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  1. Sorry for the long delay everypony. I should have enough time to get this thing started in a few weeks. Between life, the long opening crawl post/back story, and the occasional Roller Coasters, I have some spare time. @Illiad Easle @BroomsNHops both look good to go. And yea. Playing a bit off the first clone wars movie. It's kinda a surprise for him because he just passed his jedi trials a week before. @Jedishy More then welcome to submit a character. There is a lot of expanded universe influence in here as well. Just no Master rank in the RP Please.
  2. I’m fine with both. Sorry for the delay in the response. I’ve been away.
  3. Update. The shuttle has not left yet. Still plenty of room to join on an epic adventure. For those Star Wars fans, this is set just before order 66.
  4. Sounds good @reader8363. Is she going to be the padawan assigned to Midnight or just one on the mission?
  5. Well, the rank of Jedi goes as follows. Jedi Master is the highest, then Jedi Knight, then Padawan learner, then Youngling. Keep in mind, Jedi are generally trained from a young age. Once a youngling reaches a certain skill level or age, they are then assigned to be a Padawan learner to a Jedi Knight or Master. This is generally for a number of years. One of the surprises was going to be that Midnight was going to be assigned a padawan against his knowledge.
  6. The Fallen Force A MLP/Star Wars A dark fog hangs over the Equestrian Galaxy. War has decimated the ranks of the galaxy’s jedi protectors. Once numbered in the thousand, only a few hundred reman. Now a new threat will emerge that may end them all together. With a Galactic Senate now the ruling body of the Galaxy, the two sisters have retired from ruling and now focusing on protecting the galaxy through the Magic of Friendship and the Force. Recently promoted Knight Midnight Oil has been assigned to a secret mission to a planet long forgotten by his old master, as well as another surprise for the young Jedi Knight. Join the mission as ether a Padawan, Youngling, or Jedi Night, or perhaps as a trooper or hired help (Smuggler) Roster Midnight Oil, Jedi Knight, Bat Pony, Blue Lightsaber Rose Beast, Midnight's Padawan, Pegasus, Unknown Lightsaber
  7. I feel the movie introduced quite a bit to the MLP canon. Looking at the sea ponies as an example, I think having a few feline friends wouldn’t be a bad idea. As long as they are well researched and well written, I would be glad to RP with a kitty kat oc.
  8. Sorry for the wait, but once the sun rises, Take Two of Pie in the face will be uploaded. I had some sound quality issues with my first take and just could not seem to edit it properly. As a last resort, I just decided it would be better to redo it. COMING SOON!
  9. Hehe, I forgot that one reference was even in the second paragraph, and history is now in the proper order. Ready for final inspection.
  10. Edits are complete and I await your updated review.
  11. Going to get some....pie on Tuesday. That's my next day off and the first day I have time to do it, but don't worry, it's coming.
  12. 10/10 seems like your always on here.
  13. @Fhaolan You can add both Equestrain Empire Character Database formatting as well as the general Character Database to the 'Broken' list. All images seem to have been removed? Here is an example.
  14. May I introduce you to my newest OC and Bat Pony, Midnight Oil. Art is done by the Amazing Crystal Vision!
  15. @@Taialin, "Yes sister. I did request your presence," Luna would say, donning her cloak. "It is just that you have attended many galas of late, where as I...I has been many years since I have last attended one. Even before my time away, I had boycotted the last few due to how our subjects received me back then...I wish for your assistance in greeting those whom attend. There is not much that frightens me dear sister, however I am worried of the impression I will make if left alone..." The younger alicron would give her sister the puppy dog pout that she would use when they where both still foals. "Please Tia?" Giving Celestia an innocent smile, she would flick back the hood of her cloak to reveal how her mane was done up for the evening. "On the bright side, your royal seamstress is has quite the flare. She is even an excellent mane dresser." With the glow of her horn, Luna would unhook her cloak and set it aside revealing her gown. "What do you think sister? I hope that this outfit is adequate for this evening." She would look at the clock behind her as she heard a chime. "I can not wait to see what your seamstress has planned for you. I informed her that you where in need of an outfit as well. Please hurry back down here though. Your presence eases my nerves for such a tense time."
  16. So, in case anypony was wondering, this is what they shall see as they enter the ballroom....
  17. Skycoaster

    Midnight Oil
  18. Well, Was able to dress up to hand out candy at work for Halloween, and we even had a fun photo area set up. May I introduce, Skycoaster, Jedi Master NightTerror Nebula is my Sith form.