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  1. Boop Beepington

    Boop Beepington's Art Thread!

    I drew this, with my hands! Hello! Today I took an hour or so of my time and put it into this, my latest art! Ok ok, it ain't the prettiest thing, but I'm a student! You asked me to make more? Shall I make more indeed!!!
  2. Boop Beepington

    S02:E15 - The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

    Is it just my imature humor or is the title of the video... ya' know... weird?
  3. I've heared alot of rumours about new ponies comming in season 4, and I wanted to know what ponies you would love to see! It can be anything from a backround pony becoming one of the main 6's ( or 7's if you add the pony :3), or even a fan made pony/OC such as Brian The Red Pony, or Heartcall! I do ask you not include your OC, it's a 'duh' anypony would want their OC in the show, so just include others!!! Thanks!
  4. Boop Beepington

    Derpy Snuggle!

    Yes you may indeed use it Spiritualy Nightmare! My permission is in your presents! And yes I will indeedy try and make more for you all to enjoy (hopefully :3)
  5. Boop Beepington

    Derpy Snuggle!

    What a great day to spend Christmas... in August.. Had a cool idea to make Derpy look 20% cooler with some holiday dress-up (sorry I don't feel like waiting till' Christmas to upload this).
  6. Boop Beepington

    How did you find this site?

    Suprisingly, I just assumed that MLP FiM had a 'fourms' site where I could join! So I Googled it and found this site! Got a free account and within minutes... BAM! LOVE DIS SITE!
  7. Boop Beepington

    Will Twilight's transition to alicorn princess be permanent?

    It was a shock to me when she gained her wings, and I do support it 100%, but do you think she'll ever let the 'princess' thing go to her head and loose her wings somehow? Maybe not in Season 4, but it could happen in the future somehow, but how?! Please leave a comment below and let the world see the reason she could/would loose her wings (+ princess if you wana), and brohoof this!
  8. Boop Beepington

    Equestria Girls

    Ya' know I'm content with ponies made into humans, but I don't know about making this human stuff a 'series', I think I can keep with my cute lil' ponies, brohoof if ya' agree!