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    It matters not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.
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    If I'm not playing video games, then I'm usually eating, sleeping, reading, or looking for a fun rp to join.

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    Music (Various genres of Rock, Jazz, Classical)
    Some small amounts of writing and doodling

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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom Satin nodded and smiled to the mare. "Tis a busy life, being an artist. And please, I will send a formal letter here if I come to the decision that I shan't return here." Satin looked to her companion and smiled softly. "Are you staying much longer, Vivid. I believe I remember you saying something about having somewhere to be tonight and I'd hate to keep you. If you must go, I can set my things up in the room I shall be staying in and explore around the town a bit." (Oh no, it's back! Kill it with fire!!!!)
  2. Status Update: Not dead, just been exhausted from work. Hoping to get back on here soon, but, sadly, will probably be very restricted in any RP and Forum Game activities. ;-;


    Sorry, had to.


  4. Sustenance (again)