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  5. It's not really impacting the game if Miko is the only fox involved. And it's not just Kitsune. Multiple races can be inherently magical. Doesn't mean all of them get magical powers. Just that it's a bit more common. And fundamentally better in what way? It's been made clear that all pelijae have been nerfed to human levels physically. Heck, there's still more humans with powers then there are whole races with inherent magic. And even with inherent magic, there's still only a few with actual powers. The only thing that sets Miko apart from the cast in terms of ability is that she can theoretically live for millennia. Outside of that, she's just as vulnerable to injury, as evidenced by her W/L record. Just as powerful at magic as the staff, if not less so. Still stuck at the same lousy teaching job as everyone else.
  6. The discovery and confirmation of magic is new. But magic sound like it's been around in some form since the dawn of time. We discovered electricity 300 years ago. Doesn't mean it didn't exist prior. See, here's what I'm thinking. Magic users are one in a million. But perhaps magic itself is in everyone and everything to a degree and only those with the right combination of circumstances, those with that 'x' factor, no pun intended, get powers. Doesn't mean it hasn't always been there in nature. I had the idea that there are degrees of magic. From low to the point of negligible, like most life on earth, to high enough to manifest powers and cast spells, that one in a million. And along that scale there would be those in the middle that might not manifest power, but could interact with magic, like use scrolls and artifacts or detect auras. With that, there would also be races where magic is more common among the populace than most. Yes, there are more magical humans than there are some races of pelijae. But proportionately? Perhaps there are races where magic and powers tend to be more common and for different species that could manifest in different ways. Kitsune and their lifespans. Unicorns and manipulation of raw magic energy. Dragons eating rocks and breathing fire. Besides, at least I'm giving a reason for the Kitsune to be near immortal. I mean what have Elves and Vulcans done to earn their extended youth and vigor?
  7. I did buy my brothers X-Box one for $200. Concert tickets?
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  12. @Duality I guess while we're waiting, I should iron out Miko's backstory more and run a few things by you. First I had the idea that the Kitsune are a long lived species and that their lifespan can be measured by how many tails they have, each tail signifying physical, mental and spiritual development in life (essentially they can level up). And each tail equals double the kitsune's lifespan and magical potential. Most Kitsune mages would have more than one tail. Though each additional tail does become magnitudes more difficult to earn, eight being the highest confirmed, and there only being fewer than a dozen Kitsune throughout history to have accomplished this, most succumbing to life's trails in their attempts to reach such enlightenment. And no, Miko is not one of those kits. She'd be a three tail, potentially living up to 400 years. Also meaning that not only is she Salem alumni, but potentially, graduate of the first class.
  13. Post a quote or thought from your day, without explaining any of the context behind it. For instance: "That's probably been stuck in there for years."