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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Trixie or Chrysalis
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    Changeling or Other

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    Virginia Beach, Virginia
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    It matters not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.
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    If I'm not playing video games, then I'm usually eating, sleeping, reading, or looking for a fun rp to join.

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    Music (Various genres of Rock, Jazz, Classical)
    Some small amounts of writing and doodling

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  1. I'm so done with Bungie.

    1. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      I've been done with them since they left the Halo series to die.

    2. Lil' Lovebug

      Lil' Lovebug

      I was okay with them leaving Halo, as Microsoft was kinda screwing them. I was excited when Destiny was officially announced and it looked sweet when they showed it at E3. I preordered it, played the beta and found it pretty fun, but the beta was practically 1/6 of the game.... Decided to keep playing and buy the DLC (after taking a break from the game), but the DLC was more of the same (not to mention that the DLC you bought became worthless the moment a new one was released). Only decent one was Taken king. Now they have a triumph book where the end goal is a shirt! Woooh! Oh wait, you still have to buy it anyways. WTF is the point.....

      (Sorry for ranting)

    3. Kyoshi


      Bungie lost all credibility the moment they decided to become another puppet for Activision. Destiny was trash and I guarantee the sequel will have just as much corporate garbage involved.

  2. When you want to change your Avatar, but what you want to change it to wouldn't match your username, and you don't want to change your username. #1stWorldProblems

  3. My friends: "We won't play the new (Dark Souls 3) DLC without you."

    I go to bed.

    Friends proceed to play the DLC without me.

    Wtf? :unamused:

    1. COBLoneWolf


      Isnt Dark Souls singleplayer anyway?

    2. Lil' Lovebug

      Lil' Lovebug

      No. You can summon your friends to help you and they can summon you.

    3. COBLoneWolf


      Ah. I never played Dark Souls, so I didn't know

  4. Mega Thread

    Try to sneak away as quietly as possible. Hugs?
  5. Vile (I'll take Words used to describe Jabba the Hutt for 100.)
  6. Lace (like sexy lingerie.... I mean shoes >_>)
  7. Lame (Like fake cakes)
  8. Fake (The cake is a lie)
  9. Fare Love the Warriors reference
  10. ScruffyLovebug Imagining a floofy changeling
  11. Lula Lovebug. That's a pretty cute name
  12. Bind (Because pokemon)
  13. Mega Thread

    6/10 Cause you had to crop Tavi again (Also, Trixie best Pone)
  14. Don't you hate when there's a bunch of anime you've watched that NONE of your friends have, so you have nobody to talk to about it?

    1. .Wolfe.
    2. A.V.


      Dem 1st-world problems, tho.