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  1. Trinity's Story Chapter 1: Asencion "I trust I've trained you well, your first assignment will be very simple." The bearded pony said. Trinity listened attentively, making sure to hear every word her mentor said. this was her first mission, and she was determined to do her very best, no matter how simple the task was. "Your target's name is Applejack. your objective, steal an apple from her. You have all the information you need from me, what you do with it is up to you. Prove to me it wasn't a wasted effort to teach you my knowledge." "I will." Trinity responded confidently. "Then be off." The bearded pony said and turned away from Trinity. Trinity left the small building she now called home. The building was colorless, dull, and slightly damaged. It matched the rest of Devil's Ditch. it was a low place, hard to find. The name suited it well. It was a dark and shadowy place, but she didn't care, this was her dream. The air was filled with dust and smoke as Trinity walked down the dirt streets that lead to Ponyville, passing by diamond dog gangs, ponies selling and making deals for illegal goods, and griffons armed with blades. this was a haven for all outlaws, no matter what they had done or planned to do. She followed the path through the Everfree Forest. The trees thinned as she came closer to the city. "What I do with the information is up to me." Trinity thought. "My target's name is Applejack. My objective is to steal an apple from, Applejack's a girl. Look for other girls who might know her." She made her way to the center of town, knowing it would probably be the busiest area of Ponyville, to try to get more information on where to find Applejack. This mission tested Trinity on one of the things she was taught: eavesdropping. She remembered the lesson she was given on it. "Eavesdropping is a form of investigation used to learn secrets of vital importance without being noticed." He informed. Trinity nodded. "How do I eavesdrop like an assassin?" she asked excitedly. He wasn't amused with her childishness. "To begin, locate your target and position yourself neither too close or too far from him. Then, listen in on your target's conversation." He continued. Trinity resumed on her intense focus. "However, do not let yourself become detected, you'll ruin your chance to gather information. Remain hidden while listening." "How would I do that? I mean, how would I hide and still be able to hear them?" "By appearing as nothing more than a civilian; never make eye contact, always look occupied, stay relaxed. You could even take to the rooftops, enabling you to remain mobile and listen in on conversations at the same time. Think creatively. Think differently." "Think differently..." Trinity thought. She slowly walked down the roads of Ponyville, listening to everypony's conversation. She passed by the major buildings, Town Hall, residences, any place where there would be plenty of interaction. "Hey,Pinkie! You wanna see some of my new moves? They're pretty awesome!" "Ooh! I'd love to, Rainbow Dash! But, I'm supposed to meet with Applejack right now." somepony said from behind Trinity. She stopped herself in an instant and continued listening. "This is it! Remember what I learned." She thought. "That's fine. How 'bout later?" the two ponies went on with their conversation. "Yeah! That's great!" "Alright! Catch 'ya later, Pinkie!" Trinity turned around to see a pink pony standing in front of a bakery, while a blue pegasus hovered in the air above. The blue pegasus flew away in a dash, leaving a rainbow trail as the pink pony started hopping down the road in the opposite direction. "That pony...she's meeting with Applejack. Maybe if I follow her..." Trinity wondered in thought. She tailed the pink pony through town. She made sure she kept her distance and didn't draw any attention; she didn't want to get noticed. "This pony...she's so weird. She's skipping around everywhere without a care at all. Pinkie, was it? Is she really that naive?" Trinity followed Pinkie to the edge of town. They came to a farm with the biggest apple orchid She'd ever seen. A white fence covered the perimeter of the farm with a small dirt road that lead to a red barn. At the end of the property, stood a orange pony with a blond mane in a side ponytail. She had a brown cowboy hat on and on her back were two pouches. Her cutie mark was three apples. Trinity hid in a bush next to the fence. "Hi AJ!" Pinkie greeted cheerfully. "Howdy, Pinkie Pie. You ready to go?" the orange pony said. "You bet!" "AJ, Applejack, this has to be her." Trinity thought. Applejack and Pinkie Pie walked down the road she had just come by. They passed the bush Trinity had hid in as they headed back into Ponyville. Trinity left her spot and snuck up behind Applejack as quietly as possible. She slowly reached her muzzle into one of Applejack's pouches and grabbed an apple. Applejack and Pinkie Pie didn't notice anything and continued down the road while Trinity stood and watched them leave. She looked down at the apple in her mouth. "Mission complete...Fuck yeah!" She cheered in her head. She took off into the sky and returned to her mentor. "I'm back." she said as she walked into the room her mentor had been waiting for her in. "Trinity, were you successful?" She put down the apple. "Yes. I was." "Good. what else have you found on your target?" Her mentor questioned Trinity. "Applejack lives on a farm at the outskirts of Ponyville. And someponies named Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are her friends. They can be found at the town's bakery. Lastly, Applejack often goes into town to run errands and sell things." "Well done. You deemed yourself capable. I am proud of you." He said. Trinity was overjoyed to hear that her mentor was proud of her. "Go and rest for the night. You will be assigned your next task tomorrow." Trinity nodded and walked out of the room. She was on her way to being an assassin, she knew it.
  2. i support twilight being an alicorn i was actually really excited about it happening but yes, the finale was extremely bad it couldve been much better if it wasnt so rushed. i see twilight becoming a princess as a step up that shouldve happened with all of her studies you could see it coming but maybe they shouldve waited till later to transform her
  3. gonna train as hard as i can

  4. first a party then assassin training :D

  5. srry my computer is being very slow how do i post a link im usin my new and very first oc XD ...wait for it...wait...a little more...almost there...Trinity!!!!
  8. okie dokie gettin this so far not used to readin thoughts tho
  9. that's very confusing but okie dokie this thing wants me to have 50 characters to post so im typing random stuff
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    i love how you made her transparent that's really cool
  11. im new here and i just want to say hi, hello, how are you, have a derpy day nah, im kiddin, HAVE A TERRIBLE DAY! nah, im kiddin again, have sum cake!!! its not a lie
  12. i realize i should have done the same thing as you with age i want her to be young but i did want her to be pretty much the same age as the mane six like u
  13. awesum i like it surprised you made her a bit short tho XD