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  1. Doing a research about internet trolls, do any of you guys "overexpress" yourself in any kind of site in the wrong times? (For example saying "Wow i love buddha so much!" in a Christian video)

  2. By the way, also added the hellish voice if you think it's better than the normal one.
  3. Guess the japanese judge has a crush on Brazil.

  4. Uhh hi I'm known as "Scootaloler" but also known as "Supe" and many other names, and i would like some suggestions or actual "free hiring" of my voice. I was never really into voice acting in my whole life, but as i began to be more mature my voice got deeper and people say i have a good voice or something of the sort. So if you would like me to participate in any project of any sort please tell me, i'm looking to be better at the topic. Messed up demo: [REMOVED] It's more natural, so i'm not doing a hellish voice there. (Volume was also messed up so you can hear some mic hissing and background sounds that weren't supposed to be there, will be fixed.) Also here is less messed up demo, with mouse clicks, but it has he hellish voice: [REMOVED]
  5. Hello there. Since i was 5, i was always amazed with animals, how they act, how they survive in cities. I just got a weird passion for pidgeons, the way they are everywhere and are somewhat cute. So i just got the idea of having a pet pidgeon. But before i get to that, is it a good thing? Do they transmit diseases? Keep in mind i live in Brazil, it's really dirty. They make good pets? What do i need to feed them? I heard bread does it.
  6. Little gamie's stream just ended, With a finale of 400 Hypes! Congrats Gamie! You're on your golden way!

    1. Rockymoo


      Internet celebrity in the works, pal.

  7. Heyyyy people who like horses. I has skype too "scootaloo6". I barely talk, but i want to exchange skypes since i am brazilian (i want some american or other country brony friends too!). Have a nice day or night.
  8. Have you ever wanted to see a pokemon style game about ponies?