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  1. eyyoos, long time no see,anyway, ponies are awesome in 4k resolution. your argument is invalid

  2. It's beena while i didint post here

  3. Hello fellow bronies (It's been a while i didn't post, but yeah) OK, the episode was OK. The cliffhangers are killing me, too much rainbow XD But the episode was good, the songs were amazing, and for once pinkie's randomness was useful.
  4. Hey there. it's been i havent been active

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    2. Rayalicious


      I cant believe people are actually replying :3 XD

      And doing alright had some exams and some business to finish, you know life and stuff :P

      What about you guys?

    3. Dormant Phyrosite

      Dormant Phyrosite

      Hi there. Im new. Nomnomnom

    4. NothingIsEverything
  5. *insert activity here*

  6. What if lollipops moaned every time we licked them

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    2. Malinter


      they'd be banned. XD

    3. Passion


      I love this idea.

    4. Rayalicious


      I'd get different flavors(each one having a different pitch) and make music , whoa that would be awesome

  7. (tumbleweed) Jk i've been busy for a while but i'm back now :)

  8. And so the days pass by...that winter vacation passed by in a blink

  9. WOOOHOOO forums are back up, good job admins and co.

  10. Rayalicious

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Wait... you fell asleep in the bathroom? XD (can see the WC upper right corner)
  11. And so this day ends tragically with, along with a presence. But if it's his choice than none of us can stop. Sir.Flutterhooves you will be missed. A incomplete pie. One that none shall enjoy. Letting a special somepony down, an unfair move, yet had to be done,

  12. #Don'tLeaveFluttahooves!!!

  13. What intrigues me is how the CMC can sing "strong as horses" but when they did the episode where they make that rock song (i don't really remember the name) they all sounded awful .-.

    1. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      The rock song one was an actual song in the show's context; The second one was a musical-like story telling element that'd break the fourth wall if it was seen as a song from the characters' perspective.

  14. TROLL IT DOWN LIKE ME. I'm twilightlicious.

    1. Mr F

      Mr F

      That is why we love her. :3

    2. galaxysquid
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