison, Cheyenne has the same population and area as Flagstaff but has more than ten times the light pollution.
  2. It does help to point out that most American infrastructure makes it difficult to get around if you don't have a driver's license. It's extremely restrictive, especially to people who have physical or mental disabilities. Add on the fact that some infrastructure is simply not well accessible to the disabled and you'll see how much of a challenge it is to be disabled.
  3. Yeah. Anneal is my main OC, though I have several others that I use consistently. I tend to focus more on molding out certain OCs and their unique personalities and background rather than creating a massive amount of them which barely get used. I know some people have like dozens, if not hundreds, of OCs.
  4. Tap water. It's actually much cheaper than bottled water and despite what most people think, drinking tap water will not kill you. People should really check their local water district, since they are required to disclose the particulates in tap water and whether it is safe to drink – at worst, if you live in a fairly polluted area, you should buy a good water filter. Tap water costs roughly half a cent per gallon, while bottled water goes for around $1.50/gallon. The plastic literally costs more than the water inside. Bottled water is also no less susceptible to bacterial and viral contamination as 14 brands had to recall in back in 2015 due to E. coli contamination.
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

  6. Happy Birthday to ya, Anneal!  :kirin:

  7. I would like to make another point: you don't need massive amounts of exposure to make good music. It's always been that the more experimental genres of music tend to be less accessible to the public, while popular music is generally more formulaic so it can be the most accessible and easiest to listen to. This is something that is not unique to the contemporary era – even back in the 70s and 80s, the radio was over-saturated with arena rock or hair metal bands (and trust me, it was just as formulaic as popular music today), but only the good ones are remembered nowadays while the majority of those bands are simply forgotten about. And in the 50s and before, barbershop quartets were the norm, so plenty of songs at the time...kind of sounded the same. Again, most of us only remember the good groups at the time like the Ink Spots or the Chordettes. Additionally, virtually all of the bands you just mentioned are metal bands, and people have to acknowledge that most metal genres will never get any airplay nowadays – certain genres like death metal or thrash is simply considered too aggressive and fast to be played on most radio stations. Not to mention certain subgenres like melodic death metal or technical death metal are considered far too niche to even remotely get any attention outside of dedicated fans. This is something most of the metalhead community already accepts, and in fact believe that not getting any mainstream exposure is a good thing; most metal bands have the freedom to experiment all they want without feeling beholden to public opinion or major record labels. They can likely survive on their own with their dedicated metalhead fanbase, away from the spotlight of "popular" music. Rock music is inevitably going to go down that path too as popular tastes change, but maybe being out of the popular spotlight could be beneficial to the genre – we may see more experimentation than even before, much like what's happened to jazz and emo when they both phased out of the radio. Parts of the public may want music that is simply easy to listen to, but there would always be massive dedicated fanbases for these genres. Imagine music like a bunch of streams intertwined with each other, with the lake in the middle where the music is the most formulaic and experimentation doesn't happen – it would be dumb and completely unfair to judge certain music genres by that big dumb lake.
  8. Kanye West's older albums were fine. A lot of the hate he gets nowadays are due to his political commentary (which is all over the place as is) and his tendency to be quite random. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is still considered one of his best works, even among music critics who normally aren't into hip-hop. If that's what he got #1 for, I would say it's actually pretty well deserved. And if your image of country music and hip-hop, let alone "popular music" is limited to the top 40 radio songs, then your image of music is quite narrow. Country music isn't my cup of tea, but there are still many good country artists like Brad Paisley, George Strait, Ryan Adams, and Carrie Underwood. And hip-hop artists like Kendrick Lamar and Eminem are skilled rappers who have the ability to discuss certain controversial topics within their music. Not all hip-hop is Soundcloud rapping. There are even certain hip-hop groups like Death Grips or clipping who sound completely different from your normal hip-hop. They might not get much radio play, but they are in no way underground, considering plenty of their albums regularly top the Billboard and have a noticeable following online. Some albums have even sold gold or platinum. There are also bands like the Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Paramore, and Breaking Benjamin, along with some older bands like RHCP, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Nine Inch Nails, and many people still listen to them, so I doubt if the general public wants soulless trash that they would continue listening to them.
  9. I mostly listen to entire albums, but The Suburbs by Arcade Fire is a really solid one. Here's the opening song for it: There's also Lonerism by Tame Impala: Weezer's White Album: AM by Arctic Monkeys: El Camino by the Black Keys: And A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead:
  10. Not to mention there are many other genres such as heavy metal and emo that haven't been mainstream for quite a while, yet continue to have a massive following. Just because you stop hearing it on the radio doesn't mean it's dead. In fact, emo music is experiencing a revival in the indie scene in recent years, and metal is more experimental than ever since its peak in the 80s. Also, Australia is experiencing a revival in psychedelic rock and bands like King Gizzard and Tame Impala has clearly shown that there is far more to the genre. There are also other bands like Arctic Monkeys, Screaming Females, Drive-By Truckers, Arcade Fire, and Muse, and many post-punk revival bands are still active (even if they aren't as well-known as they were in the early 2000s peak) like Interpol, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Strokes. Honestly, the only reason I feel The Strokes and other post-punk revival bands started losing commercial success is because of media pressure; back in the early 2000s, the media wouldn't stop talking about how they were going to be the "saviors of rock and roll". I'm hoping we don't do the same thing to bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Black Keys again – I fear that it would ruin them.
  11. Punk didn't actually last very long into the 80s. Punk rock was fairly short-lived in the mainstream and pretty much gone after the Sex Pistols had disbanded. Most major punk bands like The Clash, The Ramones, and Dead Kennedys either switched to hardcore, post-punk, or new wave. Punk won't really make a mainstream comeback until the mid-90s with pop punk bands like Green Day or blink-182. It might be more accurate to include hip-hop instead of punk, as hip-hop quickly flourished and grew in that decade with groups like Run-DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, and Beastie Boys. At the end of the decade, gangsta rap began to pop up with groups like the N.W.A. and rappers like Ice T. Yeah, one of my favorite bands is Weezer and they can partially be considered a power pop/alternative rock band, depending on the album. Power pop is still active in the modern music industry, though most of it is indie nowadays like Ozma or Teenage Fanclub, save for older power pop bands like Cheap Trick.
  12. I can agree with that at least. Mainstream music tends to be overwhelmingly dominated by the Anglosphere countries and it is not very common to find non-English music in the mainstream. It's also worth pointing out how in some countries, musicians don't even follow the customs of music that we are used to in the Western world (12 tone temperance, common time signatures, pentatonic/heptatonic scale), so even the same genre of music in different countries can be wildly different in terms of structure, rhythm, and even melody.
  13. The difference is that in Spec Ops: The Line it was a plot point to specifically show how cruel and inhumane chemical weapons were and deconstruct common themes of first person shooters. I am not personally against a game having chemical weapons treated as a serious topic in video games. What I mean is that in Modern Warfare, at least from recent news, they are using it as a killstreak option, turning something that should normally treated with seriousness as some cheap way to get extra kills in a deathmatch game.
  14. That's kind of just power metal. It's an interesting and fun genre in of itself, but you shouldn't really dismiss most of rock like that. Maybe you've been listening to too much top 40s and mainstream radio stations and you have to just dig deeper. Like I said before, there are plenty of great contemporary rock bands and musicians: Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend...and alternative rock bands from the 90s like the Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, and Queens of the Stone Age are still active. Rock may no longer be the top genre of the music industry but it is far from stale. And some of these bands are capable of making deep and insightful albums and songs. There are some recent bands that do stand out though. The Struts, Rival Sons, and Fleet Foxes are good examples. Nowadays it's a bit harder for indie bands to get mainstream attention simply because of strong competition and the fact that rock no longer dominates mainstream music anymore, not without adopting pop, electronic, or hip-hop (ex: Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, twenty øne piløts) into their songs. The Black Keys was basically underground for the first seven years until they got mainstream attention with Attack and Release. Eh, their albums aren't something to write home about. I tend to focus and listen entire albums rather than specifically pick out the singles to listen to. Not to mention they sound too much like Led Zeppelin – which actually makes their flaws stick out more when they are inevitably compared to each other. They need to find their own sound and be more original. I feel they are just a byproduct of people being too caught up in nostalgia and looking back at the past that they are unable to look towards the future and make something unique.
  15. Still going to point out the white phosphorous controversy that showed up a few months before the game was going to release. I'm not sure if it's been removed yet or if it's going to show up in a later update, but while playing a first person shooter game might be cathartic to most, I'm a bit more reluctant to support the game if it casually puts chemical weapons in their game.