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  1. Ugh the comments on the official #SELFIE music video are slowly destroying my brains cells. So much ignorance ;_;

  2. You know what I really don't feel like doing? The three english projects due tomorrow.

  3. Man listening to the unreleased archie track makes me really sad :(

  4. Does anyon know if the mods have finished reading through the MLPF survey answers yet?

  5. It's really sad that pretty any much any time a community becomes serious about learning something inside out, the average consumers of said things get mad and say they're snobbish just because they hate people knowing more than thme :(

  6. Dat moment when you discover the discussion where the mods treated you like crap WASN'T deleted. Yoooo doh

  7. Well, I have now officially applied for University. Pretty surreal (and somewhat scary) experience.

  8. I'm seriously considering quitting facebook. My using of it is becoming dangerous to everyone involved :/

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    2. Pencil Hoof

      Pencil Hoof

      I make the mistake of scrolling down my news feed everyday when I'm bored.

      I'm worried I'm going to verbally murder someone and become a social outcast :/

    3. Malinter


      yeah. same goes for any news feed. some are real mood killers, no joke :(

    4. Pencil Hoof

      Pencil Hoof

      They don't make me mad, I've been on the unpopular side of too many debates to get angry by ignorance. They just make me want to start a debate that I would inevitably wreck them in :S

  9. My word I am SO tempted to post this link all across my facebook. SO MANY PEOPLE NEED TO SEE IT ;_;

  10. That awkward moment when your oldest friend's little sister turned out to be pretty cute

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    2. Malinter


      If that is the situation is and how it stays then there's no harm in you thinking she is cute.

    3. Pencil Hoof

      Pencil Hoof

      Haha no that would be beyond creepy XD

    4. Pencil Hoof

      Pencil Hoof

      trust me, the situation will stay how it is for various reasons. :)

  11. Finished the survey. You know, only took me about an hour and a quarter >_>

  12. I mean seriously, I just typed a full page in like 15 minutes. I think that's a new record for me. I don't think even the most controversail of threads has gotten me mad enough to do that.

  13. Wow. i haven't been as ticked as i just was filling out the suggestion survey in MONTHS. good to get it out, but brought back some serious anger that I thought I'd gotten over...

  14. 'nother quick question. Will the mods be reading the user satisfaction survey, and is it anonymous?

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    2. Pencil Hoof

      Pencil Hoof

      Same reason i'm taking it. And actually my issue is so personal and makes me so mad, I'm putting my name on it whether or not it's anonymous.

      Do you know whether or not mods read it though?

    3. Wave


      Yes, and it can be if you want it to be.

    4. Pencil Hoof