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  1. ((Flashback continued, Im taking over Angelheart, at least for now)) Angelheart watched the mare as she gripped onto the back the large timberwolf. She gawked at her skills, glad that she was okay. Suddenly, she jumped into the air and flapped her wings hard, a gust of air sweeping the foret floor below her. Angelheart lifted high into the leaves with that one beat of her wings, then dove down at the timberwolf's head. She landed swiftly on the top of his head, pushing his front half to the ground with a loud thud. Moon Beam cut the spell she had cast to hold onto the wolf as she slid up his back to stand near Angelheart, who was standing tall on the side of his face. Moon smiled as she admired the pony's bravery. Moon Beam stomped her hoof down on the side of the timberwolf's neck, asserting her dominance. She growled deeply, her eyes flashing red. Angelheart noticed this, but figured they had more pressing matters to attend to at the moment. "What exactly were you doing, mister?" Angelheart spoke, her voice sounding like the windchimes made of crystals that Moon Beam's mom used to make for her when she was just a filly. The thought filled her with delight, the red tint in her eyes disappearing. The timberwolf huffed and snarled back at Angelheart, who in turn pressed her hooves deeper in the side of his head, his twigs cracking under the pressure, making him whimper. "Oh look who's so tough now? You're just a little one trying to act like a bigboy." Angelheart cooed. "He's so big, though. Alpha, maybe?" Moon asked. "Must be. He's huge. But not very smart, I see." Angelheart giggled. The timberwolf huffed in disapproval, and the ponies laughed at his tiny anger. "I think it's time for you to get home, buddy. No pony hunting from now on." Moon smiled as she lifted off of his neck. His branches groaned in relief as both ponies let him go. He ran off as soon as he was free, whimpering in defeat. "I'm so lucky you were around to save me. If you weren't here, I would have been puppy chow."Moon giggled, relieved. "Well, to be honest, I think you would have been fine." Angelheart said knowingly. "What makes you say that?" Moon tilted her head in confusion. "That fire in your eyes. It's quite assuring, huh?" "Haha, I am pretty brave." "I'm not talking about that. I mean the literal fire in your eyes. It glowed, when you growled at the pup." Angelheart grinned. "Oh, that. It's not exactly what you think it is. It's not as much fire as it is a curse.. Literally." Moon explained. "Well, sweetheart, there is definitely more in that fire than just curse." Angelheart smiled, her eyes glittering. "Hey, I never got your name." Moon said. "Oh, my apologies. I go by Angelheart." "Moon Beam, but you can call me Moon." "Aaahh. The famous Moon Beam." Angelheart beamed. "What are you talking about?" Moon giggled. "You don't realize your own fan base, do you? I've heard plenty of stories." Angelheart was about to continue when a loud screech was heard off in the distance. "Oh my, is it really that time? I am so sorry, but that's my pheonix. I must be going. But maybe one day I can explain how I know of you. i'm sure you'd love to be enlightened." "Of course. It's pretty new to me that I'm.. 'famous'." Moon said slowly. "Well, I know we will meet again. Trust me. And by the way, call me Angel." She said as she lifted into the air with one beat of her wings. "Nice meeting you, Angel! I look forward to seeing you again!" Moon called as she watched the pegasus through the leaves. "Same here, Moon! Farewell!" Angel called back. ((End flashback))
  2. I havent been on here in so long :( I need to stay in touch with my mlp friends more often

  3. Hello, mares and stallions! Im not the only one who is in love with Hunger Games, right? Because I found many great pictures I would love to sahre with all of you. From pony Katniss figurines to Peeta and Gales ponysonas. First though, I want to talk. Talk about the Hunger Games and the books and movies. So first off, no, I have not read the books. Please dont hate me or something, but, I didnt really want to when everypony starting reading it a few years ago. It was just so popular and literally EVERYPONY was reading it. I wasnt interested in reading it because I wouldve felt like I was just following the latest fad. However, when the first movie came out, I was realy excited since one of my best friends at the time would always tell me about the book every chance she got. And let me tell you, after watching The Hunger Games, I was hooked. I didnt know what to do with myself for a few weeks. It was a great movie, at least in my opinion. And my stepdad, who had read the first book, told me that the movie was actually pretty accurate. Which made me happy, because if you have ever read a book and then watched the movie and the entire time you were wacthing the movie you were torn between leaving the room and punching something or staying to see what happens, then you would know how great it feels to know that somepony can do a book justice. I saw the second movie, Catching Fire, way later than I shouldve, which was around August of last year. I watched it with my best friend, Ashlie, who hadnt even seen the first, so I spent an hour beforehand explaining everything to her so she would understand. During the movie, I was freaking out so much about EVERYTHING that I kept hitting her. Trust me, it wasnt intentional. I was simply trapped in a glass case of emotions. Anyways, the ending had me so messedd up that I rolled off of the end of the bed and continued to roll back and forth on the floor while groaning and mumbling and crying. Literally crying. I have yet to see Mockingjay Part 1, but Ive already gotten spoilers that I never wanted to know... I will only watch part 1 when I can watch part 2 right after, since the wait between the movies has always had me on the floor and crying and extremely sad for a few weeks after watching one of them. So for now, I just have to wait until this November, if the pattern continues. And I havent said anything specific about any of the movies because I dont want to spoil anything for anypony who hasnt seen them yet and wants to. In the comments, I would love to know your favorite character in the series and why. Also, team Gale or team Peeta? Me personally, Im team Peeta, and I have gotten some spoilers lately that deifinetly show that the odds are in my favor. Keep the comments happy, mares and stallions. Here are some pictures for all y'all.
  4. Haha!Ikr! I was thinking the same thing!! I love these names! Especilly Rairizee, and her unfortunate ice cream addiction..
  5. What's up, everypony! This blog has every fandom from Doctor Who to Markiplier to Pokémon to Hunger Games! Youtube and shows and books and movies and video games! Everything! Im here to join fandoms together and share the love of fanmares and stallions. Im here to share news and show you awesome pictures and crossovers and what not. Im pretty much here to show you everything I can get my hooves on from every fandom I know anything about. So don't fret! I will do everything in my power to share the knowledge and love of the fandoms! So to start, here are some crossovers.
  6. I need to be on the forums more often again.. Gah school is always in the way...

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  7. "Oh. I wonder where he is now.. Hope he's okay." Vio said after listening to Moon explain why she wasn't with Steel like she said she would be. The two were sitting on the couch in the main living room downstairs. The couch was woven from very tiny blades of tan grass and looked like it might have taken days to make the entire thing. There was a short coffee table in front of them that looked as if the forest was willing to make it itself. It was wooden, but had vines crawling up the legs and standing tall above the table. There were flowers budding and still growing on the vines as well, and at the top of the vines, large pink, blue, and green flowers poked their heads up with pride. "Yeah, me too. Funny thing though, I cant even remember why either of us got mad.." Moon looked down as her face scrunched up with thought. "Youre probably just tired." "But that's just it. I feel so wide awake right now I could chase down a Wonderbolt. At least, that's what I feel like... I probably couldn't physically do that." "Well I'm here, Moon. And I'll listen if you need to talk." Vio smiled warmly as she patted Moon's back. "Thanks, Vio. That really means a lot. I haven't had many real friends in the past couple of years. Everypony who talks to me is only doing it because I'm popular or business... Its not exactly fun. And my only real friends are my sister, Star Catcher, and Linia, who's somepony I met through my work. She's off on a mission somewhere, and it was so confidential she couldn't even tell her family where she was going." Moon explained, a tears forming in the corner of her eyes. "Well it looks like your job is pretty interesting.. What are you, a secret agent?" Vio asked, looking a little worried. "Not technically. You could say assassin. But that's not what we really call ourselves. Its confusing. I'm only telling you because we are supposed to be family." "I really do hope we are, you know? I kind of feel it deep down. Like a connection." Vio said as she looked not quite at, but more through Moon. "Yeah.. I feel that too.. Maybe that's why I could tell you so much so easily.." Moon looked down. "Well its getting late. Maybe we should crash." Vio suggested. "Alright. I already know where the guest room is." Moon said as she hopped down off of the couch. "The blue door?" Vio asked as she slid down and stood next to Moon. "Yeah." "No, you can sleep in the best guest room we have. Not the blue door. That ones the one we use for pretty much everypony. Follow me." Moon followed Vio as she flew up to the second floor and walked her down a long hallway. She stopped at a set of large purple doors. "Here it is. Good night, Moon." She said as she hugged Moon Beam. "Good night, Vio. Slee-" Moon began, but was interrupted when she heard a loud roar. It sounded like it had come from pretty far away. Vio looked at Moon, a puzzled look on her face. Silently, the two of them flew downstairs and made their way outside. They looked around, but found nothing but trees. Vio and Lune lived pretty far from the rest of the city, but there were some small cottages that lonely alicorns come to live, away from the hustle and bustle of the main town. However, some couples did live out here also, and some come to the little hotels and rentable cottages for honeymoons or getaways. Some ponies came and set up tents and camped for a while. Sometimes there were travelers who come to settle down for a few days. It was simply a quiet place outside of everything else. Vio was the one who chose this spot. She liked the silence and the trees. "That came from the town." Vio said, looking off through the trees. "Well then. Lets get going." Moon said, and took off immediately. Vio tried to protest, but Moon was already flying high and couldn't have heard her if she yelled as loud as she could. So, she lifted herself into the air and followed Moon's lead. They were soon at the city, flying above the houses, and not seeing much yet. However, they did see many of the alicorns poking out of their windows and doors and walking around on the streets below. "Look!" Moon said, pointing to the sky ahead. "Celestia and Hank." "They are flying towards the castle." "More like they are flying to what's on the castle." "What?" "See." Moon pointed to the roof of the castle, where a figure stood. "Oh.." Moon began to fly faster, a horrible feeling forming in the pit of her stomach. They caught up with Hank and Celestia in no time. "What's going on and what is that... pony, maybe, thing... on the castle?" Moon asked as soon as she was next to Celestia. ((sorry I type so much all the time, its just kind of a habit..))
  8. After a while, Moon was starting to feel discouraged. "They have to be awake. Viol-" She began, but was interrupted when the door opened suddenly. She jumped back, startled. "Oh, Moon." It was Lune. "I was so scared. I didn't know who was banging at the door at this time of night." "I said it was me, Lune" Moon giggled. "Lets just put it this way: Im practically deaf, especially according to Vio. But come on in. What happened to you bunking with Steel?" He asked as he stepped back and motioned for her to come in. She stepped in and sighed. "He got a little mad at me.. He flew off and I haven't seen him in about an hour..." Moon explained. "Ah. Well youre obviously welcome to stay here the night. You want to go straight to the guest room and get your rest?" Lune asked as he walked ahead of her and turned to look over his shoulder. "Uhm, Id like to stay up for a little. But only if you guys are going to stay awake and keep me company." Moon smiled. "Ill go see if Vio wants to come down and chat. Unfortunately, im ready to crash. And when you want, the guest room is down that hall. Blue door. Good night, Moon." Lune said as he walked up a long, spirally staircase. She took the opportunity in that moment alone to take in how beautiful the house is. It was pretty large, and gorgeously decorated. She gawked at how lovely it really was, with all the unique furniture and paintings and artwork. They really are royalty... She thought. And then it hit her. And if we are really related, that means im royalty as well... She sat there, frozen in that moment until Violette flew down off of the balcony and landed next to her. "Hey." She smiled. "Hi, Vio." Moon said, giggling.
  9. ((Flashback continued)) Moon Beam cringes, knowing she was done for. However, out of no where, she heard some pony yelling. She looks over to see a white pegasus, standing tall. The timberwolf seemed to have noticed her, too, and had apparently taken a liking to her. He ran off after her, and she lifted into the air and flew off with the speed of a lightning bolt. Moon gratefully took the opportunity to get up and shake off the pain. It didn't take her long to regain her focus. Moon beat her wings quickly and was in the air in no time. She flew in the direction the mare and the timber wolf went, soon finding them. Moon thought it would be a good 'thank you' for helping her to now help the pegasus. Picking up speed, she began to gain on the timberwolf. She was soon right above it, and dropped down onto its back. It growled loudly, making its anger evident. Moon stuck her hooves in whatever nook or crack she could and held on for dear life, hoping the pegasus would decide again to help her. The timber wolf rose up on its hind legs and shook, trying to make Moon Beam fall. However, she had used a quick little spell to help her hold on. She smiled, admiring its persistence and her ability to cast spells without help from another magical object.
  10. Moon Beam and Senia had made progress towards the middle of the field, slowly but surely. Moon hadn't asked for help, nor had she needed it either. She had only almost fallen once, but quickly regained her balance. Moon turned to Senia, about to speak to her, when she saw something farther in the field. She stopped and leaned forward, trying to see behind Senia. It was another pony. It seemed to be a white pegasus. Once her eyes focused on the pony more, she remembered something. "Its her.." Moon breathed. ((Flashback to about 3 years before)) Moon stepped carefully over the vines and plant life scattered across the forest floor. She had her bow losely tied to her belt, which also held the bag of arrows on her back. She doubted she would need them, but she brought them along, just in case. Suddenly, she heard loud thudding sounds coming from her right. She turned and immediately knew what was making the sounds. It was a timberwolf, and it was running straight at her. Moon began to run, opened her wings and lifted into the air. Swiftly dodging tree trunks ans branches, she thought she was creating a lot of space between her and the timberwolf. She had a moment to turn and check, but it wasn't any farther back than it had been when she first saw it. "Buck!" She yelled, and turned back around only to see a tree a few feet in front of her. She tried to turn, but only managed to stop herself from hitting the tree headfirst. Her side slammed into the tree with a loud thud, and she fell to the ground quickly. She looked up, the timberwolf only a foot in front of her. It glared at her, ready to close its jaws around Moon Beam, making her its lunch.
  11. Ah the King Sombra fans I like your taste haha I'm not much for Sombra, but the villains usually find a special place in my heart Welcome to forums, friend! If you need any help, I'm always here!
  12. Welcome to our family, theblueterbulance! If you need any help with anything, I'm here! Enjoy your stay with us!
  13. Welcome to the forums, my friend. I know you'll love it here, everypony usually does. If you need any help, I'm always here Enjoy your stay
  14. Moon Beam stopped, noticing the fighting. Senia crashed into her, sending them both hurtling towards the ground. Moon grabbed Senia and turned so that she was under her. Opening her wings and flapping them quickly, she slowed them. Realizing she didn't have enough time to slow them down enough, she flipped over. She hit the ground with a loud thud. Senia was fine, but Moon Beam wasn't completely. She groaned and rolled over, letting Senia go. "Why did you do that?" Senia asked, frantically getting to her feet. "I stopped like that. I deserved it." Moon answered weakly. "I'll be fine." She groaned, pushing herself off the ground. "No you won't! Stop lay back down." Senia said as she readied herself to fly. "Senia you are not going to help me. I'm fine, okay? I can do this. I need to." Moon said and she began walking. She was limping slightly and was slow, but she pushed forward. "Why?" Senia asked, walking up to her. "Because, Senia. I need to learn how to do this if I'm on my own. I'm strong, I need to start acting like it." Moon said. Senia sighed, but didn't stop nor help her. She respected her decision, but it hurt her not to help. "If it gets too hard, just tell me." Senia said, walking along side her. "I will, I promise. But hopefully, it won't get to that point."
  15. Moon knew she was nearing the marker by the three pings she heard. That meant she was less than a mile from Violette. She picked up speed, excited to talk to the both Lune and Violette. By sundown tomorrow, they would know how they were related. She heard another three pings, indicating that she would be able to see her destination. Which was correct. She saw a medium sized, castle looking house. Moon was soon at the door, and knocked loudly. "Its Moon Beam!" She called, hoping that they weren't asleep.