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  1. Pinkie Paranoia

    Planning Ace Attorney with Ponies

    Just to let everyone know, there's a good chance I won't be online at all tomorrow due to a busy schedule. If I do log in, it will more than likely be later in the afternoon/evening. Just a heads up, just in case.
  2. Pinkie Paranoia

    Sunshine Judger

    Just an FYI, the "Hammer hitting a table" You're talking about is called a Gavel, and it's struck against a Sounding Block.
  3. Pinkie Paranoia

    Planning Ace Attorney with Ponies

    Alrighty I have made my OC, but with a twist! I will be using Head Strong, my completely brand new placeholder OC, or PC, as I shall denote him. Cutie Mark: Backstory: By the way, @@Soldier Surplus, I totally didn't rip off your colour palette, honest.
  4. Pinkie Paranoia

    Head Strong

    Head Strong
  5. Pinkie Paranoia

    Planning Ace Attorney with Ponies

    I think I'll be a prosecutor this time around, though I'll need to create a new OC to fill the role, as out of my current ones, I have 3 that are kind-hearted, 1 that acts insane in order to not be held responsible with his lifestyle, 1 that's basically krieg from BL2, and 2 that are borderline [insert word that means slow but wont offend anyone].
  6. Pinkie Paranoia

    OOC My Little Pony: Ace Attorney

    Count me in, though I might not continue to want to be a witness.
  7. Pinkie Paranoia

    OOC My Little Pony: Ace Attorney

    @@FortyTwo42, Alright then. Would you like me to wait to make my first post until I've been given a cue to come in? I could lapse an explanation onto that post, if so.
  8. Pinkie Paranoia

    OOC My Little Pony: Ace Attorney

    I think I will be using Ember Fetch. Since she is from Ponyville and the crime/case is in Dodge City, I'll just say she travelled to the Dodge Junction to deliver a package for somepony. Does that work as a backstory for you?
  9. Pinkie Paranoia

    OOC My Little Pony: Ace Attorney

    I'd think that would be the best way to enter, or we could simply wait until after this first trial is over to bring me in? I couldn't really think of another way, and either way would work for me. I'll be reading over the actual RP to catch up, so depending on when I finish reading through the posts could determine how I'd come in? I'm thinking about using Ember Fetch, but I'd like to read through the RP to see if there's a better fit before I make a finality on my decision. I'll let you know when I do.
  10. Pinkie Paranoia

    OOC My Little Pony: Ace Attorney

    @@FortyTwo42, Um, is this RP still available for entry? I think It would be fun to join but I don't know how far in everyone is.
  11. Pinkie Paranoia

    Planning Tabletop Rollplay

    From the looks of it, this is going to be a D&D-esque RP, correct? Human based?
  12. Pinkie Paranoia

    Private Adventures in the Durian Region THE REBOOT RP

    (((Seems like that'd be a bit hot. ))) "So, since Hoppip Can't battle underwater, I guess I have to get it's attention myself?" Bethanne questioned, to nobody in particular. She bent over, untying and taking off her shoes, followed by her socks. She rolled up the legs of her pants to above knee height, then waded into the water towards the shell. When she reached it, she peered at it, slightly scared and nervous about what to do. @, @@AnonBrony, "Should I kick it, or something?" She called back, a bit too loudly....
  13. I was waiting for Amphy to post as well. It appears we have reached an impasse. XD
  14. Pinkie Paranoia

    Private Adventures in the Durian Region THE REBOOT RP

    @@AnonBrony "I noticed the lake earlier too." Bethanne motioned towards it with one of her hands, while keeping a grip on Hoppip with the other. "There's a shell at the bottom that got my attention. Cedric and Hoppip seem to think we can take it, but I'm not so sure." "Hoppip!" The pokemon broke free from it's trainer's arm, and began to float towards the lake. "Hoppip!" Bethanne exclaimed, chasing after the pokemon.
  15. Pinkie Paranoia

    Private Adventures in the Durian Region THE REBOOT RP

    @@Ampharos Bethanne looked around at the pokemon in the route as she listened to Cedric's Question. "Not really," She replied, shaking her head. "I don't see any that I'd like to have just yet." "Though, to be honest, that orange-brown shell in the lake over there caught my eye at first, but I have neither the tools nor the pokemon to find out what it is." "Pip, Hop Hoppip!!" The hoppip cried, puffing itself out to make it seem bigger. "I appreciate your enthusiasm, Hoppip, but you know we can't. At least not yet." "Hoppip??" Her pokemon stopped what it was doing and floated up to Bethanne's eye level, a noticeable sadness in it's yellow eyes. "I know, Hoppip." She reached out, grabbing Hoppip out of the air and holding it in her arms, petting it's head. "Hoppip really wants me to catch another pokemon soon, so it can have a friend to play with." She explained to Cedric.