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  1. sir gamington

    Gaming The Official League of Legends Thread

    I'm getting back into league again, I mostly play counter strike global offensive on steam but i wanna play an make some new friends so add me if any of you are down to play i main mid and play adc an top IGN: OzSNIPEoZ
  2. sir gamington

    Gaming league of ponies

    really? dang i didn't see it, and i don't mind rank i just wanna play with fellow bronies and have a blast also rank team we can dominate no matter what so what ever roll you want you got don't want to deny anypony
  3. sir gamington

    Gaming league of ponies

    hello every pony OzSNIPEoZ here looking to recruit some ponies for league of legends ranked team or just to have some fun with if any of you are interested then add me and comment down you're ign (in game name) so i know who adds me, hope to see all my fellow bronies on the rift.
  4. sir gamington

    Gaming The Saddest Scene You Have Seen

    I'm a call of duty fan and i'm sorry to say that this, but this was indeed the saddest death i ever saw in call of duty.
  5. sir gamington

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    showing i got that brony pride every time i walk out the door
  6. sir gamington

    539 OCs Needed- For A project Government

    here's the link to my OC if you can use him let me know if you want me to make any changes
  7. sir gamington

    Game Equestria at War

    if you need a voice actor i can give it a try for any stallion voice of war like rugged or with an accent like Russian or so just give me a holler
  8. sir gamington

    Gaming Call of Duty Ghosts clan recruitment for fellow brony's

    ill add you both lol and i didn't know that clans cross over platforms, but i find it a good thing for "My Little Brony" to spread on every platform and dominate the leader boards.
  9. hello everypony OzSNIPEoZ here and i'm recruiting Brony's that are good at call of duty Ghosts for the ps3, if your interested in joing up with my team, named (My Little Brony) pm me or wright your info below hope to see you fellow brony's on and ready to game
  10. sir gamington

    Open Loose The Topsails!

    cell tried to regain his balance after being assaulted by Lume "I was trying to help you know and a bucket of cold water always worked in my division in the marines" cell then glanced at first lieutenant and shortly after saluted to another one of his superior officers. "where have you been Connor i haven't seen you on this ship scene i arrived"
  11. sir gamington

    Open Loose The Topsails!

    corporal cell stood near swift as he passed out again "For the love of the kingdom, the captains knocked out again" cell went to get a bucket of sea water he carried with his mouth and splashed the sea water all over swift's face. "wake up sir the ship needs orders!"
  12. sir gamington

    Open Loose The Topsails!

    corporal cell sprinted at the captain out of breath he asks jaeger "what has happened to the captain? and where in bloody hell is the medic on this ship....MEDIC GET YOUR LAZY TAIL OVER HERE NOW AND HELP THE CAPTAIN OR YOU CAN KISS YOUR JOB HERE GOOD BYE PRONTO!! plz let the captain be alright without a concussion cell thought to himself.
  13. alright i fixed it a small editing what i said but nothing major but it fits with me walking in to your corridors
  14. can i edit the post or just role along with it and make as if my character made a mistake in his job?
  15. sir gamington

    Open Loose The Topsails!

    walks through the corridors of the ship slowly reaching the captains corridors, while arriving cell looks and see's faces hes never seen before in the marines training camp. As he steps into the captains corridor and salutes. "sorry for interrupting sir but corporal cell reporting for duty, what are my orders sir?" he said with a rough and deep voice.