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  1. I can fell yor pain bro just chill dont pay any attention to it and faind other bronys i know that in california there are 2 brony cons ther so go there or watch live.
  2. DewdieTheBronie


    Hello There Happy to see with you. Enjoy mlp forums . if you need help ask admins or regular members. :okiedokielokie:
  3. Hi Welcome to Mlp forums Enjoy It with other Bronies. -_- If you want help ask others. By
  4. Hi, welcome to MLP forums i hope you enjoy your stay, here you can share any of information. Have a great time
  5. Thanks All for your friendlyness I really like here so friendly guys.
  6. Hello guys, i'm pretty new to this site and mlp too XD I wanna make some friendson this site, i started watching mlp not that long time ago. My friend ( ~ Nicky ~ ) Told me that here are some amazing people that i can have fun with, and i'm pretty sure i will have some fun posting posts on this forum. My fav pony is Applejack