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  1. Arrow

    Do you dislike your first name?

    Haha, oh, Caitlin just so happens to be my favorite female name (with that exact spelling aswell) ;P My name is Marco. Which is, uh, okay I guess. I get asked a lot if I'm Italian though :s
  2. Arrow

    Web What do you think of PewDiePie?

    I don't watch him per se, but as a fellow Swede I have to say that watching him randomly starting to curse in Swedish is fucking hilarious XD
  3. Arrow

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    26. And what is going on with my life by then, is up to myself. Either I can continue with being the stupid, arrogant bastard I am, playing video games and not giving a fuck about anything. Or I could actually strive to succeed in getting my IB-diploma and doing something with my life. I'll think about it over the christmas break.
  4. Arrow

    How would you react if Gen 5 changed the show?

    Uhhh, yeah, Gen 5 will come sooner or later. However as this generation was a huge leap forward from the third, the fifth will definitely be stepping back or moving forward, we just have to wait and see.
  5. Arrow

    The Bleeding Effect: Ponies vs. Reality

    When I saw "Bleeding Effect" I thought of Assassin's Creed and believed that you were starting to imagine ponies into real life xD But yeah, as Evilshy says, maybe you should start to let it go a bit. I can find it a bit annoying as well, however "u" "y" and other idiotic shortenings are way more frustrating to see.
  6. Arrow

    Gaming Wii U General Hype/Discussion Thread

    SO GUYS. It is released in Europe tomorrow, and that means I can finally play Assassin's Creed on TV <3 I have the rest of the series (all in limited of course) for the PC, so playing it on the big screen will be a whole new experience for me! Of course there are many more awesome games, but AC3 limited will definitely be my first buy, oh yeah.
  7. No wai, Dashie has always been number 1 for me, and will most likely stay there. Of course the others have had their moments, but still always <3
  8. Currently uploading *looks at time left* ... 26 hours!? Holy shit, this is going to kill my PC Not to speak of that I probably can't even play TF2 without lag </3
  9. Arrow

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Anyone who wants a picture of me!? Well of course you do! To be honest, I look really cute. Hopefully, that's a good thing
  10. I've given up on this game, getting Dashie (which just so happens to be my favorite pony) would take years (literaly) to get. It just isn't worth it. So I've started to play Dragonvale instead!
  11. Arrow

    What is your opinion on Crossdressing?

    Do whatever you want. Yes, I would judge you by looks, but that's untill I get to know you in person. I once befriended a geeky looking guy and after a while it turned out that he was really cool and not geeky at all. So yeah, I guess I have prejudices against these kind of things.
  12. Arrow

    Greetings :D

    Welcome! I'm sure that you'll fit in just fine here! Also Rarity is a good pony, the second best after Dashie!
  13. I still need help with reducing the file size. I did send in a support ticket but didn't get an answer :/ Unless you're fine with it being 31 GB that is!
  14. Yes! Hopefully they found something Mass Effect related, I mean, it isn't entirely impossible! It seems that the future is here sooner than I expected, but it'll probably be this shit all over again