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  1. Played two shows last weekend - was pretty exhausting. This weekend will probably kill me. Four shows on saturday alone.

  2. While it is just my first job, I am pretty darn sure I will never have a better boss.

  3. For the love of Celestia, I've been offline for quite some time.

    1. Bojo


      Same here, I feel like a ghost o.O

  4. Are textbooks really that expensive in US? Where I'm from all the books provided for free straight from university. I haven't even checked out a single one, since they are also available on the university webpage as pdfs.

    1. Sabrinie


      yeah books in the US are awful. Thankfully, a lot of professors understand that we aren't made of money, so they let us buy the cheapest editions of the books. Most of my books this semester only cost about $10 each, so they weren't so bad.

  5. Something I came up with this afternoon. Spent way too little time on this, but I'm quite busy with exams, so I had to rush it. https://soundcloud.com/kaspars-l-dums/invaders-from-the-everfree
  6. Holy shizz, someone ported the engine for Jedi Academi to android, so I can use my gamedata from the steam version to play it one the go.

  7. Its that time again. Quick, what are some great records to check out?

  8. That would be nice, but for now I can't afford any new gear. I have to replenish my bank acount again first. Though eventually I hope to build something similar to a studio at home. I tried to cover up the lack of recording quality with some post-processing, but yeah, laptop mic input is in NO way meant for this.
  9. I always wondered why some people like have a whole bunch of guitars and other gear laying around, but now I'm starting to get it. While I just recently bought my second guitar, I'm already looking for a job and thinking what should I get next.

  10. Worst birthday ever, but I only recieved bday greetings from ladies, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

  11. Even though I've been playing for a couple of years, I decided it's time for me to actually learn some theory behind guitar playing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaspars L

      Kaspars L

      Probably, but I'm getting pretty tired of just using pentatonic scales.

    3. hariyaMakusu2


      My knowledge of guitar playing ends after "Hey, look, the wires make noises!"

    4. Kaska


      Theory? Like if you pluck a sting it makes the air move or something? And then you, like, hear it...

  12. Another year goes by...

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      It went by really quickly!

  13. Finally managed to connect my guitar to the PC, so decided to record something. Please keep in mind that I had never tried playing to a click before, so the rhythm might be off. *update* I re-recorded it with better sync, more leads. I also think this one has better mixing and mastering. https://soundcloud.com/kaspars-l-dums/i-coudnt-think-of-a-title