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  1. Whoa calm down you're being far too reasonable

  2. Monaco is 60% off for the next day or so!

  3. October. Time to play the ghostliest game: GHOST TRICK!!! YEEAAAHHHH!

  4. The new Smash Bros. includes Disney characters and stages (Gaston specifically) and the story mode plays like Rayman Legends. [/dream]

    1. Wardaddy


      Seriously?! *drools a waterfall* Can't wait to play as Mickey. Hope he has a Keyblade for his weapon

  5. "I know you are overwhelmed, unfortunately I can't do much about it. This is how all of precalc is being run." That's a hell of an MO, professor.

  6. Ask your doctor if fire is right for you.

  7. I think it's about time to give Solatorobo a second playthrough.

  8. I've a Steam 50% off Magicka coupon. Who wants it?

  9. Don't Worry, Be Happy

    1. Friendship_Cannon
    2. Jokuc


      But somebody came and took my bed D:

  10. Alright! Today is a new day! Let's make the most of it!

  11. I can't see the stars.

  12. is having a 60%-off sale on Square Enix games in general this weekend. Everything so far is $4 or less. Spend money to save money?

  13. I did a test video of A Machine for Pigs. Turns out my microphone sucks. Also, I couldn't find the stairs.

  14. Wasn't there supposed to be some website called Ponyswear? I thought I heard about something like that, but I don't see any evidence of it. Eh???

    1. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Do you mean Ponysquare?

    2. Fidgety Frolic

      Fidgety Frolic

      Could be! I heard it vocally wrote it down, so I must have misheard the name. I can't remember what it was supposed to be about. Only thing is, I'm not interested in roleplaying so I don't know why I would have written down a roleplaying site at the time. But you're probably right, so thank you!

  15. If I dislike a particular person or fan-work, I can ignore and dissasociate from them. I don't plan on leaving unless the show goes totally down the drain, and even then, there will likely be reasons to stick around. I'm in the fandom because I'm a fan!