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  1. I'm a huge mlp fan with all my heart and I'm jst a 12yr old girl. But my friends dont care a thing about mlp, and their my closest friends yet Im the only brony i know, which kinda hurts, i feel likeni can never belong, which makes me gain depression, for all other bronies out there WHAT DO I DO??!!

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      First you have to be thirteen years old to be on the forum so I would be careful about sharing your age. Second, don't feel depressed you. Many of us feel like we don't belong anywhere but we do, we belong in the fandom.

  2. S4 gonna be epic! Any idea's of how to wait for it??

    1. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      Rewatch seasons one to three. Start next week with one episode each day. Should work.

    2. Thrashy


      That reminds me of how far behind I am in the series. I'm still watching my way through se02…better pick up the pace, eh?

  3. Have any of you Brony's see the video "Rainbow Dash- You're gonna go far kid"

  4. I searched up on the internet and found really cute pics of Soarin (from WB) and RD as a couple,I find it cute but nothing serious. I do ship them because it's interesting to find RD liking someone.
  5. I do ship Flash&Twilight but I don't want it to get to serious because it would ruin the show entirely, and make it not as suitable for younger viewers, I would rather them to stay at the level where they already are, secret crushing.
  6. I would love Soarin & RD to be a paring, it's so ADORABLE!

  7. I would love Soarin & RD to be a paring, it's so ADORABLE!

  8. I would love Soarin & RD to be a paring, it's so ADORABLE!

  9. The first of the best! Who knew she would be the Princess of Friendship, she never wanted friends in the first place! Now who knows how many friends she has!
  10. The song B.B.B.F.F. is so touching :)

    1. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      It's perhaps my favorite song from the show.

    2. Speedy_Dashie


      One of my fave's too, I hope they make an extended version of the song.

  11. Trixie needs to learn a lesson or two, to not be bragging about everything just because she's good at something. Twilight sould know her friend wont be mad at her just for that
  12. It's kind how Rarity tried not to hurt Spikes feelings especially since Spike tries to impress her. Maybe Rarity does know that spike "likes" her.
  13. Maybe, I'm not really sure what your asking but, magic is a way of cheating so don't really expect that. We just have to wait and see
  14. Yes I do, it's something to look forward to in the series. I don't think anyone expected her to become a princess either. it's exciting
  15. Uhmm.. I guess maybe friendship, and...Ponyville? Or maybe.. Nothing at all because she wouldnt rule canterlot. She's not that formal. if she lives long.. what about her friends, will she give up being a princess?? Or would she ask if her friends could be princesses of their talents but not alicorns?? Maybe just friendship, I don't think she would rule anything besides her talent, especially since she wont wanna lose her friendship.