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  1. Twilight Sparkle: So we found Photo Finish to convince her to take some pictures of you. Rarity: I'm assuming she refused and one of you threatened her. Applejack: How did you know? Rarity: It's not the first time Applejack chased somepony with a rope. Fluttershy: Zecora, I'm so sorry that you got sick because of me. Zecora: You should be. You spoil those infested critters making them want things. Rainbow Dash: As they say, a little collateral damage doesn't hurt any pony. Pinkie Pie: Who says that? Rainbow Dash: Me, because it never cost me one bit. Rainbow Dash: Daring Do, you can't retire. I'll do anything. I'll even confirm the shipping between Daring Do and Rainbow Dash. *Heads up stairs.* Daring Do: Where are you going? Rainbow Dash: Go easy.
  2. There is a precedent, some of the Mane 6 got away with massive mistakes that wasn't addressed with consequences within the episodes.
  3. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    I like Angry Fluttershy in FIM, for G5 I would like to see that voice actress play a hot-headed unicorn that uses magic against those that cross her. A character that is easily triggered and has to work on anger management.
  4. The alternative universe story of this would start at the point where instead of Pear Butter choosing to stay with the Apple Family, Bright Mac makes the decision to leave the Apple Family to travel with Pear family to Vanhoover. Big Mac, Pearjack (Applejack), and Pearbloom (Applebloom) would have pear theme cutie marks. Bright Mac and Pear Butter are still alive.
  5. Granny Smith: What are you talking about, married?! You two can't be married! Grand Pear: Finally, something I can agree on with that crazy apple. Pear Butter, enough of this nonsense. We're movin' into space! And you gotta be onboard with your family! Pear Butter: But... the Apples are my family now, too. Grand Pear: You can't be serious. Are you choosin' to plant yourself here as an Apple over being a space Pear?! Pear Butter: Are you makin' me choose? Grand Pear: Yes. I am. Pear Butter: Then yeah. I guess I am. Grand Pear: Fine! Scotty, beam me up. *Teleported away.* Pear Butter: [sobbing] Apple Bloom: Then you came here because you're sorry and that you wanted to get to know us, too? Grand Pear: I'm... so sorry. I-I-I was just so angry, and... well, life in space was so empty no matter how many non-pony alien babes I've come across in my travels in space. Apple Bloom: It's in the past, Grand Pear. Oh! Can I call you Grand Pear-Pear? Grand Pear: [chuckles] Sure can. Princess Celestia: All you do is give ponies lovely dreams so they don't have to pay for therapy.
  6. MLP and the Kardashev Scale

    Since Celestia and Luna don't have to deal with the complex impact of their raising the sun/moon on the entire planet, I'm sorta of thinking that the sun and moon they manipulate with magic could be artificial created. How much of this "daylight" and "nighttime" is just magic?
  7. Strength Of The Individual In MLP

    Most of the background ponies are individualistic, it's just when the show focuses on an individuality of a character is when it can go in a negative light. Too ambitious, too greedy, not properly able to gauge themselves, power grab, making bad decisions, opportunities to advance one self that clashes with friends, etc.
  8. Spitfire: Oh, no. It's him. Rainbow Dash: Who? Spitfire: Trigger Word. He's a crazy writer that puts out outrageous claims to provoke a response from the public. Rainbow Dash: Like what? Spitfire: How the Wonderbolts is too pegasus elite exclusive not allowing all pegasus, other winged creatures, unicorns, or even earth ponies to join. Rainbow Dash: That's insane, allowing the wrong ones to join would be like clogging up a working pipe with junk. Spitfire: Precisely, which is why you're going to be the plunger to get him out of here. Rainbow Dash: Ah........
  9. @SaburoDaimando The Windigos would classify as that kind of villain. They only want to do is freeze everyone and everything. Can't be reasoned with because friendship and love removes them.
  10. Daring Do movie. Daring Do as the main character and the Mane 6 as support cast. Any of these movies doesn't have to be about Twilight, a different main character would work better if trying to appeal to a wider audience and gives them a chance to introduce the Mane 6.
  11. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Well the content so far of G5 is sticking close to G4 where they're keeping the focus on the same characters with tweaks. Now that's a clue they're gauging reaction.
  12. S07:E05 - Fluttershy Leans In

    The forum has been having issues which causes posts to get posted repeatedly.
  13. S07:E05 - Fluttershy Leans In

    This episode was cringey. Fluttershy puts the vet in a bind with a bunch of animals that don't get the clue, you're healed now go. She wants a sanctuary and her friends suggest three experts that could help. Now here is where it all goes wrong, Fluttershy does a bad job at communicating what she wants with the project to everyone else and it wasn't planned out well enough for others outside her circle to understand. Before even the suggestion of the experts, Fluttershy should have presented it to her friends first to gauge what is needed before suggesting who could help. The main thing I draw away from the experts and Fluttershy is that she just wastes their time, she comes across as confusing and vague in explaining what she wants to the experts.
  14. Twilight Sparkle: Starlight I have a new friendship lesson. Starlight Glimmer: What is it? Twilight Sparkle: You're going on a date with any type you preference. Just let me know. Starlight Glimmer: A date? Why? Twilight Sparkle: Well, I wanted you get some experience so you don't get caught up in one of those wastes of love at first sight. Huge mistake I made. Flash Sentry: *Tear and walks away.* Twilight Sparkle: So what is your preference? If you say anything that is too young, inanimate, or species not capable of striking a conversation, we'll need to have a talk. Starlight Glimmer: Uh....Shining Armor. Twilight Sparkle: My brother, he's already married. Oh, you like already married colts. I know my brother is a real catch but I wouldn't advise it. Though the whole thing of my brother having an affair with my tempting. That would be like the ultimate friendship lesson. *Drooling.*