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  1. Holy Gritty Noir Matterhorn! This Kid can Sketch! lol. Seriously though very Nice!
  2. Nice! the Spike one is my favorite! I use to draw on all my envelopes when I was younger but I haven't sent anything through the mail in a long time. I should start doing that again... like with my bills! the gas and electric company would love it! lol
  3. MJDudeK

    A few Ponies

    Your use of shades, hues, and the contrast between them are stellar! Keep the art coming cause I'm thoroughly impressed! I also dig that style you use. what program do you draw with or do you hand draw? Haha never mind, I just read the caption lol. Still, very good though! I am curious as to what recording software you use for your speed paint. I've tried using several but they keep coming out very choppy. I think I just need more ram in my computer but who knows.
  4. It's very proportionate and aesthetically pleasing... oh and also, she'll munch on your soul for sure!
  5. Really Nice! but come on, cut Trixie some slack, she's got enough going on in her life lol.
  6. OOOOoooo! The dark bold lines are very tasteful! I dig that look!
  7. MJDudeK

    Echo (OC)

    I Like It! It's original, the color scheme is good, and the slender anime style is a nice touch!
  8. MJDudeK


    Your use of colors is impeccable!
  9. Alright, I have two more that were a request from a friend of mine so I thought, what the heck, I might as well put them on this tired old thread... Without further a do, I give you... Adobe Finish and Adobe Rose... "(*he said sarcastically*)"
  10. If the world isn't going to love me than I'll teach it to fear me instead!

  11. Very Nice Work! the light tones really give a sense of soft vibrant atmosphere... Plus, Lyra is Best Pony! I Like it!
  12. Solo for my B-Day... again

    1. 碇 シンジン
    2. catnet
    3. MJDudeK


      With all that I imagined, the reality of this night is sure to make this, The Best B-Day Ever! ...At the Gala! lol

  13. happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)

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    2. MJDudeK


      yeah that's true, I guess I'm just an over dramatic martyr for sympathy... lol

    3. 碇 シンジン
    4. MJDudeK


      Yay I Like B-Day Hugs!

  14. Hi there, and happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a good time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/1/30/817664__safe_solo_fluttershy_cute_pixiv_shyabetes_rose+(flower)_flower+in+hair_artist-colon-kei05.png

    1. MJDudeK


      Thank You So Much! You are 1 of only 2 people to wish me a happy birthday... and not just on the forums, like, at all... you want to know something funny? the other person was on this forum as well. lol... after reading that back to myself out loud, it sounds kinda sad.

  15. That's so Awesome! and no worries my apartment is a mess as well (mostly figurines and collectibles lol). I own 2 plushies, Dash and Pinkie, but I have always wanted to make my own customs, I just never had inquired how to go about creating them. Do you get the fabric online? (pardon my ignorance, if I don't know where to get something, I usually assume to get it online.) oh and what about the stuffing? btw Your Rarity looks incredible! I love how you designed her mane, I feel it much preferable over the fake hair manes. Oh and also about the eyes, are they patches?