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  1. It's an odd voice. Light but with a heavy "undertone", if I could describe it that way. I'm somewhere around the high baritone / low tenor mark.
  2. I've done the MBTI test several times on several sites. I always get INTP. So I assume logical.
  3. Well, about time. Speaking honestly, the show began to drop massively in quality starting from Season 3 (mostly because this season was rushed). From there on, there was still a good basis to keep the show good and fresh, but as time went on and the Universe got larger and larger, the show simply became too overloaded with characters. On one hand, it's understandable, as the main character kept getting explored and fleshed out, there was only so much you could do with them. But by expanding the number of characters, you run the risk of exploring characters the audience just doesn't care about. For example, with the exception of the princesses episode and the big season finale, I never bothered to watch any episode in which the focus was Starlight Glimmer.
  4. They would never accept that as it would make their position on the 2020 Presidential Election weaker. The only way they would be willing to do so is if such proposal came from their own camp in the first place.
  5. I'm pretty sure voting is a democratic thing in it of itself.
  6. If I was an American citizen, I would have voted for the Republicans, to be fair. It is true any party on the Executive branch needs a strong opposition on the houses, but I don't like the direction in which the Democratic Party is going.
  7. Let's list off some examples... Crusader Kings 2 - The Sunset Invasion DLC. It's, well... just not feasible. I just can't quite see how a civilization so technologically backwards could ever pose as a credible threat to Western Europe. I understand this was to balance things out as Western Europe almost never has to face a horde unlike the East, who often have their hands filled with the Turks and the Mongols, but... seriously, this just kills my suspension of disbelief. Total War Attila - Cavalry OP pls nerf. Also, try playing as the Western Roman Empire on Hard Mode and survive. I dare you. Fallout New Vegas - Great game overall, but it takes a while until the plot opens up for you. The first part of the game is rather tedious and it always feels like a chore until you finally reach Vegas. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles - Marble Garden and Sandopolis. These two stages really overstay their welcome. I actually dislike Marble Garden more than Sandopolis, mainly because the level design isn't as open. Total War Rome 2 - Rome is just too damn powerful. It wasn't enough for the designers to give them a very powerful infantry, they also gave them the best artillery in the game, as well as the one thing that makes them truly overpowered: Auxilary Barracks, which allows you to recruit units from conquered factions. Before long, you'll compensate your weak links in the army with proper skirmishers, like the Balearic Slingers; Peltasts; and Archers, as well as getting good cavalry, be it Celtic or Macedonian. The only factions that have an array of units close to quality are Egypt and the Seleucid Empire, but their good troops don't come until the late game, whereas Rome has pretty decent units from the start.
  8. It's pretty chill here in Portugal. Lots of graffitti, but the chances of getting mugged are not likely at all. Of being conned if you're a tourist, on the other hand...
  9. Yeeesh. As of this very moment, I've been through 20 hours without sleeping. Quite ironic I saw this topic. Anyway, about 40 to 45 hours is my record. Something I've done on several occasions, I might add. When I was younger, it was a tradition for me to wake up early in the morning and not sleeping during New Year's Eve. I've done this about 4 or 5 times, and that's not counting the times I partied and ended up not sleeping that night either.
  10. Mid-to-Late Republican Rome all the way to Early Imperial Rome. The slow, but steady transformation of what was a reasonably functional republic into an autocracy is a warning to all those who do not want to see their own Republics to degenerate. Also, some really interesting stories and figures in there. Also, early Mesopotamian history. I've been trying to figure out how did Sargon the Great overthrow Ur-Zubaba and overtook Lugal-Zagesi as the most powerful man in Mesopotamia, but there's really nothing I can come up with except for mere speculation. Also, quite a few more really interesting figures such as Naram-Sin, Ur-Nammu, and of course, Hammurabi.
  11. Depends on the places. Most I've met are right-leaning, but I don't think my experience is a fair assessment to the political leaning of bronies in general, because most bronies I've met come from this forum, and the Debate Symposium leads me to believe most here (at least those who care about politics) lean to the right. I actually think most bronies are generally left-leaning. Though, speaking in honest terms, bronies in general probably have no sympathy from one side or the other, seeing as they were mocked by the conservatives (FOX) and done in by the liberals regarding Derpy.
  12. I've had some nightmares in my life. Of course I've had some of the more common ones where my teeth begin falling off or where I lose some of my fingers. Ironically though, my reaction while dreaming these is really... tame, like "Oh well, couldn't hold on to these forever". As for the biggest nightmare, well, one I remember when I was about 12, where I came across a church, found a statue of the Virgin Mary and she started talking to me, and as the conversation resumed, her voice and face slowly morphed into that of a demon. Needless to say, I was absolutely terrified.
  13. It's what I do. Seriously though, the past few years, since 2008, to be more precise, I've correctly predicted the winner of every Euro and World Cup. The only exception is 2016 (but, seriously, no one could predict that). I would really like it if Croatia would win it, but honestly, only the football gods can screw with France's odds now. Oh, and Belgium's gonna wreck England.
  14. So it will seem as if it will be France, Belgium, Croatia and England. Dear me, quality-wise this has to be the worst final 4 since 2002.
  15. Well, I thought Spain would be eliminated in the quarters by Croatia. Didn't imagine they would go back to their pre-2010 ways and choke immediately at the first parking bus they faced.