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  1. FNAF. - I hate this series. It's not scary. It may have interesting lore, but the format kills all that. Also, 3 games in less than a year is pretty bold for an indie developer. Pikachu from the Pokémon anime. - The biggest Mary Sue ever on TV. Coffee. - I don't like the taste at all. Beer. - Nope.
  2. Attractiveness 3/10 Intelligence 7/10 Kindness I'd LIKE to think around 8/10, but I wouldn't know... ...yay, self-esteem.
  3. Mine's all over. I have a lot of anxiety and apprehension, but I also have some happiness down in there... somewhere.... I just know it.
  4. Question, if I have a fic that I feel is relevant, can I post it even if it is older? Also, if I feel there may be skepticism with my choice, can I try to explain my decision? EDIT: Nevermind, it's too long. :c
  5. Why would guys be disallowed from crying? Showing emotions in some cultures is perceived as strength. It shows moral fortitude to have emotional reactions to things. Machismo may have some level of aversion to tears, but it's human. I, personally, am completely fine with crying, but I'm not the best example, since I'm not the most masculine guy.
  6. I always thought she had a room at Carousel or wherever Rarity lives (which it seems like most ponies live where they work)
  7. My parents general reaction was a bit incredulous at first, but it was mostly "if you like it and it doesn't hurt anyone, it's no big deal." I even coaxed my mom to start reading my fanfic, although she has yet to get very far.
  8. Well, biologically, a pony is just a small breed of horse, so by definition, ponies are horses. As such, larger breeds may exist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pony It may even be arguable that Big Mac IS a horse. It all depends on which of the couple of quite nebulous definitions you use.
  9. This episode was so good I had to rewrite two and a half parts of my fanfic.
  10. Happy birthday! :) Hope you have a great time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/7/342406/medium.png

    1. Tails_155


      Do you like raocow, or have you played Cat Planet, yourself?

  11. So, it took a long time, due to life (everyone's favorite,) however, I've done it. It's tentatively finished, unless I get a stabbing urge to return and inject more into the story, but for all intents and purposes at present times, it's done barring editing (I am always seeking editors and critique.) I will say that I have put a lot of time, energy, and passion into this, but that I am totally open to critique, as I'd love to improve if I go on to other projects. There are a few ships involved, so if certain couples are in your head and rigid, that may be a thing, but I've received enough kudos that I am confident that the story must have some level of quality outside my personal pride. It currently has a rating varying between 95-97% and has about 15k views between FIMFiction (front page featured) and deviantART (my only Daily Deviation.) I am always happy to respond to comments on the fic, and would love to know anyone's input. The Autobiography of Scootaloo: A Diary Collection Please check it out and give a read. In the artist comments section at the beginning, I have a collection of images in PonyMaker of the OCs and some commissioned artwork and even a piece of fanart for the story. I also plan to make a YouTube soundtrack in due time, I just have to find all the tracks on official pages, if possible. So, please, give a look and let me know your thoughts! ♥
  12. Your picture makes me smile everytime I see it. So, I decided to add you as a friend to see it everyday.

    1. Tails_155


      It's a beautiful work by an artist named KakashisChika. She's amazing.

    2. Arretez


      I'm definitely going to have to follow her now.

  13. Necessary is a pretty heavy word. I don't find it necessary, but I contribute art based on what inspires me, and this particular show has done that enough to take a big chunk of my art, recently, devoted to it.
  14. Still no Scootaloo anything available besides a Barnes and Noble book toy and some cards. Last thing I bought was cards. I don't really know why, other than to help Hasbro, because I have all the cards I want from Series 2.