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  1. Twilight Sparkle: Starlight Glimmer wants to destroy the current timeline because she had a bad moment in her life. Spike: Sounds like a typical snowflake. Twilight Sparkle: Indeed, a snowflake wielding dangerous magic. Starlight Glimmer: Ah! You both are driving me crazy! Why do you keep calling me a snowflake?! Why do you keep shouting "safe space" every time I put up my barrier?!
  2. Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Starlight Glimmer are turned into children. While Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer are practicing magic, they have an accident that causes them to revert to children for 24 hours for an episode span or two parter to find a cure. They could be struck with amnesia for that day allowing them to act like they would as children. Otherwise, they could retain their adult minds and have an experience being children again while looking for a cure. Then Spike and Cutie Mark Crusaders can be given important roles in that situation. CMC act like older sisters. Who wouldn't want to have the cute Mane 7 together in the same episode.
  3. AJ's parents were destroyed by some kind of nightmare monster. Repercussion for Luna not being around fighting nightmares.
  4. Applejack: Fashion is stupid. *Gets slapped by Rarity.* Applejack: Did you just slap me? Rarity: Sorry, that's a reflex when ponies trash my career. Look I asked for someone to be practical. If I wanted a zealot to tell ponies what to wear, I would have asked Starlight Glimmer instead. Starlight Glimmer: Spike, what are you doing on my bed? Spike: I finally decided that you will be my number 2. Starlight Glimmer: Number 2? Spike: Yeah, the second pony I'll fall back on when it doesn't work out between Rarity and me. It's a great arrangement. So what do you say? Starlight Glimmer: Get out. Applejack: Look at Rarity trying to catch another tail again. *Looks to the side to see Spike stealing her rope.* Spike! Put down my rope! Dagnabbit, he's trying to do it again!
  5. Rarity: I'm trying out this new hairspray that is all the rage. Pinkie Pie: Watch out lose firework! *Firework flies into Rarity.* Rarity: Ah! Ah! Ah! Twilight Sparkle: Rarity are you okay? Rainbow Dash: She lit up like a roman candle. Rarity: I think I will be okay. Pinkie Pie: I am so sorry about your mane and tail. Rarity: My mane and tail? Mirror now! *Three days later.* Spike: Rarity, I'm happy to see you're back. Are you wearing a wig and fake tail now? Rarity: Yes. The doctor and stylist said that it was all burnt off to the point it can't be regrown. Spike: I...I just can't continue with this. It's over between us. *Leaves.* Rarity: Did my dragon slave dump me?
  6. Twilight Sparkle: Tell me everything that happened after I hyperventilated myself to death where I met God who told me to go back, where I woke up in the ER and teleported myself here. *Breathes heavy.* Give me a moment to get oxygen to my brain. What am I doing here? Who are these ponies? Princess Luna: The one time and the photographer takes one picture when I wasn't smiling. He didn't bother to offer a retake. This wasn't a blasted one shot school photo. Starlight Glimmer: Yes. However was it really necessary to demand his employer to fire him, then have his assets seized, make his family disown him, and then banish him from the kingdom. Princess Luna: That was merely to return the level of humiliation that imbecile made me suffer. Starlight Glimmer: Could you maybe have given him a lighter punishment? Princess Luna: Well I could have cut that out and just destroy him on the spot as an example to the population. Starlight Glimmer: In front of the kids? Princess Luna: *Smacks hoof on table.* They need to learn the world is harsh and never to cross a princess!
  7. Princess Luna: You dare question my duty to protect the dream dimension. Princess Celestia: You just go around play fighting other ponies' imaginations. They've went 1000 years without you protecting their oh so fragile minds from their own fears. Please if your role was so important, this kingdom would have already fallen. Your role is nothing more than keeping ponies from having to change their bed sheets every morning. Starlight Glimmer: Critical hit, ouch. Princess Luna: So then what should I do? Starlight Glimmer: You could always be the Princess of that one city. Princess Luna: I would never associate myself with a city of drinking, gambling, drugs, one night motels, naughty dancing, and such other sins. No, I will start my own media empire and besmirch your name my dear sister. *Leaves.* Princess Celestia: She won't get far. *Months later.* Starlight Glimmer: The story reads Princess Celestia has carried on affairs with her students. Twilight Sparkle: *Hyper ventilating.*
  8. After watching the Royal Problem episode and Princess Luna explained Celestia's power was useless in the dream dimension. Ponies have went on for 1000 years without anyone defending them from the various nightmares that were never dealt with. That really leaves open the door for the type of plot where something big happens because it was left unchecked for so long. There is no established big baddie that resides in the dream world or any ponies that were damaged by their nightmares for the lack of Luna not being around haven't appeared.
  9. Princess Celestia: Here I am alone, now to find a pony to save. Oh my, is that one of those dreams I heard about. So naughty, but I can't look away. I can definitely see how the male population thinks of us, princesses. That one over there has the whole collection, he must be basement dweller. *Laughs.* Rainbow Dash: There was a breaking point, where my parents went too far. Scootaloo: Which was? Rainbow Dash: Potty training. They had to make it known to the whole world. Sugar Belle: Big Mac, tell me something about yourself. Big Mac: I dressed up as a lady for my young sister. Sugar Belle: That is so progressive. Do you like role playing? Big Mac: Yep.
  10. Twilight Sparkle: Sorry, I'm late. I had to deal with Spike complaining about nightmares. Stupid dragon kept saying Nightmare Moon and Day Breaker was going to destroy him. *Laughs.* Luna: Sister, you did not send those two to....? Celestia: I might have. Starlight Glimmer: Pancakes with a happy face. They're delicious. Celestia: Glad you're enjoying them. Starlight Glimmer: By the way, this atmosphere and setting kinda gives the vibe like you're coming on to me. Celestia: Really? Starlight Glimmer: Totally. Could you picture it, Twilight's mentor and her student doing something forbidden. Twilight would be watching the whole thing and freaking out. I think she spies on her friends even in their most private moments. *Watching with her crystal ball.* Twilight Sparkle: That can't be proven in the courts.
  11. Scootaloo: Here Rainbow Dash caused several explosions at the weather factory. Princess Celestia called it an act of terrorism. Windy Whistles: Is that something we should be proud of? Bow Hot Hoof: Yea, Rainbow Dash fight the clouds. I guess. Bow Hot Hoof: My Rainbow Dash has best looking flank in the Wonderbolts. Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles: Number 1 flank! Number 1 flank! Rainbow Dash: *Embarrassed.* Mom! Dad! Rarity: Now you understand what I was trying to explain. Applejack: I get it and I'll make it right. *Walks towards Strawberry Sunrise house.* Rarity: Did you not get the point? You're suppose to go the other way and make amends. Applejack: An Apple never leaves until it's all settled. Rarity: You can be so vindictive!
  12. Applebloom: Big Mac, I want to ask you a very personal question. Are you making me an aunt? Big Mac: *Chokes* Rainbow Dash: Thanks for helping me out on this. Spitfire: Sure. You're lucky Rainbow Dash, my dad left us to run away with another pony. Rainbow Dash:...............
  13. Spitfire: How does it look doctor? Doctor: Not good. I lost my lunch, my breakfast, last's night dinner, and everything before that. Spitfire: I meant Rainbow Dash. Doctor: A complete mess. All her feathers have been torn out. She won't be able to fly anymore. Spitfire: What sick monster could have done it? Lightning Dust: *Looking from outside the window and laughs evilly.*
  14. You're right, RD and her friends nixed LD's dream of being a Wonderbolt.
  15. Rover: Ya! Mule. *Slaps Rarity's flank.* Rarity: You call me a mule and assault me! Trigger Warning! *Puts on a mask.* Spot: Holy hole! She's one of those ponies! Fido: Run! Rarity: *War cry.*