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  1. I am going off my account perma so please don't message me or do anything.

  2. Dang I have a DJ OC.... I mean he only produces music and isn't a party crazy maniac so I guess he isn't exactly a DJ.... Anyways the only reason why I have a DJ OC is because I am going to start making music soon.... Guess I can't apply
  3. *Breezy wipes some of the tears off his eyes and tries to look happy* "Thanks for those energy bars. I think I need to be off now to my apartment. Oh and by the way the address is 42 Main Street. My apartment's on the third floor it's apartment #12." *Breezy Tune walks out of the shack and starts to head to his apartment*
  4. "I umm.... I...... When I first moved here.... This very crowbar" *Shows Gloom the bloodstains on his crowbar* "Somepony tried to kill me..... He was pointing that very Colt Anaconda at me" *Points to the Colt Anaconda on the table* "I just got so angry and... I picked up a crowbar on the floor and I just ran up to him and hit him with it.... Again.... Again..... And again" *Breezy gulps and a tear falls from his eye* "Then I just cried. I sat there in the train and cried for hours and hours.... It was the first time I had killed somepony." *More tears fall from his eyes* "I got up from crying
  5. That's some pretty damn good fan-made film score to accompany a part from the show..... 10/10 for a VERY GOOD JOB! Nice work keep it up
  6. I do like Ranch Dressing XD TPAM Likes Video Games.
  7. *Breezy Tune shows Gloom a large pack with guns and water in it* "I'm stocked up quite well actually I got more guns in this pack and plenty of ammo.... Water, and a Baseball bat and crowbar." *Breezy Tune looks at Gloom inquisitively* "Would you like any of my things? I have a weapon for you if you feel safer with one by your side. Oh and also.... Could I bring some of your food with me? I need food to bring with me."
  8. I might create a villain OC if I feel i'm ready to RP two characters or if my character dies just because of the villain shortage.
  9. "Well I moved here a while ago and I have no other place to go so I decided to take up arms and fight the villains that lurk in all corners of this city. Even though I am kind of a coward." *Breezy Tune continues to cook the ground beef until it's ready* "I have learned to adapt to meat and other foods even though it is another animal. After all it is food and it's starting to get scarce here in Canterlot." *He takes the ground beef off the pan splits it in half and puts it on two plates just in case Gloom wants some. Then he proceeds to eat his half.* "Have you ever thought about what this ci
  10. "I'm not sure I can trust you with my gun. I need it for.... Defensive purposes. But i'll take your word for it this time." *Breezy Tune tosses the gun on a nearby table and heads for the fridge* "Mmmmm I was starving to death." *Breezy Tune picks up the Ground Beef package with his horn and opens it. He finds a pan in the shack and a stove that barely still works. He then proceeds to start cooking the ground beef on the pan.* "So I heard you're name was Gloom. What are you doing around these dangerous parts?"
  11. Breezy Tune heard what Gloom said He cautiously approached the door with his Colt in hoof ready to fire if he was attacked. He opened the door and scanned the room with his Colt pointing at all four corners of the room just in case. He then lowered his Colt and said "Hi. The name's Breezy Tune. I was wondering if you have any food here. I'm nearly starving to death out there and can't seem to find any."
  12. Hey dude that song isn't bad at all. I can't believe you aren't get more credit for this sort of thing. Keep up the good work and have fun
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