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  1. Woke won't work in a fictional society where the leaders are mainly female characters holding all the power of authority. Instead woke would sound more like oppressing someone stepping out of line for a point of view. If there was to be a woke agenda in Equestrian society, then there would need to be a more gender based re-balancing of authority in a girl's focused cartoon or a separate stereotypical antagonist group to be the target. We should be a bit worried about outside influences on a property. Another property Hasbro owns Magic the Gathering simply banned cards because art, name, a
  2. If I was to expect something to happen, it be more Neighsay like characters. Neighsay from Season 8 was a character reflecting off the current political climate of that time. They took a reasonable stance of Equestrian's kingdom security and history of crises that could challenge Twilight's stance to open up to the other creature kingdoms. Since Neighsay was opposing Twilight's view, rather than have a reasonable debate they made him a racist. Reasonably, it would be normal for people who had their country overthrow or going through many crisis caused by foreigners to be wary of them.
  3. In the first two episodes of the season, Neighsay did hold Twilight accountable for the mismanagement of her school and the new Mane 6 accident. He's an obstacle with an opposing view, but hasn't done anything deceptive, underhanded, or abuse of their power against Twilight and co. Just having an opinion that challenges or goes against the main characters own opinion isn't enough to warrant a character as a villain.
  4. Neighsay wasn't really a villain. He just had opposing view points and concerns given the prior history, that the show never addressed. Plus he was holding Twilight accountable for mismanagement. I think he was made to play on the current political climate at that time.
  5. While FIM is more black and white, G5 could go more shades of grey for everyone. Characters are given more leeway to swing between being nice and naughty. The Mane 6 doesn't always have to be the paragons of their element or have to answer the beckon call of Twilight's new cause, for example. Failure is an option to further extend a conflict, like not being able to make a friend on the first try.
  6. Any of the other Mane 6 besides Pinkie Pie having children. It's kind of sad they won't have their own next generation to bring up and pass on their ways. Rainbow Dash is an only child, if she has no children her family bloodline ends with her.
  7. The joke of being a background pony seems to stem from AJ being the most content character out of the Mane 6. She really has no defining goal to work towards in her long term development compared to some of the other Mane 6, except the farm but that's a gimme. TS has the princess of friendship. Rarity expanding her business. RD joining the Wonderbolts. FS over her shyness.
  8. For someone who isn't heavy into the fandom, the episode made the Mane 6 come off as they live in a bubble. What caught them by surprise is the difference in thought and opinion they're not used to dealing with
  9. Caught the episode again for a few minutes. One of the weakest parts of the second part is how quick the Changlings just accept Thorax as their new leader in a span of a few minutes of special effects and Celestia had to explain what just happened. This was right after Queen said Thorax was a traitor to the hive. Seems odd why would the drones listen to either Thorax or Starlight. Sure the drones are always hungry but the Queen was keeping the Hive surviving for a long time.
  10. Freaky Friend Day: Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning inhabiting the body of a lesser well known Earth Pony who is bad at making friends. Twilight without her magic and status as the Princess of Friendship has to make use of her knowledge to make friends to help her get back to her body. Meanwhile, the Earth Pony inhabiting Twilight's body is enjoying the life and position as Twilight Sparkle along with making decisions that could impact the fate of the kingdom.
  11. For Twilight Sparkle to sum up, she suffered from being the Chosen One trope for the entire series. Starlight Glimmer in her conflict with TS in their season finale pointed it out. Also Twilight starts off from a higher position as someone who is out of touch with the rest of the world.
  12. Twilight Sparkle: Anyone have ideas to improve Equestria? *Applejack and Starlight Glimmer raise their hooves.* Twilight Sparkle: Any other idea besides getting rid of the aristocrat class?
  13. Looking back at how this started. EG does comes off more like a parody of FIM. It started off as a gimmick of ponies with a human world counterpart. Then it slapped on the superhero/magical girl gimmick by giving them super powers. The biggest problem at the start, was reusing the Mane 5 again instead of having new characters using the same voice actors for Twilight/Sunset Shimmer to befriend.
  14. One of the major flaws is the episode, it doesn't show Fluttershy directing her aggression on the agitator Angel. Other than that Fluttershy gets drunk on power and anger which can happen to someone not use to it.
  15. One thing that goes with this shipping is Rainbow Dash and Applejack don't want to have children. At least I would assume Applejack would want to have children to raise seeing how motherly she was to Applebloom and big on family. Rainbow Dash I can understand not interested in raising kids short of having one to inherit her legacy.
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