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  1. Intenzifier

    A new OC

    I'm not one for thinking up names but you got a pretty cool OC their Jonas nicely done, love the mane. Does he always have the potato with him? like a partner in crime kinda thing.
  2. Intenzifier

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Its alright Aqua every year I was really nervous about going back to school, everything is new and different and you don't quite know what to expect but I always felt better once I saw my friends. I'm sure your first day will go just fine look forward to hanging out with your friends and we will be here when you get home. I'll still try to do my part to make tomorrow the best day ever for you! Also feeling sleepy so I guess now is a good time to head to bed.
  3. Intenzifier

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I understand what you are going through I've only had one okay relationship that didn't last too long and surprisingly enough that happened in college of all places.It has been some time since my last relationship so yeah I also thought there may be something a miss with me but things happen for a reason and somethings take longer than others. Be positive, be yourself be confident, you will find the one who loves you for who you are. Oh how I'm feeling almost forgot, I'm pretty good thanks for asking.
  4. Intenzifier

    Do you feel comfortable singing in front of others?

    Not in front of people I don't like to, but with a small group of friends sure especially when they join in too.
  5. Intenzifier

    Type a thing that is exactly 20 characters

    ^^ Filly Twilight, lovable
  6. Intenzifier

    Food What is your ideal pizza?

    Meatlovers pizza is my fav. Bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni. But I also don't mind a simple pepperoni pizza too.
  7. Intenzifier

    Which is better Twinkie's or Brownies

    I'm a brownie person, Twinkies are good and all but I like brownies more.
  8. Intenzifier

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    339573 Need to do better than cookies Nightmare I can make my own, after all I am a lone wolf I have to rely upon myself, one destined to wander the lands of Equestria. Think I may make a new OC using this.
  9. Intenzifier

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    339551 I'm a lone wolf nightmare but I'll tell you what I'll think about it, after all it does sound like fun.
  10. Intenzifier

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    339548 Oh I see I wish you luck in your conquest of "Fun"
  11. Intenzifier

    Count to 50 before a non-pony-related avatar posts

    1 Oh come on 42 you spoil our fun enough as it is over on Count To 42.