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  1. An episode that reaffirms some of Chancellor Neighsay points. There's also another issue of AJ's activity is soliciting free labor from her students to build a shed her farm was going to use.
  2. Applejack: Today you're all going to learn teamwork by building an Apple shed together. Rainbow Dash: More like your farm needs another shed so you're trying to solicit free labor out of our students. Applejack: Do you have a problem Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash: Yes I do. Hire some workers you bit pincher. Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy, wins not an official certified teacher of the month again. Pinkie Pie: I'm surprised she keeps winning. Rarity: Well I for one am jealous because she has the male students vote locked down because they're crushing on her. Twilight Sparkle: Luckily I asked a follow up poll question and they seem to like watching her lay on the desk cuddling with animals. *Sigh*
  3. where is the Guverment

    Another aspect is to assume the government knows but is taking their time. This could be collecting evidence to get the required permission to do something.
  4. 200th Episode Idea - Behind the Scenes!

    Crossover franchise, Alicorns are Transformers in beast mode.
  5. Maybe have Rainbow Dash handle seeing a different medium telling Daring Do stories and becomes critical of a different author's interpretation. Basically a Daring Do comic book by the same author(s) behind the Power Ponies. Rainbow Dash reads it, gets sucked in, and is now Daring Do. Cue biggest RD climax of excitement moment.
  6. Starlight Glimmer: We still haven't figured out the friendship problem. Sunburst: Maybe we missed someone. Baker: It's you two that are the "problem". Starlight Glimmer: Us, how are we the problem? Smelly Book Seller: You both were real jerks to your parents. Scent Sales Pony: I've never acted that way to my loving parents. You two are insane. Sunburst: Looks like we now know where to fix the problem. Baker: Yeah, you better hurry before your mom hits the bottle. Sunburst: My mom is a alcoholic? Baker: Oh yeah. Said having been ignored by her son and no husband driven her to the bottle. Starlight Glimmer: Then what has my dad been doing. Smelly Book Seller: You don't want to know.
  7. Sunset Shimmer: I asked Princess Twilight Sparkle to come over. Rarity: That's great. Just tell her to leave that perverted dog of hers at home. I'm tired of him always following me like some letch. Princess Celestia: Twilight I learned something new about you from your school and this play. You're terrible at managing anything since you've became a princess. If you were in charge of a kingdom like for real, it would be chaos in a day. Princess Celestia: Oh please, you just flitter around and give them happy dreams. Princess Luna: Those dreams requires a paid subscription. Princess Celestia: You charge ponies for good dreams. Princess Luna: Not just good dreams. I also take requests to give others nightmares, for a price. Take Starlight Glimmer here, she hired me to give Twilight and her friends several weeks worth of nightmares. Starlight Glimmer: *Embarrassed grin.*
  8. episode discussion S08:E08 - The Parent Map

    If Firelight and Stellar Flare were actually a couple, their kid would be Twilight Sparkle.
  9. Twilight Sparkle: I trust your friendship problem was a success. Starlight Glimmer: Yes, it was. Just a personal problem with our parents. No big deal. Twilight Sparkle: That's great because I just got a wedding invite from your father marrying a pony named Stellar Flare. Starlight Glimmer: What?! My dad is marrying Sunburst's mom! *Angry.* This is insane, I just got back! How could he do this?! *Cutie mark starts glowing.* Oh, go to hell you stupid map! Twilight Sparkle: Look you need to calm down.... Spike: Hey I just got a letter from Sunburst. He's not happy. Twilight Sparkle: What does it say? Spike: Go to ...something you stupid map. With lots of exclamation marks. Sunburst: This town has changed. Starlight Glimmer: Not everything. Crazy Colt: It's the end of Equestria! The five princesses of the apocalypse will be our end! Sunburst: Kind of amazing, he predicted five princesses and there was a type of ending apocalypse . Starlight Glimmer: For some reason, I had a crush on him once when I was young.
  10. It depends mainly on the direction of the show. If they're not doing the "friendship" thing, then a new cast would be a must.
  11. Rarity: Princess Celestia tasked us to put the Storm King back together to face trial. Pinkie Pie: I'll get the glue. Rarity: No. Get the hot glue gun. Storm King: *Eyes freaking out.* Rainbow Dash: I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Zephyr Breeze: Rainbow Dash, every-time I curl up and bury my face in that soft cloud. I think of your flank. Applejack: Rarity's crushes have been getting weirder lately. This one wanted me to hog tie him and say mean things to him. Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, I can't tell by that look if you're either way too confidant or flirting with me. Rainbow Dash: Who knows?
  12. Neighsay: You promised a school to train skilled war ponies, but all you've shown me was petal pickers mingling with the enemy. Twilight Sparkle: But.... Starlight Glimmer: You want a war pony, I'll show you... Neighsay: See, why isn't she running the school? Starlight Glimmer: Wait, you think I'm a better pony to run the school. Neighsay: If you can run a tight ship and keep everything in line, yes. Starlight Glimmer: I used to run a cult. Neighsay: Excellent, you're in charge. Granny Smith: Your sister Applejack used to lie a lot. Until I got the switch on her. Made her an honest pony after that.
  13. Princess Celestia: Didn't Applejack tell you to be honest? Twilight Sparkle: She did, but I didn't want too because lately she's been getting smug about it. Granny Smith: I thought you were the fun one. Rainbow Dash: I am, it's just after 9 pm when the real fun starts.
  14. Princess Celestia: I thought I taught you the importance of friendship about trust and honesty. Twilight Sparkle: You deceive the public trust and lie to the kingdom all the time. Princess Celestia: That's different. Twilight Sparkle: Princess Celestia is the worst actor. Spike: It's not like Celestia told you she had zero skill in acting to begin with. Sunset Shimmer: You....blowhard! Trixie: *Gasp.* How did you know my street name? Sunset Shimmer: I'll show you how mean I can be. Trixie: Whoa. Calm it down. I see someone has been carrying around a lot of repressed anger. Hanging around goody toe-shoes like them can have that effect. Twilight Sparkle: That's it I'm done for today. I'm going home, take my sleeping meds, and skipping the rest of the day. Twilight Sparkle: We're proud to call you friend. Sunset Shimmer: Actually, I don't feel like being friends with all of you anymore. Trixie was a better friend than any of you.
  15. One understandable fear of Neighsay.

    With how the Equestrian Kingdom has been defeated several times over for the past few years and getting by the skin of their teeth to recover. Neighsay is right that they need to have strength to stand up for themselves. More ponies need to be able to stand up and fight back when needed as relying on the Mane 6 or the princesses has been waning.