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  1. [just jump in with your mlp charrie and rp] splice looked into a mirror,looking at her reflection with a empty feeling,"who am i ? or who was i?"she said with sadness.the changeling queen came up behind her,"you are splice my dear,you are daughter,"she said with a confident tone as she smiled evilly."i know,but also...... i want to meet my true parents,"splice said with a empty feeling."why!? they left you to die!"the changeling queen snarled. a messager walked in with a note and started to read it to the queen. while she was destracted,splice headed to her room upstairs and put on a hooded cape and packed a dark colored satchel with a white moon stiched on it.she opened the window spred her wings which glowed a bright green and jumped out the window and started to flap,glowing feather fell as she started to fly off.a few hours later she reached equestria,and landed on a rooftop.she heard some voices and ducked down as a green glowing feather dropped down on somepony's head.she stared wondering if who ever saw her feather was looking up,and whoever was there had just looked up at her and just smiled.
  2. i named mine after one of my charries becuase i somehow was thinking i bet noone named their charrie pictureperfect i thought it was funny and weird how noone took the name or made a charrie that went with it!^^ i guess most people wouldn't use the name cuase it sounded to normal for a pony who is a model and designer LOL
  3. i would like it if someone could tell me what they think about her picture and info! Age: unknown, looks 19-23 Gender: Female Species: Non-Pony Appearance: she's a pegusis/changeling hybrid[she can change form but doesn't feed off love,but she feeds off jewl energy and electrics]also the green in her maine and tail glows as well as her wings do.[also if injured she doesn't have normal blood her blood glows dimly] Cutie Mark: she doesn't have one and never will Personality: she's somwhat dark and doesn't know much about her past,but gets odd flashbacks somtimes.she's very dangerous when angered,she likes green and blue power crystals best when it comes to eating and loves to run with wolves and fly with the bats and other creatures of the night. Backstory: when she was very young the changling queen found her close to death and she was cover in scorch marks and open wounds where flesh should have been,the changeling queen thought she would be the best test subject for the sinicetists who wanted to create the ultimate changeling warrior,and so queen took the young pegusis in and unforantely whom died shortly after,but they still used her for the expirement becuase the crystal they were going to use should not only give her extra power but could make her become alive and replace her dead organs with better ones,also they gave changling dna to make her a bit like them,the expirement was sucessful and she woke up a few days later after some finally touchs,then, the queen named her splice [cuase she's a hybrid] and trained her.when she got older she ran away and went into hiding.also they tried to make more like her but haven't been sucess full
  4. thx everypony! i really think it's funny how noone ever thought of my profile too!
  5. lol i think many things are funny

  6. lol i do that somtimes too just cuase it's a cold room

  7. hi! i'm new to the site and would really like to meet som other ponies!^^
  8. heres somthing[sorry if it doesn't go too well with yours]: with every breath we seem dying you are never trying just walk away from what we know just comes to show how we became lost lost in this place of fear where no one can hear you as you cry yet the fight hasn't begun theres no where to run as the bombs fall..............
  9. Ribbionheart/Raver
  10. Pictureperfect ~ A.k.a~ Pix
  11. woooo! go mlp!goooooooo! just got a derpy tanktop!^^