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  1. Rayalicious

    S04:E12 - Pinkie Pride

    Hello fellow bronies (It's been a while i didn't post, but yeah) OK, the episode was OK. The cliffhangers are killing me, too much rainbow XD But the episode was good, the songs were amazing, and for once pinkie's randomness was useful.
  2. Rayalicious

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Wait... you fell asleep in the bathroom? XD (can see the WC upper right corner)
  3. Rayalicious

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    As we all know it's almost 2014 . FIREWORKS. (Illegal or not, meh) MOAR Not sure what happened here, but it looks nice.
  4. Rayalicious

    The afterlife, what do you think happens?

    Well to kind of visualize it here is how I see it: Senseless ( as in deprived from all senses) Can't see, feel, hear etc... Also, I do believe it's a simple continuity which you might be able to keep alive by immortalizing your name, but i'm kind of drifting off topic. Back to reality, the soul would be free, though unnoticed, but I don't believe that we will control it, it will kind of "flow" away.(religion-wise) But if it was to be taken from a scientific POV then i'd day it's simply a stop of functioning because of multiple factors. Today I was watching a funeral on TV after an explosion had occurred, 4 causalities: 1 of them is an x-minister and a 16 year old student, the rest are civilians, (link to news here http://news.yahoo.com/lebanon-bombing-kills-5-including-ex-minister-085845929.html) and so I was watching the funeral of the poor kid, and ofc I was sad even though I never knew him, but seeing all his classmates crying is what happens after death, it's a happy and sad phase simultaneously, why? Because you are going to a "better place" but unfortunately "ripped away" from your life, an unintentional separation.There may be a heaven but I think feels like when before you were born, you know , blank.
  5. Rayalicious

    The afterlife, what do you think happens?

    You brain repeats all the memories it has (even the ones you are unaware off) in a sequence. All in 7 minutes, no matter how old you are or how many memories you have, then it simply shuts down. Though my mind is now deeply pondering over "the what happens after we die" subject, I shall be back with more developed answers, though I have to ask you: Are you speaking about a physical state or logical (brain,soul and logic)state?
  6. Rayalicious

    Post your Desktop

    @,WHOA how do you change the icons?
  7. Rayalicious

    Post your Desktop

    Well guys here is my background (When no one is around) It's a double screen (featuring Champion RD92!) And the casual one (it's mostly a bunch of cool picture scrolling) Also Featuring ChampionRD92
  8. Rayalicious

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Pinkie is not the only one who breaks the laws of physics It was just a well timed picture while i was playing badminton
  9. Rayalicious

    Fluttershy Christmas art

    Digital coloring is kind of hard for me, but sure why not i'll give it a try
  10. Rayalicious

    Fluttershy Christmas art

    Title says it pretty much pretty simple, yes needs a bit more adjustment , but it was a quick one
  11. Rayalicious

    You know you're a member of MLP Forums when..

    You know you're a member of MLPForums when your tabs looks like this (Pony themed facebook) (also Luna themed Chrome Browser)
  12. Rayalicious

    You know you're a member of MLP Forums when..

    When it becomes a drug, therefore visiting it at least once a day. Also you know you're an mlp forums member when your E-mail is spammed with notifications from the forums XD
  13. Rayalicious

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Long time no post on here, just a slight evolution from before
  14. Rayalicious

    The Longest you've Gone without Speaking

    16 hours, on a very long flight, everyone was sleeping, no one to talk to, my family was busy with their gadgets or sleeping. I took out my laptop and started playing MineSweeper xD
  15. Rayalicious

    So, what is your natural enemy?

    Just-in. That feeling of inferiority, i simply hate it. Why? It's kind of me.... but i'ts been pointed out so many times that i finally accepted myself, yet i reject the fact of me being so if ever i were to be ever asked, for instance: i don't mind having a low grade as long as it's the highest one or else i fight for every single mark that i can get in order to be owner of highest grade, idk it just makes me feel OK but not superior. And if i can't make anything it just takes me down...and keeps me frustrated for a dfew hours until is wears off.