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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 


  3. I strongly disagree, it was much more subtle and gradual than people give it credit for, and it's something many people have failed to pick up on.
  4. Twilight is just a prodigy in learning magic, not necessarily the absolute best at it. Cheese and Pinkie are prodigies in throwing parties, but they were just as good as each other (with Cheese having an edge for most of the episode). It's NOT a universe breaker for a character to be just as good as the mane six. Why CAN'T there be other ponies out there who are just as skilled with magic? Is it not a GOOD thing that she has ponies out there who could challenge her? Does this not help bring her down from being a Mary Sue? Starlight should be applauded for being able to fight an equal duel
  5. Why do people keep using "predictable" as a negative for this show? MLP is a simple thing, folks. Of course the plots are predictable. This isn't The Wire. This isn't Breaking Bad. This isn't Game Of Thrones. It's a cartoon about colorful horses having adventures that all age groups can enjoy. CLASSIC DISNEY MOVIES are HELLA 'predictable', but it doesn't stop people from enjoying the spectacle. MLP episodes have always been about the journey, NOT the destination. Sleepover episode with two characters squabbling? "THEY'LL RUIN THE SLEEPOVER AND THEN LEARN TO GET ALONG." Twilight wants to hel
  6. Look again when the Rainboom was first stopped. Filly Twilight can be seen failing her exam. This means that at that moment, two Twilights existed. And I'm sure that whomever filly Twilight grew up to be, she would have been someone to be found (as a unicorn) in every alternate future (except the one where everything is barren). She just never had a reason to "meet" herself. Where have you been? People have been making "useless celestia" jokes for years because of how much more capable Twilight is. This is not new. 1.) We've had 5 whole seasons with plenty of bulls*** scenarios.
  7. 7/10, a bit slow for me but it had a nice enough grove behind it.
  8. Starlight: "Spare me your overblown ego! No group of friends, not even Princess Twilight's, is that important!" Twilight: "I don't know why my friends and I are so important to Equestria... but we are." Starlight: "Ugh! What's so special about your friends?! How can a group of ponies that are so different be so important?!" ^ I'm hoping that all of this is foreshadowing. That season 6 will explore the reason why Twilight and her friends are so special. It seems like Starlight is asking questions that the fandom has been lobbying for years, and maybe this is a promise of finall
  9. I don't see why some people would take issue with Starlight being as strong as she is. So are you guys saying you WANT Twilight to be a mary sue untouchable magic pants? Or do you actually want some proof that HARDER WORK can put you on par with those with talent? Because we have it right here! And I couldn't be happier. Why is it not something to celebrate that we've met a magically competent unicorn?? Really? My ranking goes 4>5>2>3>1. For the handful of meh episodes we got, the amazing ones more than made up for it.
  10. Did anyone else notice that the giant skull on the map is there for every future except the one where there's nothing left but barren wasteland? That creature must have been terrifyingly powerful.
  11. This week's mini PMV, the lyrics of which are meant to be sang from Starlight to Twilight.
  12. I feel like people aren't appreciating all of the subtlety and nuance to Starlight's redemption, keen to over simplify it and gloss over it because they don't like the decision to reform her. If you actually look over the dialogue again, it's incredibly deep and one of the best back and forth speeches i've seen. This whole episode is full of depth and obvious love that some fans are too jaded to appreciate anymore. "villuns is villuns, gimme more dbz lasers rawr" "good guy now? sux" "DERP, WHAT IS THE THEME OF THIS SHOW AGAIN? DERPITY DERP" Seriously, ffs.
  13. The first future's Rainbow Dash was pretty dang hardcore. False wing, eye scar, missing a chunk of ear, etc. She was so messed up. Kinda surprised the show was allowed to display so much injury. Looking back on it, the second future is pretty hardcore in its own right too. Fluttershy and Pinkie would have seriously tried to spear and murder Twilight if not for Zecora. It gives me extra chills because we know of the existence of friendly & free thinking changelings like the one at Cranky's wedding. This version of Fluttershy would still slit his throat in cold blood, and t
  14. That was the best part for me. They didn't entertain the thought of being under a spell for even a second, which was a great step forward from the ponies who were all too willing to "blast him back to stone" at the drop of a hat in the season 4 premiere.
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