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  1. Booo~ >:3

    1. AmarisNsane
    2. Red Star~

      Red Star~


  2. Red Star~


    Yes, this is amazing. Just as great and powerful as trixie herself!
  3. Straight as a ruler. But not the bendy kind.
  4. Paper Mario 64. And of course, my daily dose of Smash Bros.
  5. Life. Best example? First 5 minutes of Up. No, I will not link you the scene. >:T
  6. Mac and Cheese~ And not kraft. It's good, but some Mac and Cheese from Whole Foods is pretty amazing~
  7. Hyped! Preparing for a smash bros tournament soon! But also exhausted from the usual day at school. Just gotta keep my chin up! >:T
  8. Personally, nah. But I still support the saying of "don't knock it til ya try it!"
  9. Just here to showcase some of my amateur art and such. Here, I drew a superhero named THUNDER THIGHS! If you haven't guessed, her power comes from her massive thighs! Oh wait...This is an MLP site! My's a pony version~ Sorry about that~ The reason I included the human version is because that was the version that I created first. It's been a while since I've drawn a pony, so apologies if it looks a tad odd. You should know that this is actually fan art for the OC that belongs to a very special somepony of mine! The OC is Al Nair Avior and it belongs to Amarisnsane~ If you haven't yet, check out her page right here on the forums~ And I apologize if some of you came here expecting Thunderlane.
  10. Like a kitten. A tiny achoo~ that's way too adorable for any guy to ever sneeze like. I'm never sneezing in public again.