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  1. Randomly ran into Joschscorcher on TF2. He was a sniper that kept killing me (Spy)

  2. RWBY art made by me using only Microsoft Paint. (MechaG11 is my DeviantArt and RWBYforums username) I've been a huge fan of RWBY since the debut of the Red trailer and it has ruled my life for about the past 2 years. After drawing with black pen so long I wanted to do something with color for a change. I managed to make it look how I want despite using MS paint. I feel good about it and will probably do more in the future. Lemme know what you guys think!
  3. I wouldnt say people like princess Mac for the idea of being "random." I know it may not apply to others, but in my case I like humor that contrasts two things out of irony. Such as the most organizational character is paired with the most messy character. A great example of this would be Key and Peele's "These Nuts" skit where an stupid immature joke is contrasted with a serious setting and stellar acting. Personally I like when a BA soldier in a video game is wearing pink armor and rides on unicorns. So I understand why people like that the manliest pony likes girly things.
  4. It's definitely a generational thing. Dubstep, nightcore remixes, and techno-ish genres are extrememely popular both in mainstream and underground music scenes at the moment (the RWBY fandom is having the same problem). That and the aformentioned ease of making said music for a 1 person creator. Those genres may rule the top pages, but the thing is it's not entirely those things. If you do some searching or asking you can find some decent pieces in other genres of music.
  5. I look at the debate that spurred here and think: "You guys know love and tolerate was a philosophy that existed before the advent of Bronies, 4Chan, and the internet overall right? Example: Love and Tolerate has been known as a common theme/moral in Biblical teachings."
  6. I'm not seeing so much as an end to FiM, but maybe something along the lines of what Marvel has planned for the MCU Phase 3. Essentially the idea is that the remaining arcs will be resolved by the end and the character's will be switched out with a new roster of protagonists. This way the past generation will have finally concluded but Hasbro will be able to keep the show alive by drawing in new viewers with a somewhat clean slate (Though I wouldnt be surprised if the old characters made cameos). Whether its formulas or feel will be the same is up in the air.
  7. Good to know, though I may just have to result to using mobile since manually using BBcode wont fix the pasting problem. (Basically I would have to type the entire message im quoting) Will this issue possible be fixed in the future or is it too early to tell or difficult to fix?
  8. I don't think most of you guys are understanding the issue. Seeking affirmation is not inherently wrong, the issue is that the flood of affirmation seekers are more interested in that than in the discussion. Tommy and the analysis community criticize to open up discussion. Which gets annoying when affirmation seekers discourage negative criticism. He started realizing people were less interested in the actual content of the discussion and more in thoughts that support their own. Hardly an environment for creative and constructive conversation.
  9. I am using internet explorer when browsing this site and for some reason the Quote function wont quote posts. It just jumps to the text box and remains blank. The text box also refuses to let me paste text (regardless of whether the text origininated from inside or outside the text box.) Am I the only one who has this issue? Is this a problem with Internet Explorer? Can it be fixed? I'm not willing to switch to another browser.
  10. Something I wanted to address: In storytelling there's a distinct difference between the audience not getting what they want and when the story fails to pay off or keep up consistency for a story element. Tommy understandably is frustrated with the inconsistency that has plagued the topic of cutie marks in MLP. Sometimes it's hard to not get mad a story when it betrays your expectations by contradicting itself. (Sorry for not quoting or tagging here but for some reason IE doesn't let me do that in addition to not copy and pasting.) @Hypnosparkle First off, i'm astounded at your lack of understanding for how difficult it can be to get a job in some areas. He did say himself that the situation where he is is pretty screwed and I can relate. Second, I'm tired of this condescending "Youtube content creating is not a real job" BS. Countless media sources utilize opinion pieces, reviews, video editors, and writing staff. I don't understand how what he does is considered "not a real job" when proffessional media companies make money doing the same exact thing (Just not as a one to two man team). On a general note in this situation, I guess I want to defend him so much because I relate to his situation and experiences. Over in the RWBY fandom I do artwork for my following and share opinions there. I do however run into countless zealous RWBY fans who condemn me for criticizing the show because they think I have some "entitled know-it-all" opinion, when my only motive is to see a show I love improve. To this degree I understand where Tommy is coming from and know that it's not easy repressing anger against those people. Know that Tommy did state he was hesitant on releasing this video until the council of his friends urged him to do it. Which I can imagine consists of a few fellow reviewers (Brony or not) that believe that his points needed to be said.
  11. I'm actually somewhat depressed and disappointed after seeing what people have to say about him here. As ungraceful his exit was, I wouldn't call him an asshole for doing what he did. Quite a few of his points here are pretty valid having experienced the very same issues myself. Encounters such as what he described are some of the reasons I don't come back here to share my ideas and art content. Not to say the forum is entirely like that, but a few sour experiences can spoil a mood and willingness to continue something. Which is why I can relate to Tommy in this aspect. I've been a long-time follower of Tommy's works, and any long time followers would know he's not trying to overgeneralize the fandom here. Enough changes have occurred within the fandom and show to be recognized as significant. I have no doubt the fandom is still strong, but the show nowhere near has the same appeal as some of the pre-Season 3 episodes that made it so approachable. As Digibro put it best: "It doesn't have the same spark." A statement that I agree with. (Just to clarify, this does not mean I still don't follow the show or pony content. This doesn't mean its without its enjoyable content, far from it. I'll still follow these characters and draw pony art for as long as I can. I have been keeping up with Season 5 episodes and aren't generally disappointed with them either. I just prefer Season 2 as my favorite because it had something I liked that the others didn't have) A thing that has been bothering me however is the "publicity/money hog" persona people tend to project on people like Tommy. Tommy didn't start pony reviews/analysis on monetization. He did it because analysis was something he enjoyed. The reason he wanted to monetize it was to make a living and career out of an occupation he enjoys. If producing content for a particular audience not only: A) Becomes less enjoyable due to the attitude of said audience, and B ) No longer benefits him career-wise, then it's completely understandable why he would leave and with the level of irritation he did. I'm not saying I condone his attitude, but that doesn't mean I find it any less relatable/understandable. Like most people have already said here, Tommy should have left while the going was good.
  12. This is a tricky question to give a straight answer to because it depends on the meaning. As far as the fandom goes, Bronies are still strong. There's no changing that. The hype has definitely died down, and I think this could be attributed to the focus of the show and fandom activity (but that's just my opinion). I'd be more active if I saw more interesting content coming from the Bronies. Another issue seems to be the state of the fandom. Pre-season 3 discussion used to be about celebrating the show in it's entirety. Now it's just hard to start a conversation about an episode without inciting drama or arguments. I also suspect that the low content output from Bronies may have been affected by the slew of copyright strikes from a few years ago. A lot of top-notch content creators were taken down (some justifiably, some unjustifiably), leaving little hope for budding content creators from trying anything interesting with the material. All they can do now really is ask permission or familiarize themselves with the copyright laws to work within it.
  13. It's not unknown to most that the romance element was shoehorned at best. He has no real core character to make him important enough in most stories if any story at all. Knowing that it doesn't mean he lacks potential as a character since he is pretty much a blank slate. Unfortunately the fan backlash has almost sealed his fate as a throwaway character since most don't want to see him again. If any of his character is to be explored or fleshed out, it would mean the writers would have to take liberties with his character that may warrant even further backlash from fans for Flash's mere inclusion in any MLP story. Taking that route could lead to good or bad results as far as his characterization is concerned, but I think it can be best utilized in an equestrian setting. Mainly because not many interesting roles can be made out of a human high school setting when it comes to a character like Flash. Seeing his role as a royal guard would prove much more interesting in the end.
  14. Because utilizing your core audience to help promote yourself on YouTube as a content creator and accelerate your career is apparently a bad thing? Something's a little iffy about that logic. That's like saying an author of a work is bad person for promoting new works they've made because they're using their reputation from previous works they've done to get fans to be interested. Digi just did what any content creator would do when wanting to expand their career and audience.
  15. So first of all there is no proof to your claim that Digi started that.That's just plain silly to think that is. Many reviewers have made the same note that something is different about the show. (Which may I remind you is a perfectly normal thing be it good or bad) I agree with them too, as I noticed ever since the first few episodes of Season 4 the overall mood and direction of the series has changed. Initially your argument has nothing to do with the Reviewers but the audience that follows them. On many occasions Ive seen Reviewers address and elaborate on a point to specify that their opinion shouldn't effect the viewer. But unfortunately people don't listen and take things too seriously. That's not the reviewers fault, its the community. If you really think removing these reviewers is the solution, then yours promoting a less insightful, ill-diverse, and non-informed community. I simply cannot promote such an idea just because a few people feel the reviewers words are taken in such high regard.