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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy birthday, Key! :D

  3. Happy birthday, Key! :D

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. Wishing you a happy birthday! :D 

  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. Hey-lo! :D

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    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut



      And I read your latest long post. Standing O.

    3. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Hahaha, thank you Qiviut. :)

    4. Dark Qiviut
  8. *stares at you* o.o

  9. Not sure if/when you'll see this, but, happy birthday! :) Hope you have a lovely time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/18/351428/medium.jpg

    1. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Damn... I don't know who you are, but thanks, though I guess it's been a while. :D

  10. I read this response, while browsing the site: I would like to make a suggestion, because, actually, it is pretty simple - no more than 5 minutes, guaranteed. There are two files in the "public/js/3rd_party/" path on the server - char_count and mobile_char_count. The "char_count" file was properly updated by someone, but the mobile version of the same file was not. Copy the config section from char_count to mobile_char_count and voila! Your mobile theme will have the same character counter as your desktop theme. As an added bonus, you can change the per board limits in the f
  11. Happy birthday! I never met you, but I know you were a great member of staff. :)

  12. Happy birthday x)

  13. Happy birthday, Key Gear!

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