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  1. That shade of green/blue in the profile pic along with those bedeyes makes me think Lucky Bolt is high :wacko: .

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      I wish there was an orly reaction :orly: .

      She do drugs :wacko: ?

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      :laugh: No, she doesn't do drugs. Too much cider you know. :P 

    4. Totally Not Wolf
  2. Totally Not Wolf

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  3. Totally Not Wolf

    Your reaction if Poniverse shut down.

    Connect on other websites and hope many join and that communication is still good there.
  4. Totally Not Wolf

    Hi ! I'm a french ponyyy !

    Yay I wonder to what extent you like planes ? I’m very much into that too . Welcome to the forums .
  5. Yay you’re back :yay: .

  6. How about some tea time :rarity: ?

    1. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      With cookies :proud: ?

    2. Totally Nature Tune

      Totally Nature Tune

      That would be nice :adorkable:

    3. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Which of each would you like :P ?

  7. Squid pone is back :o 

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    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Your OC :wacko: . Which has the squid goggle thing :wacko: .

    3. Harper


      Nooo its meant to be like a thieves mask x3 

    4. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      ohh I get it :P 

      Have more art :wacko: ?

  8. Totally Not Wolf

    General Is there an interstate near where you live?

    It's not close to here, but interstate 35 is several miles West of here. Fun fact, Austin's the largest city in the US to be served by just one interstate highway; nothing running across it West-East, no loop, no bypass, nothing . And not that the more interstates you have the less traffic you have, but traffic here certainly isn't very great (for a city this size).
  9. Totally Not Wolf

    Your Equestria Girls crush?

    Well I suppose Pinkie since she’s my favorite, or Sci-Twi, although I wouldn’t call it a crush since I don’t really ship myself with them or have feelings developed .
  10. Totally Not Wolf

    Who here doesn't like violence?

    You’re quick to resort to it when tickling is involved
  11. Mehmeh


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    2. meme


      hmmm, how about we don't go there

    3. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      We aren’t :P 

      *500 steps to Albuquerque :wacko: *

    4. meme


      hmm ok

  12. *slowly fades into slumber :scoots: *

  13. Texas :mustache: 

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    2. Kyoshi


      Indiana is represented by :crackle:

    3. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Y ? The dinos :wacko: ?

    4. Kyoshi


      Nope, Indiana is dumb. XD We at least have Indycar and Holiday World buuuut, not much else.

  14. I understand it's alphabetical, but I still find it odd that you have to see Afghanistan as the first country listed a lot of the time; just put USA or Canada/Mexico first if you're in North America :wacko: . Some do.


    Also life hack; to eat fries with ketchup without risking messy fingers, eat the fry, open the ketchup packet (hopefully clean) and scoop the ketchup with your teeth to your mouth.

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Those are two very different topics for a single status update :wacko: 

    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      I know :wacko:. I had to make sure my mind was spoken :wacko: .

    3. Nightfall Gloam

      Nightfall Gloam

      Well, thanks to the alphabetical order, it makes it easier for us Australians to find our countries on online sign up forms! :D