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  1. @CloudMistDragon I would chalk up any shift in the tone of #KickVic VAs on social media for a truce to be from the pressure on them. One Vic got a lawyer. Two they are threatened of losing money as news of one of their #KickVic VA friends got dropped from cons.
  2. It's official from Vic's own tweet. He's got a lawyer and will take the fight to court.
  3. News came out that is suggesting Vic making a move and getting a lawyer. Finally if this goes forward it can be settled in a court like it's suppose to be.
  4. A recent video posted up. The origins of the #KickVic that came out as the driving force to remove Vic.
  5. Rarity: I think it's time for me to get to work on those fancy pants. Now drop them. Applejack: That's it, Granny! You're going to the old folks home! Granny Smith: No please, not that. They'll eat me alive over there! Queen Chrysalis: What can a pathetic joke of princess like you do beside raising the sun? Celestia: This old horse still knows a few tricks. Solar Flare! *Blinds everyone else in the room.* Oops, I'm still working on that. Luna: What sort of contest is this? Pinkie Pie: This is a contest about the best pony that can shake their moon. Luna: I see. Then I will shake my moon. *Shakes the moon in the sky rapidly.* Did I win? I better since many have died at sea just now.
  6. In the case Vic is innocent and was framed. So if Vic takes legal action. He'll likely go after Anime News Network, Funimation, and RoosterTeeth. Also including any of the other voice actors and co-workers that got online posting accusations or attacks towards Vic since it could be made a case for slander. Plus there will be the coming blow-back from a portion of fans towards RoosterTeeth and Funimation along with the bandwagon voice actors.
  7. That brings up another problem with this scandal, I didn't hear anything about RoosterTeeth or Funimation doing their own independent investigations into these claims before firing Vic. Rather Vic is guilty or innocent, there always has to be a process to look into the allegations.
  8. So it seems there could be efforts to stop people coming to Vic's defense. This is not boding well.
  9. I didn't like this one bit about the situation. Putting the elements of the accusations to the side. I'm a bit more focused on the timing of this coming out and if accusations are true these were just sitting there for so long. It raises the usual questions, one would ask about the timing and wait to come forward. From my own observation, I find the overuse of the court of public opinion being brokenly influential and way too powerful. Mob justice used to be viewed as barbaric but now it has become the norm. It's forcing reactions quickly on hearsay without taking time to weigh each accusation and any evidence. If Vic has been wronged he should seek legal recourse. So if the outcome he wins in court, then it will likely be because a circle of enemies wanted Vic ousted.
  10. Starlight Glimmer: Twilight wants me to make some friends. I can do that. Let's see, I could make some friends out of inanimate objects like toys. Talking toys, that's a silly concept. Maybe I could bring some fictional characters to life. That would be easy but they would be so one dimensional and easy to read. I guess that means I'll have to talk to actual ponies which might need some kind of mind control. Screw it, I'll raise the dead. Twilight Sparkle: So let me get this straight Applejack. You saw Starlight Glimmer having a conversation with your parents. That's amazing. Applejack: I'm not happy about that as you are. Twilight Sparkle: Oh, right.
  11. Rarity: Are you all just making fun of me? Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy, just admit that Zephyr Breeze is adopted. Neighsay: While I do admit that I was wrong about those creatures. You also need to take responsibility of again one of your students going out of control and nearly destroying ponies. I would suggest resigning after this incident with Cozy Glow. Twilight Sparkle: Zecora, I have arthritis flaring up in my wing again. Zecora: Maybe if you remember that it's a wing and not a hand, it will stop doing that. Applejack: I can't really tell a difference between the cows and bulls. They all look the same. Pinkie Pie: So that's why it tasted funny. Pinkie Pie: I'm sure you can find Rainbow Dash taking a nap somewhere like over there in those clouds, over there on that building, or over there in that tree. She's really known to sleep around.
  12. Celestia: Twilight, I'm going to tell you a secret I've kept from you for a while. Twilight: What is it? Celestia: I made you. Twilight: You made me? You're not real mom. Celestia: Well, no. I'm not your biological mother and would never subject myself to the humiliation. My role was more of a project manager. I picked your parents and made them get married. Then supervised the entire process of you and Shining Armor's making. Twilight: Wait are you saying that you watched.... *Gasp.* Celestia: I told them to make it entertaining.
  13. Twilight Sparkle: We can't stop King Sombra. Shining Armor: I have an idea. Go to my room and get my card deck. Then challenge him to a children's card game. Twilight Sparkle: What?! Have you lost your mind. That's not going to work. Shining Armor: Trust me. It's the only hope. *Later.* Twilight Sparkle: Sombra.... Sombra: Crystals. Twilight Sparkle: I challenge.....this is so stupid. I challenge you to a duel! Sombra: Ah! I left my deck way back there. Give me half a day and I'll bring it. Then we can settle this. *Sombra leaves.* Twilight Sparkle: You're kidding me, that actually worked.
  14. Twilight: Princess Celestia, I want to open a school that teaches about friendship. Celestia: *Laughs.* Twilight: Why are you laughing? Celestia: Oh Twilight, you have such a silly way of thinking. A school on friendship. Ponies would have to be so utterly pathetic that they are incapable of making friends without a princess to hold their hoof. Come on, you have to give your subjects some dignity. Rarity: Pinkie Pie, I see you're sporting some new oldish look. Pinkie Pie: Oh, these duds are hand me downs. Rarity: What's a hand me down? Pinkie Pie: It's where clothes are passed down from my older siblings. Rarity: Ew, that nasty thing was worn by some pony else. Pinkie Pie: My sister is not, ewwwww! You take that back! Applejack: You know Rainbow Dash, for being the fastest pony you sure do take a long time in the bathroom. Discord: Why do you put up with that little devil's behavior? Fluttershy: Oh, Angel is just mad I had him fixed and can never be with a honey to make lots of bunnies. Scootaloo: Rainbow Dash is so cool. She takes me to go see R rated movies because she can't stand anything PG-13 or younger. Rarity: See Applejack, this is why you ruined the fashion show and in jail. You couldn't take some criticism and burned down her bushes. Applejack: Strawberry Sunrise got what she deserved for talking trash about my apples. Rarity: This outfit looks amazing and very forward thinking. Photo Finish: This horrible work looks like trash. Rarity: Yes, I agree. What were you thinking putting this mess in front of us. Pinkie Pie: This party is lame. It needs booze, lots of booze.
  15. The problem is that the school's way on friendships is more artificial in controlled environments, compared to Twilight who had to experience the ups and downs over the series.