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  1. Discord is now: galaxysquid#0069

    1. PrincessWubsy


      For some reason I felt like logging onto this site just to check things out. I see things have changed a bit, haha. Hope everyone has a good day.

  2. PrincessWubsy

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Waking up from an accidental 3 hour nap.
  3. PrincessWubsy

    General How Cute are you?

  4. Probably not. I'm not good at writing either.
  5. PrincessWubsy

    What's your Zodiac sign?

    I'm a Leo, and I think I act like one as well. My Chinese zodiac is a bunny. c:
  6. PrincessWubsy

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    Oh god I check Pokemon GO like every hour.. at least it makes me get up off my butt and take walks. There are plenty of glitches out there already! And the servers do seem to crash a lot. Hopefully they'll get fixed soon!
  7. PrincessWubsy

    Your O.C's most favorite and least favorite holiday

    I believe my OC would probably like all of the Holidays! She just might not mind the smaller ones, like St. Patrick's day, and doesn't really care for celebrating them as much as the others.
  8. PrincessWubsy

    Food give up chocolate or cheese?

    This is a really tough decision, but I may have to say chocolate. Makes me sad, but if I really had to, chocolate is a goner. I love cheese and a lot of food I eat has to do with cheese. ;;w;;
  9. PrincessWubsy

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    Always the cereal first!
  10. PrincessWubsy

    Luna's day off 2: Snorkeling

    Absolutely stunning, both of them! The detail of the water is sooo pretty. c:
  11. PrincessWubsy

    Fox I drew for my friend Fluff Fox

    Hey, @chaosprincess ! Since your artwork is non-pony related, I am moving it to the Non-Pony Artwork section of Octavia's Hall.
  12. PrincessWubsy

    When will Bronycon end?

    I agree with you here. And same, I've always wanted to go to Bronycon, and I was planning to go this year until my mom decided to schedule a vacation to Connecticut on the 10th, and I have to go to graduation parties on the 9th. Lame. I think (and hope) that Bronycon will last at least another three or four years?
  13. PrincessWubsy

    Wubsy's Sketch Dump

    I'm back with more doodles that I've done in the past week. (The ones I want to share at least.) I changed up my newest characters design a bit, mostly just the hair. I also sketched a friend's character, because she's one of my favourites. -w-
  14. PrincessWubsy

    Critique Wanted Please Critique

    Hiya, @Babyyoshi309 ! Since your topic is specifically seeking a critique for your artwork, I am moving it to the Photo Finish's Magics subsection, where you will find topics similar to yours.
  15. I don't really mind wearing things that stand out! I have a lot of anime/cartoon/band shirts that really stand out and it doesn't bother me one bit! x3