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  1. It's the Forums' Cat! It's been ages since I've seen you around. :P

    1. Mr F

      Mr F


      Yeah I am not around a whole lot anymore.

  2. Easy. My ideal teacher is someone who has a slight interest in their students well being, while giving them enough challenges.
  3. Hey you remember the times the forums was actually lively?

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    2. UltimateGhost3


      same, the forums just isn't the same anymore.

    3. Mr F

      Mr F

      The forums are the same. Just not the people.

      You can probably make up for it by just talking to people.

    4. UltimateGhost3


      not really, its changed a bit since when I've joined, and people aren't as active with each other as they used to, unless you do art, talk in pools for recent episodes, or Rp.

  4. Because those were not blueberries......
  5. I have not been here in a long time.... Hi

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    2. Mr F

      Mr F

      Yeah. That is me.

    3. Kyoshi


      Aha! I knew it! Missed that kitty. :c Didn't realize that you left for a while. Welcome back though! ^-^

    4. Mr F

      Mr F

      Heh thanks man!

  6. Hello there. I remember seeing you on the forum.

    1. Mr F

      Mr F

      Oh yeah. I used to be quite active here.

      USED TO.

      You look familiar as well.

      How are you?

    2. gamecubeguy214


      I am doing very good. I've started competing in Smash tournaments, and I place rather well in them.

    3. Mr F

      Mr F

      Thats pretty coolio.

  7. *Gasp* It's forum cat's Birthday D: . *Gifts all the tuna* ^w^

    1. Mr F

      Mr F


      Thank you! <3

    2. Vulcan


      Welcies ^w^ <3

  8. Wow, a kitten. *Gives fish*

  9. I have saved about 100 Euros for the sale. I will probably use way less, but at least I won't skip out on anything. Oh and we better rewatch Boogies survival guide for the summer sale, so we don't regret anything.
  10. Mr F

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    I would say that it is not very reasonable. To wait for months before doing something actively is just silly. Blizzard has said they want to make yearly releases, so the guild could end up very inactive in the long run. But idk how active RP guilds in general are.
  11. Mr F

    Gaming Sid Meier's Civilization VI

    I really need this game in my life. Civilization is one of my favorite game franchises, so I really hope it will be good. Unlike my wallet, I hope Firaxis brings back economic victory.
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