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    It matters not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.
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    If I'm not playing video games, then I'm usually eating, sleeping, reading, or looking for a fun rp to join.

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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned for thinking we'll ever stop
  2. Saw the MLP: Movie last night. Totally awesome. Definitely worth a theater visit if you can.

    Also: I'm still so sorry for not being active on here as much. I keep tryin to fill my spare time with games and keep neglecting the Forums. :( I need a forums app to constantly remind me to at least check here when work is slow. :please:

  3. Stupid work and video games keeping me from ponies and rp. I'm hoping my transfer to a new dept will alleviate some of the stress and boredom i feel at work all day. Hope to be active on here again in the coming months.

  4. Open

    @Blitz Boom Satin smiled and bowed to Bubble Tea. "This shall be fine enough. Thank you, Ms. Tea." Satin set her belongings down just inside the room and took a quick inspection of the room, taking note of the amenities. It wasn't the best, but is was from the worst place she had stayed before. She rested upon the bed and smiled, letting out a sigh. "Yes, this shall do nicely."
  5. Open

    @Blitz Boom Satin watched the puff of smoke start to dissipate. She'd expected more of a goodbye, but at least the mare had said she'd be back. When that would be, Satin had no clue, but she would await her sort of friend's return. Satin turned towards Bubble Tea and smiled. "That would be lovely, Ms. Tea. Please lead the way." Satin could sense the confusion heavily weighing upon the mare, but said nothing. She, too, was a little taken aback, but would wait until Vivid came back to think about any of it. She gathered her bag and spirits and prepared to follow the innkeeper.
  6. Open

    @Blitz Boom Satin nodded and smiled to the mare. "Tis a busy life, being an artist. And please, I will send a formal letter here if I come to the decision that I shan't return here." Satin looked to her companion and smiled softly. "Are you staying much longer, Vivid. I believe I remember you saying something about having somewhere to be tonight and I'd hate to keep you. If you must go, I can set my things up in the room I shall be staying in and explore around the town a bit." (Oh no, it's back! Kill it with fire!!!!)
  7. Status Update: Not dead, just been exhausted from work. Hoping to get back on here soon, but, sadly, will probably be very restricted in any RP and Forum Game activities. ;-;


    Sorry, had to.