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  1. breezy01


    WELCOME! check it out it is so awesome and again welcome to the forums
  2. breezy01

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    All this reading is making my head hurt 515 times worse but i feel like i have to keep reading
  3. whoops didn't know how to play um lets see minus one to pinkie and add one to luna
  4. Who can tell me a free websit that i don't have to download to make signatures

  5. Got nothing against Pinkie Pie + Rainbow Dash Derpy and Luna - Pinkie Pie Lyar and Celestia
  6. breezy01


    Hi! My name is Breezy01 and i think you should know a few things about me: Favorite: color is green food is fruit pony is rainbow dash pony race is alicorn I love soccer and i am thirteen also female for anybody that may think i am a guy i will have my feelings hurt I am very sensitive but feel free to ask me questions or PM me i kinda know already how to use the site and if anyone could tell me how to make i signature and what website that would be amazing but i cannot download anything and it has to be free THANKS!!!!!!
  7. breezy01

    Hello Everypony!

    Welcome to the forums i am also new so hope you feel welcome as i do
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