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  1. Surface

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    What did you just say about my delicious spaghetti?
  2. Some completely normal Earthbound music rips.
  3. Surface

    Post your Desktop

    I don't even know why life. https://db.tt/wDy0MAyP
  4. Sometimes I see black/blue, sometimes I see white/gold. If I didn't know the answer I would say white/gold. Your brain can see the dress being in a bright white/orangish/yellowish light, or a dark bluish light. The colors that are in the image (with the weird light) are dark gold and light yellow.
  5. Surface

    General Chat Thread

  6. Move, Zig.

    1. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

      Ziggy + Angel + Rain

      I'm always moving / in motion. xD My fingers are moving right now as I type. o_O

  7. What happened to the Minecraft server?

  8. I remember it being easier, but the last time I used it was in 2011 or something.
  9. If I remember, SAI/UPS has a vector layer type for lines and stuff, but it turns it into a bitmap after you save it.
  10. how do you read bok

    1. Twireadbok


      I don't know... I had no idea what I was doing when I chose my username,and I'm not very good at making creative names.

  11. I would go to a random 3D YouTube video to see if the 3D works. Then I would find that YouTube didn't update its 3D to work for heads.
  12. I want my name to be Akiko before 2073.

  13. Why are there roleplays in recently discussed?

    1. Yamato


      Because someone decided it would be a good idea.


      It wasn't.

    2. hariyaMakusu2


      Yeah, it does tend to clutter them x3

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      You can edit which topics will show up in recently discussed so you wont see roleplays there if you choose that way

  14. Those eyes... who put them in those ponies' heads!?
  15. no

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle

      We must inform the elders.

    3. Surface


      dont take me to the world of yes D:

    4. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle

      they are aware. We must seal the gate.

  16. Dash, I think your body is upside down. Maybe you should find a way to fix that, before your head falls off or something. xP

    1. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      Lol, yeah she is a little upside down isn't she? But that's what I find adorable; she's so beautiful in this pic. :) <3

  17. Dinnerbone posted about it on his Twitter. It was cool. Maybe I should watch the other ones some time.
  18. Super Mario RPG. It's a good game what I played. Belome, though... -_-
  19. Surface

    General Chat Thread

    Did I timetarvel too much that time restarted? That would make sense. People have weird hair here.
  20. Why is Mario a Mario shouldn't Mario be a Luigi or a Peach or even a Bowser?

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