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i'm a gamer brony that is into art even though my drawing ability isn't as great as others but that dosent stop me from drawing a few ideas that come to mind. if your wondering i'm a PlayStation gamer and my gamer-tag is - OzSNIPEoZ add me if you want to play a few matches i play cod, bf3, and uncharted. i'm happy to meet new brony's haven't met much where i live so it'l be fun to play with some of you i even play on pc in steam add me i have the same username as on the ps3. i'm open to anything and like trying new things if anybody's got any questions feel free to ask me ill try my best to give you an honest and best of an answer as i can. img-1379355-5-xtWXQl1.pngderpy_emoticon2.png



And here's my first made OC if you want.