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  1. It’s still quite a complicated issue. Getting most people to stop eating meat is virtually impossible and even more “humane” ways of raising animals (free range being an example) take up vastly more land, more resource intensive, or are far too expensive. Developing and improving in vitro meat technology – which require significantly less land and water and without the slaughter of animals – may be our best option. Thankfully there has been more and more scientific interest in in vitro meat, as it could be used to feed astronauts on long trips or scientists working in extreme environments (such as the poles or the deep ocean) and keep their morale up. Though it might take a while before in vitro meat begins to simulate real meat, as bio-technology hasn’t gone far enough to allow us to simulate connective tissue or blood cells properly that gives things like beef or pork its taste. We might have to live with in-vitro Spam for a while. GMOs may be another option. It’s possible to genetically modify animals so that they can be less resource intensive – however, this doesn’t solve that said animals would be slaughtered anyways, and genetically modifying animals outside of selective breeding is rather controversial. A better alternative may be to simply modify GMO grains so that they can taste more like meat without actually being meat. This may not be too difficult as even without genetic modification, the beans used in veggie burgers taste reasonably close to meat.
  2. lol that Australian senator got egged

  3. Not sure if it’s an appropriate time to say this but Governor Newsom has ended up breaking state constitutionality by repealing the death penalty via executive order while Californians have already denied it through referendum. While I’m all for repealing it, this is a blatant breach of the California constitution and it should not be ignored.

    Also the shooting in Christchurch is terrible. I hope those far-right supremacists get what’s coming for them, whether it’s rotting the rest of their lives in prison or being beaten to death in the interrogation room. My heart goes out to the Muslims affected by this horrible tragedy.

    1. Twiggy


      Karmic justice. Before the attack, he could not get a girlfriend. After the attack, he will likely BE someone’s girlfriend. 

      Also surpried that a court hasn’t called Newsom on it yet. Should happen soon if the judiciary has any consistency or honor. As for repealing the death penalty, I’m on the fence. The arguments against it are good, but I just feel like there are some completely irredeemable people out there that need to be culled. 

  4. Anneal

    What's the one thing that really gets on your nerves?

    I'm just pointing out the North has plenty of bigotry as well and it's not localized in the South. Hell, there could be more in the North – bigotry is not always apparent and can be hidden behind doors. I'm not trying to downplay bigotry in the South, I'm just pointing out that it happens everywhere.
  5. Anneal

    What's the one thing that really gets on your nerves?

    I personally don't really like how Southerners are stereotyped, and this idea that it's absolutely racist, backwards, and intolerant is something the North likes to perpetrate. I'm saying this as a Californian. I'm just going to point out that hate groups and general intolerance exists everywhere, not just the US, and in many different forms, so pretending it only exists in the South lets a lot of Northerners off the hook about their own prejudices. So moving up North means that you won't escape from those kind of people anyways. Also ironically enough, the South is quite racially integrated while the North has far less African Americans in general and tend to show signs of neighborhood segregation and white suburban flight. I can agree with the second part though. MGTOWs and incels are far worse than any Tumblr backseat feminist I've seen and in some cases far more dangerous – one was responsible for a mass shooting near my university, if that says anything. Outside of political stuff, personally the one thing that really gets my nerves on my daily life is bad Wi-Fi connections. Always sends me into a rage.
  6. That topic name sure is loaded though. Reviewer and critics do have lives and these are real, legitimate jobs. Becoming a professional critic is a lot harder than people think, especially when you are also entertaining people through YouTube videos. These videos require hours, if not days of editing and voicing. Even if you are just writing for a news website like Kotaku or Rotten Tomatoes, all articles frequently have to go through editors before the final written product is posted online. Some people don't understand how much hard work and effort goes into being a critic, only to be flamed online for being a "corporate shill" or whatnot.
  7. Unexpected Thanos (or any meme involving Avengers: Infinity War) and Unexpected Sans are close to a year old and I think they're both good enough last a bit longer. Also, anyone who's part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fanbase has plenty of memes that have lasted for several years and are still relevant.
  8. While I generally vote conservative it's usually very hard for me to ever get committed to registering as Republican because there are a ton of terrible Republican candidates. That being said, there are plenty of terrible Democrat candidates as well. Both parties have bad, hypocritical, lying politicians...though I have to admit the Republicans have more of it as of now. Now to point out, I don't hate everything about the Republican Party or Democratic Party and I do realize that the most vocal parts of them don't represent the entire party. The few Rockefeller Republicans and old conservatives don't seem to be that bad (remember that Dwight D. Eisenhower and Earl Warren were conservatives for their time and generally helped the US for the better). Neither are some Democrats like Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard. Nixon's more of a mixed bag. Everyone knows him for Watergate and general corruption, but a lot of his policies still remain active to this day. Believe it or not, Nixon was actually quite environmentalist and was responsible for establishing OSHA, the EPA, and Amtrak (admittedly he wanted to appease the liberals and actually wanted to kill it). He also enacted the Clean Water Act, Noise Control Act, and Endangered Species Act, and tried to cool relations with China and ended the gold standard (anyone who knows economics can arguably say that this was a good thing, and the stagflation that ensued was mostly due to the oil crisis). This is probably why not many Republicans talk about him anymore.
  9. Anneal

    What's your opinion in algebra?

    That's not really true. Plenty of times you have to use some degree of algebra to make some calculations. Compound interest and "breaking even" are simple algebra concepts that you will definitely have to use when it comes to basic finances. There are also a lot of problems that can technically be solved by arithmetic, but algebra makes things a lot easier and lot faster. And a lot of career fields require algebra, not just STEM. Agriculture, accounting, architecture, and even some liberal arts careers do require at the very least some algebra knowledge. There's a reason why it's literally required to graduate high school...and it's on both the SAT and ACT. Though it's true that calculus is not as important as geometry or algebra for some fields. I still find occasional use for limits and integration, especially calculating the area under a curve or arc length.
  10. Anneal

    What's your opinion in algebra?

    That's actually true when you go above algebra. In calculus and statistics, some things simply cannot be calculated by hand and you will learn to depend on your trusty TI-84. Also, calculators help to compute basic equations that you input into it, but problems in more complex math are rarely one-step calculations and frequently require you to interpret the problem and given data.
  11. Anneal

    What's your opinion in algebra?

    It's not that bad. No matter what though, algebra is an essential math class and you have to take it at some point. People think that it really doesn't mean much, but almost all jobs do require algebra and it's a minimum requirement for graduating high school.
  12. Stereotypes about the brony community used to be a lot more common in its earlier years and it's usually the typical "grown man watching a kids show", being homosexual, or being feminine. Thankfully things have changed quite a lot since then and for many people liking MLP has become a normal thing. I would certainly say that entertainment has broken the mold over double standards. Nowadays, the only persistent stereotype seems to be that of the cloppers who like to shove NSFW art at people's faces and making most of the brony community look bad. Not saying it's bad to like NSFW art, it's just an issue when certain bronies try to show it to people who aren't comfortable or don't want to see it.
  13. Yeah, I can agree with that, it's just that this phrase is not the best way to discourage people from dangerous actions, and is usually used negatively to encourage things like gambling, paying for lottery tickets, or promoting pseudoscience (fortune telling being a big one). It's often used to dismiss legitimate concerns as well.
  14. That being said, there are some phrase that I do believe try too hard to be profound or deep and are in fact trivial or nonsensical. "Nothing is both real and imaginary" is in its literal sense true (0 is both a real and imaginary number), but from a philosophical standpoint, it would mean that there was a distinction between reality and illusion. Both are trivial and therefore this phrase is not particularly helpful. "Improbable things happen all the time" is another phrase some people use to dismiss when something is unlikely to work. It's true in its most technical sense, but ultimately trivial, and it doesn't mean that particular person will be able to experience that one particular improbable event, whether it's winning the lottery or getting lucky sevens on the slot machines.
  15. Like many tropes, the issue is not really that it is overused, but more cliched. Tropes that are used frequently are not always bad, and sometimes writers and directors can put a new spin to an old trope.