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  1. Smolder: Come on Rainbow Dash, we need you to be our coach. Rainbow Dash: You want my honest opinion about your cheer squad. Squad: Yeah! Rainbow Dash: Drop the stomping Yona. She's throwing it all off doing her own thing. Yona: *Runs off crying.* Smolder: Why would you say that?! Rainbow Dash: That's what everyone says. They just can't handle the truth, my truth. Sombra: Grogar is the father of all monsters. Grogar: When ever someone asks, "Who's your daddy?" I am. Cozy Glow: You even made the Breezies? Grogar: That's right. Daddy's little pitiful jokes of an existence. Applejack: Why won't anyone listen to me? Pinkie Pie: You should try learning flag semaphore. That'll make the message loud and clear. Starlight Glimmer: Twilight I want to hire a vice mare to run the school with me? Twilight Sparkle: HIre, what the hay is that? Just do like me and impose on one of your friends the job.
  2. Would not count on Funimation being an option given the bad PR that came out about them following Vic Mignoga's lawsuit. For a voice actor, getting Jim Cummings to come in would be great. Another is voice actors that do the Hyper Dimension Neptunia series. Celestia with Vert's voice.
  3. Starlight Glimmer: For being the Princess of Friendship, you don't get out and socialize much. Twilight Sparkle: I'm always busy and I can't stand being around most of everyone else. Cozy Glow: We should be friends. Queen Chrysalis: That is disgusting. Tirek: No, never. Cozy Glow: What if instead of being friends, we'll do like everyone does with Pinkie Pie and just say we're more tolerant of each other's crap. Queen Chrysalis: Agree. I never believed that anyone would be friends with that crazy pony and it was all an act. Tirek: I'm fine with that. Rarity: Twilight, where's Spike? Twilight Sparkle: He's at the post office. Rarity: You let Spike run off without his collar and leash. Twilight Sparkle: What? Rarity: I mean, he must be looking at new forms of letter delivery. Princess Celestia: I expect you to be able to send me letters on your progress of learning friendship. Twilight Sparkle: I will mail them as quickly as I can. Spike: Well I could send the letters to the princess with my breath. Princess Celestia: Fire burns paper, Spike. Twilight what have you been teaching this dragon? Twilight Sparkle: I've been teaching him a good education. He picked that non-sense up in his comics books. Princess Celestia: You should have him read less science fiction and more real science. Twilight Sparkle: Will do. Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash, what's wrong? Rainbow Dash: I just walked in on your brother in the bathroom. His mane and tail were dyed as a rainbow. He was putting lipstick on and saying, "Love me Rainbow Dash." Then he saw me, freaked out, and yelled 'Don't look at me!" repeatedly. Fluttershy: I'm sure he'll get over it. Rainbow Dash: It's not him I'm worried about, it's the nightmares I'll have after this.
  4. From what the other Mane got, RD ended up being the Charlie Brown getting the rock. She has Gilda, Lightning Dust, Daring Do, her parents, and the Wonderbolts instead to finish off her last focused episode. The final episode should have been Wonderbolts obligations conflict with Twilight's school obligations.
  5. A missed opportunity, a non-pony society 'not the Yaks' that doesn't want to accept pony friendship because of fear that it would lead to the breakdown of their culture. Citing the progressive changes to the Changeling and Dragon cultures after taking in the pony friendship ideas.
  6. Neighsay: Why are you teaching friendship to those creatures? Twilight Sparkle: Neighsay, you are as foolish as you are blind to the bigger picture Teaching friendship to the other creatures is just a front. Our actual goal is to slowly inject our pony ways into every other creature culture out there. Soon they will be more submissive and controllable. Neighsay: That's crazy. Twilight Sparkle: It worked on Discord and we've nearly finished the process for the Changelings. Our progress is making way with the dragons and the yaks.
  7. Rarity: Twilight there is something wrong with Spike. Twilight Sparkle: What makes you think that? Rarity: I was in his bed right on top of him. He barely was aroused.
  8. Spitfire: We're going to only kick out Lightning Dust for the whole incident since Rainbow Dash told me you order her to kill her friends. Lightning Dust: What the hay.
  9. Fluttershy: I'm going to make a safe sanctuary for sick and hurt animals to recover. Twilight Sparkle: That goes against nature. There is a reason animals get hurt and sick because it enables predators to catch an easy meal while removing the weakest animals from the gene pool. Your idea would ensure those weak animals continue to live and pass on weak pathetic genes of deterioration for the species. Fluttershy: Oh look, a waterfall. Ooooh. Twilight Sparkle: You're evading.
  10. Two characters that would standout. Rarity would be enthralled by sentient gems stones. Spike would freak the gems out if they knew he eats gems.
  11. That's the thing. Twilight opens a school and Cheerliee is a missed opportunity to make use of her specialty as a teacher. She could have gotten a chance to teach there part-time. Train the Mane 6 that are bad at teaching. Even a clash of teaching concepts when it conflicts with how she developed teaching.
  12. I kind of wonder that in someway when FS was venting at Angel, this could have been some of that stress build up from working both the Sanctuary and Twilight's School. I do wish there was a scene where Angel as FS had a chat with Twilight for over working FS before going to the Sanctuary.
  13. To put it in a way, Rainbow Dash's loyalty has been abused. The problem for the episode was Twilight being manipulative making RD be the subject to learn an unneeded lesson when she should be past this point and teaching others. It's like the show wants to punish RD for having her own likes and dislikes, with the show forcing her to do things she doesn't want to do. For a school of friendship, the cheer squad should have by majority been the students figuring it out while the coach takes a hands off approach with minor input to give some direction and structure. It would have been a way to teach them to figure out their own problems and work it out.