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  1. Twilight Sparkle: You should read some of Applejack's lessons. Kid: *Sarcastic tone.* Oh wow, she can tell the truth like every other background character. That is so great Applejack: *Shock.* Background character! I'm one of the main characters! Kid: Keep telling yourself that as long you believe it to be true.
  2. Fame and Misfortune has a bad moral.

    Ah, yes the nightmare of Ponyville Confidential. The trauma of that event should have put them on the side of caution before throwing their raw book out into the world.
  3. Starlight Glimmer: Do you live in your own world? Trixie: Yes, but unfortunately I have to share it with Twilight and her loser club. Twilight Sparkle: Applejack we need to talk about.... Applejack: About my upcoming championship match in Equestria Fighting Corral. I've been training extra hard to give the champ a good bucking to the nozzle. Twilight Sparkle: This whole you becoming a professional fighter doesn't line up with the message of friendship. Applejack: I've been needing a change. Bucking apples is boring. Farming is boring. Fighting evil was a thrill. This was the change, I needed. Besides, I don't see why you're complaining when I fractured Tirek's jaw. That made him think twice before he opens his big mouth.
  4. Fame and Misfortune has a bad moral.

    One of the things that authors can forget in their work is that they can create unforeseen expectations in characters that hits like a brick wall. Fluttershy is good example because there are created expectations in the minds of the readers to think if you can befriend the Lord of Chaos, being assertive should be a cake walk. She has done a lot of other things that very much creates the expectation of being assertive should be a cake walk by now.
  5. What passes as animal expert for Fluttershy, tends to be more of an animal hoarding character trait. I think the main issue is Fluttershy's communication and missing steps before starting the project. Her words doesn't come across to the other experts when she tries to describe things to them, there is really no planning stage which Twilight could have helped with, and she doesn't interview them before hiring them to see if they could do it. The bad thing is that it wasted the experts time and damaged their relationships with the Mane(s) that recommended them. One of them is an interior decorator and she really wants a complete outside landscape project. Frankly she should have ran the whole thing by her friends first before they thought of recommending experts.
  6. Gaming DEATH BATTLE

    Miraculous: Ladybug vs Randy Cunningham the 9th Grade Ninja: This would be a potential fight where it can be close to the wire.
  7. Since this is about friendship, a time skip where they are older and are having a meet up to reminisce about events in the past. A quick way to fill it what they've been doing in with their lives.
  8. Twilight Vs Raven!

    @Steve Piranha
  9. Pinkie Pie: We're all still here and the only real threats we dealt with is Equestrian magic fueled wackos like her *Points at Sunset Shimmer.*, her *Points at Twilight Sparkle.*, and you! No offense you two. Rarity: So just give up and crawl back to your darkness from the internet you came from you Bot! Sunset Shimmer: I didn't learn anything about friendship, I just realized how stupid my entire scheme was. Starlight Glimmer: Why do you keep bringing up my past? Trixie: Please, that's not even rock bottom. When you wake up in a room with walls covered red and ponies on the floor, that's when you hit rock bottom. Starlight Glimmer: What? Why? Trixie: I was just projecting the worse case scenario. It hasn't happened, I swear. Vegeta: Here boy. You want a biscuit. Spike: I'm not a dog. Vegeta: Have a biscuit. *Throws biscuit in Spike's face.* Tirek: Will you surrender? Vegeta: Listen here goat! Twilight Sparkle isn't some unicorn. She's a full powered alicorn. She'll throw your demands right back in your face, because it's not Equestria at stake it's her alicorn pride. She'll see this fight to the end even if it ends her. Twilight Sparkle: I give up. Vegeta: I'll end her!
  10. Season 8 Trailer

  11. Like Canterlot Wedding Part One, I would take the approach of society forces it upon a character like some kind of false allegation and everyone of that character's friends/family turns their back on this character. That's a starting point.
  12. *Mr. Cake walks by the bathroom.* Pinkie Pie: *Taking a bath.* Gummy you rascal. You can't nibble me there. That tickles. Mr. Cake: *Stares at the door.* Ms. Cake: Don't you dare go in there. Mr. Cake: I wasn't. Starlight Glimmer: Can I ask you a question? Sunset Shimmer: Sure. Starlight Glimmer: *Points to her chest.* What are these? Sunset Shimmer: Just ignore them, don't show them, and don't touch them. That's the best advice I can offer. Starlight Glimmer: Hey, I can use them to hold things. Sunset Shimmer: Please don't do that. Sunset Shimmer: I tried writing a comic and showed it to some readers. They said my characters were a bunch of copied superhero and magical girl tropes. Celestia: *Talking to a mirror.* You saw me Twilight, I tried to protect the kingdom. I was just caught off guard, that's all. *Sigh.* That excuse is getting very old. Your excuse is much more believable. Luna: It was daytime and I was half-asleep. That sounds good enough for me. Starlight Glimmer: Hey Spike, I let that this guy in that claims to be your friend. Spike: Some guy.....oh no. Twilight Sparkle: Spike! He's in my bedroom again! Sleazy Guy: Come on, you don't have to be so rough. Twilight Sparkle: Out! Sleazy Guy: You're the Princess of Friendship. Twilight Sparkle: Yes, but not the kind you was implying! Get out and don't come back!
  13. With an episode like Spike at Your Service, this just says that Spike can go overboard on his servant mentality, duties, or need to be with the ponies.
  14. Equestria Is Not A Kingdom. So What Is It?

    The term Princessipality fits and it's more of a co-princessipality since there are multiple princesses.