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  1. *stares at you* o.o

  2. I read this response, while browsing the site: I would like to make a suggestion, because, actually, it is pretty simple - no more than 5 minutes, guaranteed. There are two files in the "public/js/3rd_party/" path on the server - char_count and mobile_char_count. The "char_count" file was properly updated by someone, but the mobile version of the same file was not. Copy the config section from char_count to mobile_char_count and voila! Your mobile theme will have the same character counter as your desktop theme. As an added bonus, you can change the per board limits in the f
  3. It's been a while since this was posted in, so I would like to provide an update. I'll start with a warning. Don't get overwhelmed reading the latest post. The whole thing can be read and read straight through, but you may want to select the areas that apply specifically to you to and reread them carefully. The RP is almost over, at this point. I do not think that we have more than 3 or 4 posts remaining until the end. Be careful to make those posts count! (Don't worry, not all of them will be this long. In fact, this post will be unique in length. This is what happens when you set up the clim
  4. (OOC: ... Dear Celestia... Help meeeeee... I can't proof this! Ahhh!) Luminescence took hold of Summer with a gentle but firm grip. Away from the dark liquid, she felt stronger. She was not happy that Summer would have to carry her, but she was quite happy that the mare had done so. She closed her eyes and thought back to the room, just a few moments before. Already, Summer was fulfilling her words. Despite the strange place that they found themselves in, the mare was still her protector. From her position of safety on the mare's back, Luminescence could take
  5. I am a Tichpet.

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  6. (OOC: I recommend Beethoven. I found it fitting. Now, I didn't proofread this as much as I normally would have. It is late, and I am tired. If you see something odd, bring it to my attention.) Dusky glanced towards Ice Storm with an eyebrow raised. Of course, it made perfect sense. One of the properties of ice was that it was crystalline, which meant that it could reflect and refract light given the right circumstances. Here in this place, this normal trait could be exploited creatively. It was a brilliantly creative use of her skill in ice magic, and Dusky was surpris
  7. Mindlessly traversing to BronyCon in 12 hours. Experience the journey with me. https://twitter.com/AgentLumi

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  8. (OOC: This is a wall of text. It is a... Rather... Massive one. This is also the most important post in this RP on several points. Before you respond, please take time to consider your response very carefully. Read, and then sleep on it. Take your time, please. Of course, don't delay too much. I want to see what happens next. Also, I couldn't bring myself to proofread this as thoroughly as I normally do. It was late, and I am a bit surprised by some things in here. It disturbs my ability to concentrate. If you see obvious flaws, let me know on Skype.) Midnight carefully observed
  9. Yes... I think that this is something that I will need to do at that time. I can be fanatically stubborn when it comes to ignoring myself and my own need for taking a break, but this is one time when I should smash my head with a hammer, tie myself up, and lock myself in a chest until the 21st. Just make sure to open the box and release me when you get back. If not... Then... At least slide some fruit sandwiches in or something. I'll probably be hungry. I will likely post tomorrow, then I will lock myself away. I may still work on some things, but they will not be giant walls of text.
  10. @@Ice Storm,@@Eevee, @@Magicon, @@Flow, @@Starshine, @@Electrobolt, @@Bari, @@Electrobolt Okay. This keeps happening, so I might as well explain it. I haven't said anything earlier because it is a humiliating to even acknowledge it. With that said, I do owe some explanation for my delays and lack of patience compared to normal. I will make the long story short. For the past five or six months, I have made very little recovery from my injury. Doctors are basically useless because there is very little knowledge on the subject, and there are no treatments or surgeries that have a guarante
  11. I just wanted to step into this thread for a bit and say something that may seem to be a bit off-topic. (But, guess what? It isn't.) There is nothing wrong with offering constructive criticism of something. Everyone should always feel free to point out how something can be improved and to provide suggestions on future directions. This process is what makes any community a better place in the long run. However... The tone of that constructive criticism matters. So many replies in this thread have been completely and totally acidic. To me, that is a shitty attitude to have. This is a pony forum
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  12. ((OOC: Something happened in this post. It will not be obvious until the next, I think. With that said. I didn't proofread, so if you see something strange, please let me know. Ask questions on Skype if any arise.)) Dawn stared at the cat as it regarded her dismissively. Inside, she could feel a growing sense of fear, it froze her limbs into place. Her thoughts began to fill with the dim echo of a single possibility. Yet again, she had made a terrible mistake. This cat, this creature... It should have never been brought onboard this train. Vim was right. Yet, she was still conflicted.
  13. Key Gear

    Happy Birthday Zoop!

    HELLO! Happy birthday, Zoop! It isn't your birthday yet, but... It will be soon! That's half the fun! A gift from me and Tich (full size pic is 12 mb, one below is much smaller)! Made by Flaret!
  14. ((OOC: Yup, this is wild. Enjoy. I hope. I think? Maybe not. Anyways, for Maple and Dawn Rider, make the assumption that they went to their rooms. Any mistakes? Tell me later. It's 2 am. I have to awaken for work in 3 hours.)) Luminescence breathed a sigh of relief and opened her mouth to explain herself. However, no words emerged, and her eyes were drawn back to those of the cat, who was now thoroughly distracted by eyeing the white pegasus and the conductor. Its strange gaze snapped between the two of them in a manner that seemed quite unlike that of any normal animal. She felt t
  15. The colt's words mirrored her own thoughts. Particularly with Vim's unusual demeanor, it didn't make much sense to her to go check on anything. Not when the situation that they had right in the dining car was already spiraling out of hoof, in Ambrosia's opinion. She answered Electrobolt with her own hurried, tensed whisper, "I... Don't think that anypony should go to that room until we find out what's rattled Vim. I've never really seen him like this before... To be honest, I don't have a good feeling about that room or any other. Even if Magicon and Asteria are there... How would they have go
  16. The moment that Arcanel stated that he was not a long distance flyer, Ambrosia nodded. She could already vaguely predict the situation that had developed for him and all of her sympathy went out to him. In truth, it was only due to force of habit that she had never done the same thing herself when restocking the trains, or at least this is what she told herself. In reality, her track record spoke for itself. She was good at her job. Still, she sympathized with Arcanel, and this showed clearly in her facial expression. It was a good thing that he had wandered across Vim's path rather than that
  17. ((OOC: So, I was supposed to go to bed. Instead, I decided to post this segment tonight. I'll write for all other characters tomorrow, but... I kinda want to give a chance for this information to be absorbed while the weekend is still young.)) It was a rare moment. The feeling of anticipation that he had masked earlier came flooding back. Sprout savored the feeling. This wasn't a game, not a real one. There was no risk of loss for either himself or for Asteria, and the element of chance was minimal. Yet, he felt a sense of expectation that was so clearly exciting that it could not be
  18. Magicon's shift in expression and strong words did nothing to alter Bringer's own demeanor. The pegasus pony's demeanor went far beyond simply being nonplussed; he met Magicon's menace with complete obliviousness. His grin stayed in place, his eyes communicated equal parts charm and friendliness. It seemed as though he was frozen, enraptured by something unseen. Yet, he wasn't frozen, he was merely idle. It was as if Magicon had merely wished him a good day or a safe holiday. Nothing more, nothing less. Bringer remained, still grinning, his eyes affixed to Magicon's back, now. His ea
  19. ((OOC: I'm back and this isn't time for games. Stuff is serious business. Be ready for comedy, mystery, tragedy, and adventure. I intend to keep moving until completion. A heartful thanks to you all for your patience and support, and a notable additional mention for that that, quite literally, spurred me into this. Magicon, among others, I'm looking at you. In all honesty, when normal avenues out of a sunken state have failed, sometimes tough love is a wise and recommended course of action. Consider that you have a friend in Key Gear. )) The gesture was noticed by both Sprout and
  20. Thanks to the patience of you and others, I am now, basically, back on my feet. The last funeral was on this past Saturday. I am fairly certain that it will be years before I fully come to terms with the incidents, but I have basically resumed a full schedule. I somehow managed to keep my job despite stumbling through the fast three weeks without actually being able to focus on anything and finish any projects. I also somehow managed to keep my sanity despite going for rather frightening timespans with no sleep at all. To be honest, I owe a lot of my current positive state of mind to an I
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