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  1. "This video would not have been completed without George’s fishers neck"
  2. "Wake up Sheeple!!! Death metal was invented by the military-industrial complex solely to sell civilians camo shorts!"
  3. I would be surprised. If I didn't see the fursuit parade that ran through half the convention center. And the fact that the "Intro to the Furry Community" panel was at capacity. With a line that wrapped around the corner and stretched into the main foyer still waiting to get in.
  4. "Bronies are just diet furries." - BronyCon 2019. This has been an issue philosophers in the fandom have been pondering and debating over since it's inception. Luckily, one of them has decided to tackle it head on.
  5. Currently giving this a listen while movie night is being set back up.
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  10. "Thus did dentistry begin. Not with drills and sterile offices, but with magic!"
  11. Oh there's plenty. Being rich and famous isn't always a prerequisite to being a lousy human being. Case in point: Steve Irwin, Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers.
  12. This is an ongoing issue humanity needs to address. And Luke Harper is the man to do it.
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  18. "Hey, did you know that pineaples grow on trees?"" "Did you just misspell pineapples?" "Sorry, auto-corrected. Haha." "We're talking right now, what the hell?" *wipes forehead.* "Don't wipe my forehead again."
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