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    Lyokeetown, Lyoko, although I lived half my life in Finland!
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    MLP (since 12 January 2013), Angry Birds (except the Star Wars and GO! ones because Sensei Orange Bird and Boomerang Bird are highly neglected), Gangnam Style (only Kpop song I like), Invader Zim (Did ja know that already?) , Code Lyoko, Adventure Time (favorite show, it doesn't air in Finland so I DVR a few episodes and burn them on DVD).

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  1. Hei. My name is Yumi Yla-Mella and I live in Espoo. I am not hateful, but I like metal and My Chemical Romance. I also like Adventure Time. Wanna be friends???
  2. I hate the stereotype that all finnish people are evil and atheist and hateful. I IS A HAPPY PERSON!!!! I is a christian too!!!! I really hate that one, it's racist. Yeah, I like metal, but I am not atheist.
  3. Well, I like South Africa, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Spain, Japan, Russia, Brazil and UK. I have looked at their Xmas traditions and I fell in love! What are yours? I know everyone will say Japan! Y'all otakus out there
  4. I got a 3DS from my aunt and I hated it. I feels your feelings (I pawned it in for some money to buy some Adventure Time stuff!) Thank you! Do you like Adventure Time too? *ATFANFOREVRR*
  5. I love that show. I remeber when Heseburger had IZ toys!
  6. Can any of you turn these characters into ponies? I will thankyou if you did!
  7. Pixar: Monsters Inc, Brave, Toy Story Dreamworks: Rise of the Guardians, Road to Eldorado, Turbo
  8. I say Boobaah, those obese Teletubby things- were the creepiest! Oh, and some scenes in Gravity Falls/Adventure Time are too creepy for kids. Code Lyoko, I like it, but their foreheads are wayyy too... massive. Hihi Puffy AmiYumi & The Life and Times of Juniper Lee freaked me out a little- maybe of their design. What kiddie fare is disturbing in your opinion? Our foreheads are too big to fail....
  9. Best: INVADER ZIM, MLAATR, DP, Avatar, Korra, SBSP (before the movie) FOP (before poof) Victorious (Only because of Jade! I loved Jade!), Old icarly and drake and josh. Worst: Nick Studio 10, Dreamworks shows, Swindle, other stuff.
  10. A candle, a toilet seat and tickets to a Barney concert! WHYYYYYY
  11. I'll never be royal. ROOOYYAAAALLL

  12. Well, i already posted this up, but now I added a poll! How cool is that!