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  1. movies/tv

    In the 80s before FIM there was Gummi Bears.
  2. Sunset Shimmer: I'll take this lizard for a pet. Fluttershy: I can't give him to you. Sunset Shimmer: Why not? Fluttershy: You don't have a home, you live by a dumpster next to Arby's. Sunset Shimmer: Morning girls. Rarity: Morning Sunset, I see you're look spiffy with those new clothes....which just came in last night. Sunset, you've been stealing clothes from my store again! Applejack: What's wrong Big Mac? Big Mac:'re friend....wash tub out back....only with a towel....I need to go! Applejack: Dagnabbit, Sunset is using the wash tub out back again.
  3. Applejack: Aren't you worried that Rarity is bad influence on Spike? Twilight Sparkle: I don't see a problem. Spike: *Infatuated.* Ah. Mistress Rarity commanded me to kiss her hoof today. Twilight Sparkle: Okay, I see your point. Garble: I ain't afraid of any ponies, unless it's an army or they have anti-dragon weapons or spells. Spike: As your dragon king, I command Garble to clean yourself like a dog. Pinkie Pie: Whoa, you have a place dedicated to that handsome celebrity. A lock of hair and bottles.... Rarity: Get away from my shrine! Rainbow Dash: The worse part of being a Wonderbolt is having to fill out paper work every time I crash, injure a pony, or cause collateral damage.
  4. EG would work best in the 10 minute format. Focused on one story plot per an episode and they can put out a lot of episodes.
  5. Applejack: I don't want to help those smelly violent yaks. Pinkie Pie: Applejack how dare you, make an accurate statement that I can't say is insulting. Ember: Are you sure you're friends and not just a slave to those ponies? Spike: I'm sure. If you doubt it, I have left them three times. Ember: Yet, they followed you and brought you back every time. Your masters are right over there hiding in the bush. Spike: I can prove it. Why yes, King Ember I would like to assist you for a while to run things. Rarity: You promised to help me on my next project, Spike! Spike: I'm sorry, I was only kidding! Ember: See. Spike: *Sigh.* Pinkie Pie: You have to get help! Prince Rutherford: You do not understand yak culture! You're no yak! Pinkie Pie: Of course I don't understand yak culture, I have a pony brain! Stupid! Prince Rutherford: You call me stupid! Pinkie Pie: I would call you a stubborn mule, but that would be insulting to the mules! Prince Rutherford: You dare insult me to my face! Pinkie Pie: *Gets in his face.* Yeah, bub. Whatcha going to do? -------------------- Pinkie Pie: And that's what happen. *Everyone in the room mouth drop.* Twilight Sparkle: I'm still processing this. How exactly can a heated argument end up with you and Prince Rutherford kissing? Rarity: It's called making out, dear. A common story plot in spicy romance novels. So how far did it go? Pinkie Pie: Gummy decided to interrupt. It was funny.
  6. It would be funny for Applejack to do the Sideshow Bob rake gag.
  7. Make a villain called "Night Mare" that Luna can battle. Fear oriented like a mix of Scarecrow and Freddy Kruger, it would be easy to have this villain trap ponies in nightmares while draining away their life force. Voiced by Robert Englund.
  8. movies/tv

    Loud House in the slice of life aspect by looking beyond the typical bathroom humor. The show seems to pick up on some elements of FIM. They have a Spike x Rarity setup with Clyde and Lori. Some episodes have moral based stories, some that FIM won't ever touch. There are elements they have like two men as parents.
  9. Starlight Glimmer: So I cast a spell that makes everyone tell the truth........of their deepest darkest secrets. Applejack: How could you? You've been dangerously close to using this magic like the phase in my life I was completely obsessed with Big Mac being all mine. *Gasp.* Pinkie Pie: Don't worry about it. I too have a thing for Ms. Cake and the mister just needs to be out of the picture. Fluttershy: I would be angry, but not as much as I have hatred towards Angel. Rarity: We just need to calm down. It's nothing major like how I was happy to have another unicorn being my friend until that stupid horse up and changes into an alicorn. Rainbow Dash: All of your reactions are funny. Not as crazy as the stuff I did at summer flight camp. I feel so ashamed. Twilight Sparkle: Starlight, you need to figure out how to dispel this before everyone finds out I plagiarize most of my work. Oh dear. Twilight Sparkle: Starlight, you don't look so good. You haven't been getting enough sleep? Starlight Glimmer: *Grumpy* How could I? Every night it's either of you two making a racket. I keep hearing the same words being shouted every night, "Princess Celestia! Princess Celestia!! Princess CELESTIA!!!" or "Rarity! Rarity!! RARITY!!!" Twilight Sparkle: *Blushes* I don't know what that would be about.
  10. Sunset Shimmer: So what should we do? Twilight Sparkle: I know if you have a deck of cards, we could play this game that Rarity and Pinkie Pie came up with. Rarity: I would like to know how it goes. Pinkie Pie: Me too. Twilight Sparkle: My friends back in Equestria would put on clothes from Rarity's shop. Then we would play our cards where the losers lose a piece of clothing. It keeps going multiple rounds till the last one remaining still has an article of clothing on. It's so fun. Applejack: That sounds an awful lot like strip poker. Twilight Sparkle:: So no one wants to do it? Rarity: Well it's that um..... Fluttershy: It's fine, we can do it at my place. Sunset Shimmer: Will you be okay with Twilight not being around? Flash Sentry: It'll take some time to come to terms. I do regret getting this tattoo of Twilight. Sunset Shimmer: I'm sure you'll be able.... Flash Sentry: *Shows tattoo.* Sunset Shimmer: Oh my Celestia, I can't believe you put it there.
  11. Twilight Sparkle: Her methods are challenged by a doctor pony that specializes in psychology.
  12. Twilight Sparkle: The board of psychologists laughed me out of the room after I finished giving my presentation on friendship is magic. They said, come back when you have a license to step hoof in our field. Applejack: Don't listen to them Twilight. They're just a bunch of quacks that think they're special in being able to help ponies' personal issues on a simple ideology. Twilight Sparkle: *Blink.* Applejack: Exception for you, princess.
  13. Twilight Sparkle: Spike didn't make up his bed. I'll just do it. *Lifts covers and magazines falls out.* What is this? Pony Play. *Looks.* Ah! I can't believe such materials exist. Starlight Glimmer: Spike! I brought the latest issue you wanted. *Stops.* Twilight? Twilight Sparkle: Starlight. Starlight Glimmer: Don't judge. Twilight Sparkle: I wasn't. I didn't see anything. Starlight Glimmer: Well then guess you don't need to see page 47 of this issue then. Twilight Sparkle: What is it? Starlight Glimmer: I'm not telling you. Twilight Sparkle: Quit teasing me. Starlight Glimmer: Okay. *Shows page 47.* Twilight Sparkle: *Gasp.* Starlight Sparkle: That'll give you nightmares. Princess Luna tends to mention dealing with that on occasion.
  14. The Spa really has no excuse to not have maintenance on staff or to call to repair it. Basic 101: Someone had to install the entire setup for the spa.
  15. Rainbow Dash: So the yaks are stuck eating and sleeping with snow. in Equestria were we afraid of them?