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  1. *Big Mac walks by Twilight and gives a death stare.* Sci-Twilight Sparkle: Why does your brother give me that look every time I see him? Applejack: Princess Twilight walked in on Big Mac while he was taking a shower. She pointed and compared him to his colt counterpart from Equestria. He was traumatized by that. Diamond Tiara: Hello...*Toot toot.* Did I just tooted? Silver Spoon: *Covering nose and nods.* Sweetie Belle: Guess you can't say those two words you like to call us. Diamond Tiara: What did you do? You cursed me. Sweetie Belle: I didn't curse. Must be Princess Celestia having enough of that nasty language of yours. Diamond Tiara: Why you..... Applebloom: Careful, what you say in.....public. Scootaloo: You don't want to test how far this can go. Diamond Tiara: AHHHHHHHH! *Runs away.*
  2. Rarity: I met this guy on social media called Carlos Danger He's sending me a picture right now.... OH MY GOD!
  3. Cadance: This is our daughter Flurry Heart. Celestia: She looks adorable. Luna: Ugly little mutant. Flurry Heart: *CRIES!* Fluttershy: The animals just need a sanctuary where they'll be safe and can rest. Twilight Sparkle: You mean your backyard. Fluttershy: No.......maybe........yes. Rainbow Dash: I just say throw them back into the woods and leave it to nature to take care of them. Fluttershy: I can't do that, that's mean. Rainbow Dash: Survival of the fittest. Applejack: Besides, if a bear can figure out to take a shower and towel itself. It should be able to integrate into our society and get a job. Critters need to quit mooching off your kindness getting a free ride. Fluttershy: No, they can't do that. Applejack: You had a snake butler. They're not stupid.
  4. Cherry Jubilee: Hey there Applejack. Applejack: Hi, Cherry Jubilee. I even brought my brother Big Mac. Cherry Jubilee: I thought I would never see you again, Cherry Chaser. Big Mac: UH............. Applejack: Do you two know each other? Big Mac: *Sigh* Yep. Starlight Glimmer: So you all go around making friends with others. Mane 6: *Nod yes.* Pinkie Pie: Best friends actually. Applejack: We work her to cater to their needs. Rarity: There are times it calls for the most attractive outfits. Twilight Sparkle: And we keep a list of all everyone we worked with including their preferred friends. Fluttershy: Though we haven't came up with a name for this whole thing. Starlight Glimmer: You all sound like escort friends. Rainbow Dash: Escort Friends. That sounds cool. Like how flying pegasus need an escort wing to watch out for them. I have to go tell every pony. *Rushes out the door.* Twilight Sparkle: Great name. I'm sure you'll fit right in with us. Starlight Glimmer: *Smile* Great. "Starlight Glimmer you thought you were past this part of your life and they drag you back in."
  5. Maud Pie: I keep a collection of shapely stalagmites. This one looks like a...... Starlight Glimmer: *Blushes* Okay. Okay. You can put that one away. Maud Pie: You can borrow it if you want. Starlight Glimmer: No, that's okay. Please stop waving it in my face.
  6. One the best things about Starlight is that she's making new friends instead of the Mane 6 fixing their problems.
  7. Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy, you can't be around us for a while. Fluttershy: Oh, no. You're abandoning me. *Cries.* Rainbow Dash: You have fleas from being around all those wild animals. Fluttershy: Oh. That makes sense. I need to go to the vet to get a flea shampoo for myself. Sunset Shimmer: Looks like I win again. Time for you girls to pony up those clothes. Rarity: I'm just glad that no guys are here. Pinkie Pie: I am not going. *Sits on Rainbow Dashes face.* Rainbow Dash: *Insert mouth action.* Pinkie Pie: *Shocked* *Later* Twilight Sparkle: Good work Rainbow Dash getting Pinkie Pie to the party. Uh.....what's wrong with you two? Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie: *Embarrassed* We don't want to talk about it. Berry Punch: *Drunk* There's a lot stallions can offer. Twilight Sparkle: Like friendship. Berry Punch: *Drunk* Friendship, ha. Not if it's only for a night. Rarity: *Drunk* I'm with you sister. Twilight Sparkle: Rarity? Rarity: *Drunk* I've given up trying to tie them a relationship.
  8. Applejack: It's fun having you all over here for the sleep over. Rarity: By the way, does Big Mac stay in the room next to yours. Applejack: Yeah, why? Rarity: *Runs up to the wall.* Big Mac, hold me tight in your manly arms! Girls: *Giggle* Applejack: Oh, I see what you're doing there. Pinkie Pie: *Runs up to the wall and eats a brownie.* Oh, you're so delicious! *Sunset Shimmer walks over to the wall with Applejack.* Sunset Shimmer: It feels like it's getting hot in this room?! Applejack: Granny doesn't like the AC turned on at night so It's alright if you need to shed a few clothes! Sunset Shimmer: Well then, let's go ahead! *Girls drops AJ clothes on the floor.* *Loud crash from Big Mac's room.* Sunset Shimmer: How about we sleepover at Fluttershy's next time? Fluttershy: No, I refuse. Rainbow Dash: Her place is off limits. The brother tends to walk around like your kind Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer: Oh. Principal Celestia: I have received a letter from the Superintendent questioning the Fall Formal Princess contest being sexist on the grounds that it lacks a male counterpart. I do have the option to add a Fall Formal Prince but the Superintendent went on to suggest to make it a non-gender oriented winner in-case someone is offended by a two gender competition. So I'm not dealing with this, the entire Fall Formal contest is canceled. You can write your complaint letters to the Superintendent at this address.
  9. Starlight Glimmer: So there is this one thing I'm into I draw *whisper whisper*. Maud Pie: I've seen that before, out of curiosity. Could you maybe draw me some of that one rock looking superhero character from the comics? Starlight Glimmer: Sure. Maud Pie: My nights alone. *Smile.* Veterinarian: Twilight Sparkle, this is really tough to say. Your dog Spike is dying. Twilight Sparkle: What? Why? Veterinarian: That's what I would like to know. I have never seen a dog with so many variations of cancer including never before seen. What have you been doing to this dog? Twilight Sparkle: He jumped through a magic portal and started talking. Veterinarian: Oh well, that would explain it. The talking is actually a tumor growing out of the area of the brain for speech. Twilight Sparkle: Isn't there anything you could do? Veterinarian: Beats me, you just told me he jumped thorough a magic portal. Trixie: I love being your friend Starlight Glimmer but I'm not very fond of the others. They're too PC police for me. Starlight Glimmer: PC? Trixie: Pony Correct. Luna: Sunset Shimmer and her friends, I now know what it's like if Hanna-Barbara made Sailor Moon.
  10. Spike: Flurry Heart, more like Snowflake in a couple of years. Princess Cadance: *Smacks Spike* You shut your mouth. Twilight Sparkle: Dear Princess Celestia, I didn't learn a dang thing today. Pinkie Pie: I see you brought Flurry Heart. Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, she's great. Pinkie Pie: I hate babies. Twilight Sparkle: What? Pinkie Pie: I was asking if you wanted toppings. Shining Armor: Get your hoof off my wife before I break it. Princess Luna: Sister, why are you wearing red lipstick and a red dress trying to sneak out at night? Princess Celestia: Uh........boys. Princess Luna: I forget you're a chimera now a days.
  11. Twilight Sparkle: I learned that I just can't put my hoof down and be stern towards Flurry Heart. Flurry Heart: *Smiles.* Twilight Sparkle: But don't think that lets you off the hook. When you get older you won't be able to run away with your shield up. Enjoy your time being spoiled now my favorite niece because once you reach that age; actions will have consequences, the world will try to eat you alive, and I will burn so many lessons into your head. Flurry Heart: *Frighten*
  12. Cows: So is Big Mac going to come by to milk us? Applejack: No, because you all make it weird around him. Cows: Then how about getting a bull or maybe a Minotaur? Applejack: I ain't getting no bull or no Minotaur. Last thing I need to be hearing is your constant mooing all night long.
  13. Garble: Well well, if it isn't you. Let's see, Starbright. Starkite. Gloom Glimmer. Little horn. Starlight Glimmer: *Angry. Uses her magic to slam Garble's face into the rocky ground.* Say my name! Garble: *Cries* Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer: No. Super Kami Princess. *Smirks.* Trixie: Starlight Glimmer you don't look so good. You look like someone who was out all night doing tricks. Starlight Glimmer: *Angry.* Grrrrrrrrrrr! *Bottles anger.* Trixie: What's with the red bottle? You're trying to make you own Red Lantern for the upcoming convention. Pretty snazzy. Trixie: Starlight, you have to help? I don't know how to deal with two disgruntled oldies and roid rager. Twilight Sparkle: The jewelry store seller and Applejack's grandmother had strokes, and the roid raging Hulk had to be put down by the elite guard. Care to explain Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer: Uh....... Trixie: Funny story. It starts with you being a terrible teacher not teaching her how to manage her anger. Twilight Sparkle: I could send Starlight Glimmer to Chicago there she could..... Princess Celestia: O_O Are you insane?! Do you want her to be another number in the crime statistics. Twilight Sparkle: You're right. What was I thinking?
  14. Human Sunset Shimmer should have a disdain view of pony Sunset Shimmer. She sees SSpony as a doppelganger and insists that SSpony belongs in her own world.