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  1. Happy birthday, Quirky! :)

  2. As long as the character comes first I don't see an issue. If the character is interesting, well thought out addition to the world rather than forced in for diversity's sake alone I could get behind it. If the whole character is "He/she is gay." and there was nothing else too them yeah I could see how it could be preachy but the show has done a great job on characters so far so should this route be taken I believe they could pull it off without it being too forced.
  3. WOAH ok I was impressed with my yard but that pic kinda puts mine to shame. At leastI was recently given Aluminum Pins from Pumpkin. I found one similar on the play store where it was a cafe instead of yard and you collected senpai instead of kitties......I'll stick with this one instead.
  4. Quirky learned his lesson. Good. :3

  5. Kinda. I ended up purchasing one of the filters that attaches to the tap. Now drinking non filtered water has a strange taste but hey I'm not gonna get pissy cuz all a friend can offer is unfiltered tap water when I go visit.
  6. Yum as an ingredient yuck on its own Barramundi