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    I M VIEWTIFUL AND I LOVE SIOPAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
    Lets say i m goofy and other stuff sometimes ok...! So is there to say that i like playing tennis, spending my time is playin games just to past time or I like drawing. I ve already have made up my own anime story book. Its no quite finish yet but it is a good story and i m good at drawer and animator video editor and sound affection. I won 3rd place for my animation of Peoples Choice award. The animation I made that won 3rd place at my school is Siopao Ninja its in my gallery if you want to check it our. I luv watching great cartoons to inspire me to animate like My little Pony and other cartoon shows more into the little early 90s or late 90s and some of the new cartoons of this years. Fan of the show and made a few flash animations with it just messing around with it right now but I am working on a process of making a fantastic one flash. If you ever seen Jamming Gina in my gallery I will be working on that very soon. I still go to school to improve myself I am pretty much busy working on digital art and animation. Also Doctor Who Fan so great of a show. Just love to create stuff either come to life like a cartoon or look great in a frame picture.
    Love playing fighting games like street Fighter and other famous Fighting games I use to be competitive but not as much now. and Love play rpg adventure or other games that are great. Sonic games is my most favorite mostly still love SEGA products next to capcom and nintendo or squraenix. FPS not in to that much but still luv to play it. got a Steam account find me by Doctor D. Whooves. Board games or card games very fun to play so I m pretty much into that like Sentinels of the Multiverse or 7 wonders card draft game, or Mansion of Madness cthulhu tale like DD pretty much. Oh I also play my Ocarina just for fun at times.
    I cosplay sometimes at conventions like Anime Expo. you can check out my stuff on my DA or youtube I made a video of all my recent cosplays and pics.

    2013 anime expo http://s58.photobucket.com/user/VChronosV/library/AX%202013?sort=3&page=1

    2012 anime expo http://s58.photobucket.com/user/VChronosV/library/Anime%20Expo%202012?sort=3&page=1

    Tumblr http://viewtifulchronos.tumblr.com/

    PSN: VChronosV23

    Watch our Stream http://www.twitch.tv/vchronosv/profile


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  1. yeah you wont get very far with windows movie maker. I would perfer like Flash animation or if you would want photoshop takes more time on photoshop though of after effects. If you two want to learn animation I dont mind showing you two a couple of things I have learned and stuff so far. Maybe hold a stream room or something
  2. HI EVERYPONY! I M Back and... oh gosh i ve been travel through time and space way to long and and its gonna be a whole new year already haha naw just been busy with school and all but now I m on break and I would like to share with you all what I have done in my school year. Check out my blog, youtube, DA, and whatever else I gonna put up in here. Heres a preview of a few pics and stuff of what i ve done this year. so if you want to see more feel free to check out the links of all the things I ve done. http://chronosmasteroftime.blogspot.com/ http://siopaoninja
  3. Have you done any animation before? Like tradition or messed around in Adobe Flash Program?
  4. Did this this all day at my school. Chalk is kind of tough to use at times plus tiring under the heat! Hope you guys like em and give me some feed back upon mine which is the Vinyl and Octavia though I did not like the way this one turn out but Its alright still I guess Last years Chalk Art I did I did this one last year and I did the " I am Octavia" one this year. I did had another one to do but I did not feel good when I got done with the 1st one I made. I just show you guys the drawing I would of done in chalk. It would of been great though but This one would of taken l
  5. Dang School haha welp more HW

  6. It was a dance party when I watched it at the theaters!!! when the opening intro started. But yeah it was a fun movie to watch. I thought it was great!
  7. Yeah he's got good animation skills. Details to the fight scene is like watching DBZ. I like the song too. but overall it just takes away the that feeling like pinkie would not do that or any of the mane 6 would not fight each other PFFs and its a family children show. I know this is fan made and fans tend to make amazing stuff and all and its great to these Animations like double rainboom or Buttons adventure and other that is just funny like Epic wub time. But this one his story of Pinkie pie going beyond crazy was just mess up. I mean I m an animator myself and I luv seeing peoples animatio
  8. THEDoctorV

    General Media Favorite Creepypastas?

    Hmm I would have to go with Ben from Zelda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyYmXfhB6m4 Just hearing the song of healing in reverse is pretty much creepy in face just play the game is pretty creepy.
  9. Welp he does save the world through time and space with his assistant without anypony noticing and yet thats how everypony is safe from disaster and keeping the time of the hour a spin. Haha yeah but he's great other than Derpy my favorite background pony I gotta go with the Doctor. His voice was alright when he spoke. Hopefully he talks more in the series!
  10. Busy Busy Busy Saving the world through time and space and attending to school. What do I have time for haha

  11. Guess the latest new thing I got so far to my collection is the Lyra "Vinyl figures collection" other than that maybe when I get the time I will be posting up upon what I have of mlp collection so far not much but its growing big
  12. aww man coming up with ideas sometimes is tough to start to create!

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