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  3. I enjoyed Black Panther as a character in Civil War. He had a great character arc. However, ever since the announcement of the movie, the hype around it has been entirely cancerous. Those who have rallied around it have been so cocky that it's actually made me very disinterested in seeing the movie. But now I see reviews calling it "Shakespearean". It's a Marvel movie, it isn't Citizen Cane or Casablanca. This is evidence that the media is putting this on a pedestal simply because it's a majority black cast. I'm sure it'll be a decent film, but I can't see it being more visually stunning as Doctor Strange, funnier than Thor Ragnarok or Guardians, or as well written as Winter Soldier. But calling it a "masterpiece" or "Shakespearean" is nothing more than a joke. But can we address the fact that Wakanda is made up of nothing but conservatives? And that the biggest fans of Black Panther have a high probability of hating conservatism and those who hold conservative values? Can someone say irony? I mean, "Wakanda Forever" is literally "America First".
  4. Went to my local Walmart last night to pick up the movie; they were sold out of the blu-ray and only had two copies on DVD left. Not sure if this is indicative of the rest of the country or not, but it appears the movie is selling well.
  5. It hurts my soul to think this show will eventually come to an end. I usually try not to think about it, but when it’s almost been a decade you begin to think about showing something the door. The characters and stories this show introduced me to has affected my life in an incredibly positive way. I will be truly saddened the day there will be no more adventures with the 6 ponies and one dragon I’ve come to know and love. While I wish the next generation all the success in the world, I can’t see it being as big and influential as Friendship is Magic. I’ll take what I’m reading with a grain of the salt at the moment and will quietly sit and back and watch things unfold on their own.
  6. As a die-hard collector, I keep all of mine. I was considering at one point to trade in my OG Xbox One for an X, but the more I think about it the more I want to keep it. Especially now that they no longer make that model. I still have my GameBoy, SNES, N64, Gamecube, etc. They all have too many memories for me to just give up.
  7. Tara got a new Twi necklace! It's super cute. On a side note, damn Tara is so fine.
  8. All of the above. As a gamer, I can't imagine forcing myself to choose only one console. But if I had to choose my favorite, probably Xbox.
  9. Played it quite a bit back in the day. Really enjoyed the 3 character team dynamic. The music was catchy and I too found the game to be difficult. As a kid I never really beat games per se, just played what I felt like was fun at the time. I personally would consider Sonic Heroes a classic Sonic game.
  10. Purchased the MLP Movie popcorn bucket and 4 of the cups too. Just wanted them for collecting purposes, but I'll use them too. I want the toppers as well, they're actually really well made.
  11. Sunset, and it's not even close. Sunset has had a better reformation process that feels completely natural and is very well paced, better backstory and motivation to be a villain, a better personality, and an all around more likable character. Starlight always has to remind us that she tried to take over a village, yet no one cares anymore. Sunset on the other hand knows what she did but doesn't bring it up when she messes up, she actively tries to improve herself instead of moping around about her past, and that's one of Sunset's best qualities. The funniest part is, is that Sunset has had significantly less time to explore her character than Starlight; and Sunset still easily comes out on top.
  12. A shame since EQG consists of some of the best songs in the Friendship is Magic franchise. But since EQG is being watered down to shorts, I don't see this having a massive impact. Hopefully Daniel has some say for who he wants to replace him, I would trust is judgement wholeheartedly.
  13. Hate to say it, but I was not impressed with this finale. Probably one of the worst in my opinion.The biggest thing I took away from this is that the Dazzlings are officially canon to the TV series. It still blows my mind. My biggest issue with this is that there were way too many convenient happenings. MLP has always one a pretty great job of making sure things don't feel contrived, but this had way too many for me not to notice. Next is how heavy they tried to lay on Starlight's usefulness. She was the only one able to read the poorly written ponish? Really? And she was the only one to think that Friendship may be the answer? I understand Twilight was probably starstruck seeing Starswirl, but what about the other girls? WE GET IT WRITERS, YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE STARLIGHT IS USEFUL. I'm really ready for her to be written out of the show, or at least be a background character. Let's be real, this villain was a discount Nightmare Moon, plain and simple. They didn't have to banish her, they just cleansed her of the darkness that took her over. I feel little off now that Starswirl is back. I could careless about the other 5 as they don't really have much impact on the world itself, but Starswirl is basically a game changer. I think I would've preferred him as a mysterious and wise figure from the past. He could drastically change the dynamic of the show, which is why I'm a little more than nervous of him being around. I've always tried to avoid thinking this, but this finale really has me thinking that maybe the writing really has gone downhill since people like Lauren and M.A. Larson have gone?
  14. Funny that a Starlight episode proves that Twilight is best pony. I was a little eh about this one. I'm usually not a fan of Starlight episodes to begin with though. I did feel for her though, because I too know the feeling of being a third wheel, or seeing a good friend hit it off with someone else. It's awkward saying to say the least, because you don't want to seem selfish. So in a way, I'm glad they touched on this topic. Admittedly, I completely forgot about Maud living in Ponyville and being friends with Starlight. I just wasn't feeling this episode though.
  15. Comedically, this was a very strong episode I think. Almost every single joke hit. I also liked the feel of this episode; it felt like a season one or two episode, and that's a very good thing. However, I feel like the resolution was a little iffy. I mean, RD blatantly lied to Pinkie for years. Even though she didn't want to hurt Pinkie's feelings, it doesn't excuse the fact of lying. You know what they say, the path to hell is paved with good intentions. I think this is one of those rare episodes where Pinkie's dialogue is actually moderately strong. One example is the line "Is that crust or concrete?" that I really liked. Overall a good episode that has a resolution that leaves me with some mixed feelings.