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  1. Spike: So got any gems to eat. Garble: Eating gems is for younglings that don't need mommy to feed them. We snort gem dust through our noses. Spike: I guess I can try that. *One bad overwhelming experience later.* Smolder: Garble, care to explain why Spike is passed out on the ground with his rolled back in his head and covered in gem dust. Garble: I tried to stop him but he wanted to show off snorting gems dust.
  2. A higher rating would allow the show to expand the lesson of friendship in more ways and not handle it with kiddie gloves. Like helping a friend get over an addiction that controls their life. Rainbow Dash loses to a Pegasus that's been juicing. Rarity gets stalked by some creepy pony in love with her.
  3. Pinkie will be much better than some other parents in the show.
  4. Rarity: So this handsome stud walked into my boutique. Yada yada yada, hours later he was worth the effort. Twilight Sparkle: So what happened? Rainbow Dash: She just said what happened. Twilight Sparkle: All Rarity said was, "yada yada yada." That would be like if I said, "I was with my brother and we yada yada yada the night away." Rarity: Oh, my word! Applejack: Really?! Rainbow Dash: Celestia, why? Fluttershy: That's your brother! Pinkie Pie: Disgusting! Twilight Sparkle: What did I say?
  5. Rarity: Wind Rider got chocolate cake on his ivory scarf. Wind Rider: If that's all you got to pin it on me, you should turn in the badge toots.
  6. Not likely considering the time limit imposed and her theory was pinning it on Wind Rider which still had holes. Rarity would not have been able to walk it back once she made the accusation it was Wind Rider.
  7. - Wind Rider confessing and the rules for investigation in Rarity Investigates! - Despite everything Rarity laid out in her case, her evidence was just circumstantial for a hypothesis that it was Wind Rider who set up Rainbow Dash. Her entire case hinged on Wind Rider coming clean. Wind Rider could have still denied any involvement as the evidence against Rainbow Dash was still stronger and Rarity was bias towards protecting Rainbow Dash by shifting the accusation on to him. This all started because the Wonderbolts don't have an independent investigation policy to handle infractions, where the accused is guilty and have to go about proving their innocent.
  8. Rainbow Dash: I'm really getting tired of everyone asking me, "Which one are you?". Just because my mane, cutie mark, and tail is the color of rainbow, doesn't imply any additional meanings beyond being cool.
  9. Rarity: My new line of dresses are designed with an easy way for them to slip off. For when your special some pony says, "Drop'em". Sugar Belle: Oh, I don't know if Big Mac can even say that.
  10. Rainbow Dash: Applejack, your family's cider tastes horrible. Applejack: That's those new "regulations" enacted by Princess Twilight. We had to make a lot of changes, like our equipment to make cider meets the health qualifications and that the farm meets the environmental standards. She's wringing my family out more than our rags. Rainbow Dash: Dang it, the minute Twilight gets into power she starts throwing her weight around and nitpicking everything. She put a speed limit on how fast Pegasus can fly. I have over 10 speeding tickets just to be here.
  11. With that concept Season 1 could focus on giving each of the Mane their own introduction individual story arcs. Season 1 finale arc has them meet and work together for the first time. That way their friendship isn't rushed like FIM.
  12. Twilight Sparkle: There are zombies everywhere. Where's Pinkie Pie? Rainbow Dash: She tried to befriend them and they ate her. Applejack: She could have been saved if a certain pony acted. Rainbow Dash: Pinkie clearly said she knew what she was doing and got this. How was I suppose to know being eaten alive screaming for help wasn't part of that?
  13. Spike: Twilight are you okay? Twilight Sparkle: I'm okay. What happened? Spike: Well, you tried to push your last apprentice to pursue friendship. Then she said your style of approach with friendship was temptation to make one compromise or surrender their own beliefs to appease others. After that you started rambling, hyper ventilating, and passed out. Twilight Sparkle: I can't believe that happened.
  14. Misread the Signs - Pinkie Pie welcomes a new colt who arrives to Ponyville and spends time supporting him as a good friend. However he's been misreading her intentions of being a friend as more like romantic gestures. After realizing that, she's having trouble trying to break to it him that they're only friends without hurting him and destroying the friendship. This would be a good lesson to teach that friendship does not always equal romance.
  15. This isn't the first time Twilight has played mind games with Rainbow Dash. I remember two other times from Rainbow Falls with something like guilt tripping and The End in Friend where they were tricked. If there was one more Season, this was something that needed to blow up in Twilight's face and learn a lesson.