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  1. Bronii

    Well i'm not new.

    Welcome to MLP Forums! Hope you enjoy your stay around this friendly community... Again.
  2. It was so so so so so so much better than I thought, I want to watch it again definitely. I wish there was an actual MLP Movie though
  3. How art thou? Good nightith!

  4. Lol... When I went hunting in South Africa like 2 years ago haha. Someone know what gun that is coz, frankly, Idk. I believe it was a .22... IDK! it was VERY loud! Poor deer
  5. Bronii

    Hey everyBODY!

    Welcome to the herd/MLP Forums I'll be sure to see you around some times
  6. Bronii

    Hello every pony !

    Welcome to the MLP Forums! Enjoy your stay Everyone here will help if you need it
  7. Bronii

    Um, h-hello...

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay and meet new friends along the waay Hey Pegasus Device Mind giving me some credit for the sig Its ok If not
  8. Bronii

    Hey Everypony :)

    Welcome to the forums Jason! I finished your signature by the way ^.^
  9. Welcome to the forums! I see you are enjoying your signature haha
  10. Bronii


    Welcome to the forums! Anypony can help when you need it! Enjoy your stay and meet new friends along the way My best friend has Asperger and he is the funnest person alive! Im sure you are too
  11. Bronii

    Hey :3

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay and have lots of fun in this community
  12. Bronii

    New Here Any Tips?

    Welcome to the MLP Forums! I don't have any tips ^-^ But im sure youll meet new friends and have lots of fun
  13. Hey October Days Welcome to the forums Enjoy your stay and meet new friends along the way !
  14. Bronii


    (Late) Welcome to the forums DiamondEye Hope you enjoy and meet new friends
  15. Bronii


    Heya there Kulstor! Welcome to the MLPForums! Enjoy your stay
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