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  1. I wanna do some RP's but I'm afraid of losing interest/forgetting about the forums. :(:blush:

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      Blitz Boom

      You never know if you will get bitten before you try though. :)

      Also, email notifications helps me remember. Helps a ton. ^_^

      P.S. sorry for necroing your status update. Just saw it whilst going through old friends and figured I'd try and cheer a bit. :) Hope you're doing well.

  2. I'm ALIVE! Now let's see how long that lasts again.

  3. Lil' Lovebug

    Open Casual stroll

    Satin was shocked, to say the least. They could go anywhere? She shook her head before she became lost in thought. This would require planning and multiple outfits."I guess we should head back then. Oh, the possibilities." She was visibly giddy, a slight hop in her step and a large smile on her face. Here eyes were practically sparkling, even. She started off back to the inn, turning back to make sure Vivid was following her. "What did you used to do for fun back in the day, Vivid? Plays? Musicals? Reading?" Satin hoped she was helping the mare, though she was worried she was overstepping her bounds or going to fast for Vivid. She just wanted to restore some hope and happiness to the mare.That's why she had to plan as best as she could to make sure they both had fun and enjoyed themselves.
  4. Lil' Lovebug

    Open Casual stroll

    Satin's eyes lit up. "Oh, i don't know if any good plays would be going on here in Ponyville, and I got an offer to go to a spa, but," Satin touches Vivid's cloak, "with your cold situation, we both wouldn't be able to enjoy that...." She sat there pondering for a few moments, muttering. "A nice library trip is always enjoyable, but not much for bonding. Nothing too fancy or new, I want both of us to enjoy it. Umm... Why don't we just walk around for a bit and find something you like? I also hear there's an amazing confectioner here. We could stop there if you want." She finally dropped her guise and smiled, hoping Vivid would enjoy the idea."I would like to run back to the inn and dress up a bit if you don't mind. It feels odd not wearing anything."
  5. Lil' Lovebug

    Open Casual stroll

    Satin didn't know what to say, so she just got up and brushed the dirt off her lavender fur. She slowly walked over to Vivid, and leaned against her, sitting there for a few moments, just trying to think. "I guess we both overreacted," she finally whispered, thinking of the emotions she'd sensed. "An explanation would have been nice, but I'm glad I at least know now." Satin pulled back, assuming the demon mare was probably getting a little uncomfortable by now. "So what happens now?"
  6. Lil' Lovebug

    Open Casual stroll

    The sudden voice behind her scared Satin as she was lost in thought. Her wet, sullen eyes looked up to meed Vivid's, tears starting to pool up again. She lifted her head, instinctively flicking her tongue out, instantly recoiling as she tasted the raw mess of emotions protruding from Vivid. She could taste the confusion, some sadness, a little bit of shock and annoyance, but most important and distinguished was the raw, pungent taste of rage. Her eyes turned to saucers, the tears returning. She averted her eyes from the demon mare. "I'm sorry. I just... I finally found you to tell you I was here... and then... You said you needed to think and left so suddenly, and... I felt like I did something wrong. But...." She took a moment to catch her breath as she tried to stop herself from sobbing. "But I guess I misunderstood, and I'm sorry Vivid. I didn't mean to."
  7. Lil' Lovebug

    Open Casual stroll

    Pain. That's all Satin could feel as she watched Vivid disappear into smoke. She sat there, forgetting the eyes upon her as she wondered if she'd done something wrong. Tears started rolling down her face as she started to walk away, thoughts racing as to what she could have done to hurt the demon-pony enough to make her not want to be near her. As she walked into one of the small alleys, Satin transformed herself into her pony guise, a lilac unicorn with more vividly purple hair and eyes. She took a moment to compose herself before stepping out into the street. Satin walked for a while, losing track of time, before finding herself outside of town in a small glade. She looked around, the sight of Ponyville just in the distance. She sat down and sighed before laying down fully and resting her head on her front legs solemnly. "I'm sorry Vivid." she mumbled, sniffling as her tears began to dry.