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  1. Garble: Well well, if it isn't you. Let's see, Starbright. Starkite. Gloom Glimmer. Little horn. Starlight Glimmer: *Angry. Uses her magic to slam Garble's face into the rocky ground.* Say my name! Garble: *Cries* Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer: No. Super Kami Princess. *Smirks.* Trixie: Starlight Glimmer you don't look so good. You look like someone who was out all night doing tricks. Starlight Glimmer: *Angry.* Grrrrrrrrrrr! *Bottles anger.* Trixie: What's with the red bottle? You're trying to make you own Red Lantern for the upcoming convention. Pretty snazzy. Trixie: Starlight, you have to help? I don't know how to deal with two disgruntled oldies and roid rager. Twilight Sparkle: The jewelry store seller and Applejack's grandmother had strokes, and the roid raging Hulk had to be put down by the elite guard. Care to explain Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer: Uh....... Trixie: Funny story. It starts with you being a terrible teacher not teaching her how to manage her anger. Twilight Sparkle: I could send Starlight Glimmer to Chicago there she could..... Princess Celestia: O_O Are you insane?! Do you want her to be another number in the crime statistics. Twilight Sparkle: You're right. What was I thinking?
  2. Human Sunset Shimmer should have a disdain view of pony Sunset Shimmer. She sees SSpony as a doppelganger and insists that SSpony belongs in her own world.
  3. *Two changlings * Changling A: This sucks. That loser Thorax drove away our hot queen. Changling B: Yeah. Tonight, she promised teepee. Thorax: Hello, you two. Changling B: What do you want Rainbow Brite? Changling A: You called him a girl's toy. Thorax: I see you two haven't changed. Changling A: Why would we want to give up our rad alien looking forms? Changling B: We're menacing. Are we going to face hug you little pony? *Laugh*
  4. Queen Chrysalis: I will suck the love out of you, Thorax. *Opens mouth.* Two changelings: Suck. Suck. Suck. Queen Chrysalis: *Annoyed* Will you two stop with that irritating laughter!
  5. Rainbow Dash: Rarity's been out in the sun too long that she looks like a toasted marshmallow.
  6. Twilight Sparkle: *Snort* That's what I get for listening to you. Your ideas are as backwater as you. Applejack: *Gasp.* Pinkie Pie: Ooooooo. Sick burn. *Chuckle* Twilight Sparkle: Shut it, cave pony. I will never understand why Celestia forced me to be acquainted with these imbeciles.
  7. Applejack: *Looks at bowl of rock soup.* Igneous Rock Pie: What's wrong lass? You haven't touch my rocks let alone nibble on them one bit. Applejack: Uh..... Igneous Rock Pie: I get it. My rocks needs more salt. Applejack: Uhhhh...... Igneous Rock Pie: What's the problem? My wife eats my rocks. My girls eats my rocks. Your granny is trying. *Slams hoof on table.* My rocks not good enough for you, lass. Applejack: Okay, this is getting too weird. *Leaves table.* [Backup singer] My Little Pony, My Little Pony Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh... [Twilight Sparkle] (My Little Pony) Celestia forced me to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) I still find it ridiculous that you have to share this magic with me [Rainbow Dash] Lame adventure [Pinkie Pie] Tons of blood [Rarity] A beautiful flank [Applejack] Unfaithful and wrong [Fluttershy] Faking kindness! [Twilight Sparkle] It's a menial task And magic makes it all too easy You have my little ponies Do you know you're all my very bitter friends?
  8. Twilight Sparkle: When I open my eyes, that better not be what I think it is slapping me in the face. Rainbow Dash: Why does your copies of Daring Do have doodles in them? Twilight Sparkle: Those aren't doodles, just corrections on grammar and spelling. Spa Pony: You really love these mud facials. Rarity: Yes, rub it all over my face. *Angel splashing wildly as Fluttershy holds him down in the water.* Fluttershy: You knew one day it would come to this. Applejack: What are you doing? Fluttershy: Teaching Angel to swim. Now hold your breath. *Whisper* Because it will be the last. Sunset Shimmer: I don't get this movie. He's just big and wearing a hockey mask. Looks rather silly...*Slash scare scene*...OH MY GOD!
  9. Applejack: Sunset Shimmer, can't you find a way to fix our transformations? I don't want to keep running to a closed area every-time to transform. Rarity: Surely, I hope so. Ever since that first time we transformed in front of our peers. That one guy who said, "You girls we're naked for a few seconds." Rainbow Dash: It changed everything around us. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, took it the hardest. Fluttershy: They saw everything. I feel so awkward around everyone that stares at me. Pinkie Pie: And we live in an age where people record things with their phones. Sunset Shimmer: I'm working to fix this. Though I don't see what the big deal is, I walked around naked back in my world. Rarity: Clearly, she doesn't understand the concept in our world. Nightmare Moon: Welcome to Nightmare Tales children. Today I will tell you the tale of Pinkie Pie who gets cursed putting her stomach before her friends. I call this tale, "You can't have your friends and eat them too." Nightmare Moon: Wasn't that scary, watching Pinkie Pie turn each of her friends into sweets with an accursed touch. There is nothing to worry, she'll make new friends with those ants. *Evil laugh.*
  10. Sci-Twilight Sparkle: I just couldn't make any friends. Applejack: Six billion plus people in the world and you're telling me you couldn't make a friend. I call bull on that. Rarity: Darling making a friend is easy. *Points to random male student.* You! Male Student: Me? Rarity: Yes, you. Closet now. Male Student: Yes, ma'am. *Runs into the closet and shuts the door. Rarity: Okay, Twilight. Now go in that closet and make yourself a friend. Sci-Twilight Sparkle: Are you serious? Rarity: Making a friend is like investing. You gotta give a little to make it big on the return. Now get in there.
  11. I was watching a Tangled version of this same style idea on Disney. Pretty famous guy who is popular but doesn't like the princess. We get an episode where Pinkie Pie gets a shot at making a new friend. To counter balance Pinkie's zany approach, this new pony is a pro who can match Pinkie Pie's style. To make the episode super extra spicy, Sherri Stoner with her famous Slappy Squirrel voice for this new character.
  12. The only thing lacking is something between CMC ages and the age the Mane 6 are at. It would be something if they could make a pony that is between that age gap.
  13. Twilight Sparkle: Can you guess who I'm dressed up as? Rainbow Dash: You're dressed up like that bearded homeless colt that keeps spouting "It's the end of the world!" Twilight Sparkle: Can you guess who I'm dressed up as? Pinkie Pie: You're dressed up like that bearded criminal colt that was arrested for kidnapping fillies. Twilight Sparkle: Can you guess who I'm dressed up as? Applejack: You're dressed up like that bearded insane colt that went down in a magic fight with the police. Twilight Sparkle: Can you guess who I'm dressed up as? Rarity: You're dressed up like that bearded colt dictator that got overthrown by rebels and he didn't live past that. Twilight Sparkle: Can you guess who I'm dressed up as? Fluttershy: You're dressed up like my bearded grandfather.....*Cries and runs away.* Twilight Sparkle: Can you guess who I'm dressed up as? Princess Luna: You're dressed up like Starswirl the Bearded. Twilight Sparkle: Finally. Twilight Sparkle: See Starlight Glimmer still has cutie mark. Random Male: Ah! I should have noticed something was off about her. She didn't feel down about it like the rest of us and acted like a total alpha dog. Applejack: Okay, just because she tricked you into a cult doesn't mean you can bad mouth dogs. Spike: Ha. You Cutie Mark Crusaders can't get in. Twilight erected a barrier to keep you out, because she needs her safe space. Applebloom: That's not going to fly well with. Spike: What do you mean? Sweetie Belle: Just wanted to tell her that Princess Celestia was just here and she's really mad. Spike: What? Why? Scootaloo: Something about being a bad role model. I didn't mentor some intolerant fool, she said. Applebloom: Princess Celestia wasn't mad at us for the articles, we're just kids. Nobody taught us about keeping secrets and gossip. Sweetie Belle: That responsibility falls with on our betters for inadequate teaching. Spike: Okay. Okay. Stop. Twilight is getting very antsy. Look we'll talk with the townsfolk. Scootaloo: We'll talk with Princess Celestia and say the whole thing never happen. Starlight Glimmer: Thanks for letting me stay. Twilight Sparkle: No problem as my student.... *Crowbar falls out of Starlight Glimmer's bag.* Twilight Sparkle: Why do you have a crowbar? Starlight Glimmer: Oh, this thing. It was something I used for those stubborn non-compliant doors and windows that just refuse to work with ya. Sometimes you got to jab it in there or give it a couple of smacks. I don't need it anymore. *Sweat.* Spike: Why is parts of it red? Starlight Glimmer: Some of the buildings used to be red before painted to white. *Sweat.* Twilight Sparkle: Well okay, Applejack might have a use for it. Twilight Sparkle: Bit of a warning, I'm a sleep hugger. When I was younger I would find my way into my brother's bed and clamp on him tight. Mom, got tired of it at one point saying such behavior was inappropriate.
  14. Rarity: I invited him into my home....and he left me in the morning. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: Scandalous. Diamond Tiara: My mom has been seeing another colt behind my father's back. Apple Bloom: And this our problem, how? Diamond Tiara: I want you to fix it.
  15. Twilight Sparkle: I won, Trixie. Trixie Moon: That was just fake magic. Twilight Sparkle: Well, I still out performed you. Trixie Moon: Like hell you did. You're just claiming a win based solely on semantics. If you really want to play this game. *Horn lights up.* Twilight Sparkle: Trixie, what are you doing? Trixie Moon: Run. *Starts firing magic bolts at Twilight causing her to run.*