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  1. ((Just a quick little heads-up for you guys about why I haven't been replying recently. I am currently in the process of moving, so I haven't had time to log on to the forums at all. Sorry, but I probably won't be on for at least another week. I'll re-join the RP when I'm done.))
  2. Luna runs out of the room crying, and runs through the halls and for the exit to leave the College. She trips and crashes through the door to Flash and the Doctor's room. Glancing at and Flash, then at Doctor Hooves, she begins to get up. Luna then notices that she is stuck in the doorway. After a few tries, Luna crashes into the room.
  3. Luna slowly got up and looked at the broken bed. "Wow. Our- MY first day here and I've already been teased by most of the school, and now my bed broke. What's next on my bad luck streak-" She was cut off near the end of her sentence by a pony opening the door to the dorm room and chucking an egg at her. The insides of the egg splattered all over Luna, but half of the yolk bounces off of her and hit the student in the face. He ran away laughing and called to Luna as he ran: "Fatty!". Luna sighed and threw a broken leg from the bed at the student, but missed.
  4. A few hours later, Luna is about to defeat the final boss, and she finally kills it. If she were hit even one more time, Luna would have to start over on the entire game. "YES! WOOOOOO~" Luna shouts and thrusts her fist in the air, and the bed breaks, and she screams and falls. She gets up, with some bruises and a splinter in her hoof. "Ow... Sorry, it was my fault." She apologized as she came to her hooves. "Goddamn it, I need to lose some weight." She mumbled, following with a sigh.
  5. Luna climbed up onto the top bunk, took off her saddlebags, and kicked back. The top bunk creaked a little. Luna used her magic to remove an old gaming system from her saddlebags and connect it to the TV. It was a Super Neightendo Entertainment System, or SNES. She inserted a game, as well. "Star Filly", it said. ((Yes, I am parodying Star Fox. XD)) Turning on the TV and the Neightendo, Luna was greeted with the Neightendo logo.
  6. @@GingerJoy, "I'll be studying astronomy, science, calculus, and a few others I can't remember. What about you guys?" Luna replied. Luna pulled put her student ID as they approached the door to dorm number 13. Luna slid her student ID through the card reader and the door unlocked.
  7. @@GingerJoy, "Hm, I guess we are. Want to go get settled at our dorm and all that crap?" Luna asked Bon-Bon. "Or we could go and familiarize ourselves with the island. I'm good either way." She then looks over to Lyra. "Lyra, you could come with us too if we go explore this island."
  8. "They did? Oh god. Let's see here, my dorm number is..." She said as she pulled out her student ID and read over it, eventually finding what she was looking for: 'Dormitory number: 13'. "I'm in dorm number 13, I guess." She answered, returning her student ID back into her saddlebags.

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      Love that video XD

  10. Luna shrugged and looked at Bon-Bon and Lyra, holding her hoof out to them. "I'm Luna." She said to the two mares. "Do either of you perhaps know where the dorms are...?" She then notices her nose is bleeding and quickly pulls a tissue from her saddlebags and holds it to her nose. "Thanks for being some of the first ponies to actually be nice to me. I've met both of you and two other ponies who haven't been complete and utter dicks... Oh~! I forgot to ask your names."
  11. Luna decided to follow the voices and ask why the school was so empty and silent. "Excuse us- Me, but do either of you know why the whole college is so emp-" And she slipped on a banana peel, landing on her face and slowly, but surely, getting up, and continues to speak, not noticing she is having a nosebleed. "Anyway... Do either of you know why the College is so empty right now?" She said to the mares.
  12. "Thank you for the advice." She said as she was returned her student ID. After a while of walking around, and browsing the cute shops around town, Luna finally arrived at Aella College. "Well... Here it is. Aella College.Wonder what it's like..." She said to herself as she opened the gates and progressed to the doors of the college and sighed as she opened the doors, walking inside.
  13. After taking a few minutes to regain her composure, Luna walked up to the security stallion. He seemed to be bored checking student IDs all day. Luna reached into her saddlebags and pulled out her student ID. "Is this card sufficient?" She said as she pulled a soda from her saddlebags, opened it, and took a sip.
  14. @, Luna manages a half-smile at Blast and suddenly realizes that somepony has accepted her for once, which floods Luna with a feeling of happiness. She hugs Blast. "Thank you so much for accepting us... We hope we can call you our friend..." The mare then suddenly has a question to ask of Blast. "Also, we've always heard ponies say 'I'... Do others not speak in the royal 'We' anymore? We were raised to always use 'We' when referring to ourselves."
  15. @, Luna sighs and opens the bathroom stall door. "Thanks for trying to comfort us, but you don't know exactly how we feel... You're lucky you weren't born with wings that don't even work, and that you aren't all..." She makes a circle with her hooves in the air. "Those are just extra excuses for others to tease us, and bully us..."